A story about healing


Who dances at the pinnacle of the world
 still needs to heed the old rule:
 Don't slip!


In the story the protagonists create a New World for themselves on the top of a mountain, out of sight of the 'kings' that continue to rule mankind. They create a rich world in a place where barren rock was before, reflecting the resources of their intelligence and ingenuity. With it they enrich the entire Greek island where their new home is located. The resulting paradise is marred by only one single folly through which a death occurs. By this folly the paradise begins to become precarious once again. The story ends when the protagonist set sail once more on a voyage that takes them back to America in order to start a new life in the now slowly self-cleansing world that had been their home before the nuclear nightmare began.

The 'healing' story, ^Death in Paradise,^ is a chapter from the novel, ^Brighter than the Sun,^ by Rolf A. F. Witzsche.


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