A 'wanting to be King' story 


Some people say, 
Oh if I where King for but a day! 
Ah, but those who grab power go mad with it, 
and in their madness they never stop. 
This has been the case for 3,500 years already,
 and mankind is perishing by it.


This is a story that never ended, of self-proclaimed Kings that were never deposed. It is a fictional story from the novel The Ice Age Challenge, by Rolf A. F. Witzsche. The story is however built on real history.

The story ^Depopulation, of Women in India, and of Mankind in an Ice Age World,^ is a chapter of the second episode of the series of novels, ^The Lodging for the Rose.^ The story ties together three dimensions into a single construct. It unfolds during a fictional peace conference in Russia on the Black Sea during Soviet times.


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see Chapter 5 (Ice Age versus Depopulation)

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