A story about healing


Who is the powerful person in the world? 
Is it not one who can heal others of their smallness in self-perception?


The feeling of lack of power has become epidemic in the modern world, perhaps intentionally so. It has become a disease. People feel themselves small and insignificant. "What can I do as a single person to uplift and protect the world?" That's what many say as they withdraw into the private worlds of their smallness. Thus the rulers of the world are given free reign. The smallness in thinking does indeed produce the very apathy that the criminals of power desire, by which own mankind.

But how is society to get itself out of that trap? The protagonist of this story finds himself discovering in shame that it is not that easy to empower oneself to cross the limits that ages of timidity have established as hard and fast barriers. The protagonist is a professional American diplomat. He finds himself so impotent in his ways that a Russian bar girl, out of compassion, stages a lesson for him that forces his impotence to the surface so that he can deal with it. Yes, he does respond eventually, though still in his own timid way, even while in the background momentously powerful movements are unfolding, most of which he cannot even recognize for what they are. Nevertheless, from this beginning a sense of peace unfolds that comes with the budding sense of power that is inherent in our humanity as human beings.

The gentle story of this kind of healing, called Impotence and Power, is staged in the background to a peace conference in Soviet Russia. The story comprises three chapters of a the novel The Ice Age Challenge,  the second episode of the series of novels, The Lodging for the Rose, by Rolf A. F. Witzsche.

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