For the healing of our humanity

 from novels by Rolf A. F. Witzsche


The Lateral Lattice of Hearts

Based on a remarkable true event.

The Beach Project

Taking a holiday from lies is like living in huge mansions with giant windows to the world.


Self-Love and Islam

If our loving reflects the beauty of our heart and Soul, 
embracing the beauty of our humanity,
 isn't it enough then to simply love oneself?


Impotence and Power

Who is the powerful person in the world? 
Is it not one who can heal others of their smallness in self-perception?


Temple of Unrequited Love

The temple attracts those in need of healing. Unfortunately, that temple is fiction. 
However, one part of the story is real, and that part is greater than the temple.


Victory without Shame

When a vanquished aggressor is killed, nothing is healed while the killer looses his soul. 
The alternative is difficult, but profound.


The Chess Player

When the death of millions becomes a statistic, the death of one person remains an unspeakable tragedy and the prevention of it a triumph of our humanity.


Time Zones

Which distance is greater,
 the geographic distance that separates the continents and nations,
 or the distance heart to heart that separates humanity?
 Imagine a voyage across twelve time zones.

Death in Paradise

Who dances at the pinnacle of the world still needs to heed the old rule:
 Don't slip!

Disintegration: Highway 911

Was the Cold War primarily a nuclear weapons standoff, 
or was it a cultural war?
 Likewise, was the September 11 attack on America primarily an act of terrorism, 
or was it but the first major scene of the disintegrating culture of society?

The Shockwave Effect

When air is not a fluid, but a barrier,
we enter the zone of supersonic flight.
When civilization is stopped by a wall,
we enter the Dark Age zone of death.
Can we break out?


Project Venice

Empires appear gentle and white -
a far-reaching force that ravishes all.
But how does one challenge a hurricane?
How does one replace the dark that appears white -
with a sun-filled world?


Drilling Holes into Sophistry

The sophist owns the thinking of society.
His song seems right, as if sung by angels.
His effect is the sword of war and the murder of millions.
But who can cut through the sophistry that still rules?




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