A story about healing


If our loving reflects the beauty of our heart and Soul, 
embracing the beauty of our humanity,
 isn't it enough then to simply love oneself?


In a world in which love is written in ever-smaller letters it is tempting to be satisfied with simply loving oneself. But is this sufficient? Is it even possible, from a scientific standpoint?

On the surface it appears that self-focused love is possible. It even appears to be sufficient for acknowledging the profound and wonderful qualities that we all embody as human beings. In the story a woman takes this stand and regards it as a virtue to be just loving herself. She sees this virtue exemplified by hijab, the Islamic headscarf worn by women, behind which women symbolically isolate themselves from society. In this regard Islam, becomes a paradox, because the founder of Islam, Mohammed, once stated emphatically that he 'tramples' on everything that divides human beings from one-another.

In the story attempts are made to convince the woman that the Islamic paradox can be solved. However, in the attempt of solving it another paradox comes into view, based of the historic fact that Islam had to a large degree rescued civilization from the dehumanized world of the Roman Empire and its lingering shadow. Islam and gave rise to a great renaissance that became the cornerstone in the foundation of the Golden Renaissance in Europe. The paradox that arises from this fact is that the founding of the USA, which had its roots in the European renaissance movements, has its deepest roots in the Islam of Mohammed, so that America's war against Islam is really a war against its own history.

The two paradoxes remain unresolved in the love story, just as they have remained so in the real world. Nevertheless the two paradoxes give the love story a unique and fascinating dimension.

The love story, Self-Love and Islam, is a chapter of the novel The Ice Age Challenge,  from the series of novels The Lodging for the Rose, by Rolf A. F. Witzsche.

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