A story about healing


When the death of millions becomes a statistic,
 the death of one person remains an unspeakable tragedy
 and the prevention of it
is a triumph of our humanity.


The chess player, a Russian champion, is courageously rescued from a mob that is bent on revenge for a nuclear war tragedy. He suddenly finds himself drawn into environment of two barriers caused by the protagonists' love affair that he is not a part of. He finds himself in agonizing isolation. Nevertheless, he hangs on and gradually enriches the unfolding scene with his own considerable resources as a human being. When their nuclear-war-rescue mission becomes stranded, which he had joined with the protagonist, he emerges as the master of the unfolding new scene on the strength of his expertise in seamanship that opens up a whole New World for all three of them.

The story, The Chess Player, is a chapter from the novel, Brighter than the Sun, by Rolf A. F. Witzsche.


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