A story about healing


Was the Cold War primarily a nuclear weapons standoff, 
or was it a cultural war?
 Likewise, was the September 11 attack on America primarily an act of terrorism, 
or was it but the first major scene of the disintegrating culture of society?


Most people believe that the Cold War had been a nuclear weapons standoff between the USA and Soviet Russia. That's the cover story. The real Cold War was a cultural war, staged in the background to defeat both the USA and Russia from within. They called it the project of cultural freedom, meaning freedom from culture. This hidden war was highly successful.

By the same token most people believe that the September 11 attack on America in 2001 was a terrorists act. That too, is the cover story. In real terms, the horrific scene of the World Trade Center in New York crumbling into dust with thousands of people trapped in them, was but the first major way mark on the 911 Highway,  a road to global disintegration: the disintegration of society from within, - the disintegration of its financial and economic system, and the disintegration of its culture, its humanity, and its love.

The 'healing' story, Disintegration: Highway 911, is a chapter from the novel, Endless Horizons, of the series of novels, The Lodging for the Rose, by Rolf A. F. Witzsche.

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