A story about healing


The temple attracts those in need of healing. 
Unfortunately, that temple is fiction. 
However, one part of the story is real, 
and that part is greater than the temple.



The temple is not a temple of worship, but of healing. Until the Principle of Universal Love is fully acknowledged, such temples of healing are needed. They are needed to establish the Principle of Universal Love in our lives, without which the Ice Age Challenge that is now upon us, cannot be met. Nothing less than the Principle of Universal Love will empower us to build the New World in which it becomes possible to create indoor facilities for most of the world's agriculture. When the Ice Age resumes in possibly 100 years, and our agriculture that is totally dependent on the present interglacial warm climate, becomes largely disabled, mankind will likely become extinct should we fail in the near term to take the huge steps to protect our agriculture. Since it may take a hundred years global effort to create the vast structures and necessary technologies for them, the greatest challenge in the world today is not the challenge to eliminate nuclear weapons, poverty, or diseases, looting, slavery, even economic piracy and so forth, but the development of the Principle of Universal Love in our lives.

The story that is centered on the "Temple of Unrequited Love" is not primarily a political story, but a multifaceted story of a grassroots effort in advancing the needed healing of society's far-too-small sense of love. It is a fictional story with a tiny bit of history interwoven, and that part is taller than the story itself. The story is situated in Washington DC, though it could have been staged anywhere.

The story, Temple of Unrequited Love, is a chapter of the novel Roses at Dawn in an Ice Age World. The novel is Episode 2B of the series of novels, The Lodging for the Rose, by Rolf A. F. Witzsche.

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