A story about healing


When a vanquished aggressor is killed, 
nothing is healed 
while the killer looses his soul. 
The alternative is difficult,
 but profound.


Imagine you had the power to be anywhere in the universe at will and explore the most advanced civilization. In the story the Earth-Ship lands its shuttle. The arriving visitors are welcomed with open arms and get the 'key to the world' to explore the far-advanced civilization. But something strange happens that sours the soup. They discover that their host is threatened by a fleet of space invaders that is legendary for its brutality in enslaving other worlds. Technologically the invaders pose no great problem for the advanced society. The society has the potential to create technology that would eradicate the entire invasion fleet long before it could reach the planet. However, as a highly advanced society the people cannot resort to such violent means. They know that resorting to violence, even to save themselves, would destroy the foundation of their culture, and their very soul. The resulting loss would be worse than the threatened slavery. Fortunately for them, one of the people of the Earth-Ship has a solution that has never been sought of before. That solution is rooted in our culture.

The story Victory Without Shame is a SCIFI space exploration story from the novel, Flight without Limits, by Rolf A. F. Witzsche. It is a healing story.

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