A story about healing


Taking a holiday from lies
 is like living in huge mansions with giant windows to the world.



It may be more likely that mankind will die in the whimper of its 'smallness' than in the bang of the nuclear holocaust that is has prepared for itself. It may also be that the healing of this 'smallness' becomes mankind's gateway to life on all fronts.

History has shown that mankind has found its greatest security and prosperity during its renaissance periods. Each such period began with a profound dawning of the Principle of Universal Love. In the modern world where the challenges are greater than ever before, that dawning needs to become a sunrise and reach deep to the very heart of our social relationships with one-another where we presently live in 'small houses' with their 'windows closed' to the Principle of Universal Love on which our future existence depends in a nuclear armed world with an Ice Age on the horizon.

The story comes to light as a protest against our smallness in the social domain where we've become poverty stricken in relating to one-another as human beings.

The story, The Beach Project, is centered on a search for healing. It is the opening chapter of the novel The Ice Age Challenge, from the series of novels The Lodging for the Rose by Rolf A. F. Witzsche.

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