Sword of Aquarius
a romantic political tragedy novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 7 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

Page 83
Chapter 12 - Project USA.

      I suggested that people must now consider that classical art and music isn't classical because it is old, but that it is so, because it generates a movement in the mind that enables one to comprehend the fundamental principles that underlie the economics of civilization. These 'classical' discoveries of truth enrich the human existence throughout all times. I pointed out to Sylvia that the music of a true classical composition isn't arbitrary, but is rigorously built on natural principles that generate the notion of beauty and thereby an element of reflected truth.

      "We find the sublimity of Truth not in opinions," I said to Sylvia, "but in the manifest result of our scientific hypotheses through which civilization is elevated to a higher plain. By this, society becomes enabled to exist at a constantly higher potential population density, and at a constantly higher quality of living. Herein, we find the reality of absolute Truth. Isn't this what our new and wider universal marriage ceremony celebrates? Doesn't it celebrate an element of the sublime?" I asked. "It's all about truth, isn't it? It's about the recognition of what has touched us; of what has already been established; of what will forever be fundamentally true. It is about a universal principle. It is about the principle of universal love. The unfolding of this principle never ends. Absolute Truth is infinity. It is Life and Love all put into one, which have no meaning by themselves, which unfold as one in the sphere of the infinite Mind and Soul that we all reflect. Why then," I asked, "would anyone ever want to revert back from this position, to the old style of living where mankind's marriages are encumbered with countless boundaries and people's lives are locked into isolation; where their love is divided, encumbered, and disallowed?"

      She shook her head. "We can never go back to that, from having touched upon the sublime. We can only go further ahead," she added. "That is what our life has been like as far as I can tell, constantly."

      "We must go beyond what Steve knows," I said to her. "In the context of our understanding the one all-embracing Truth, mankind has become both a discoverer and a creator. We have cultivated the spark the Prometheus entrusted us with. Mankind has become a discoverer and a creator in his own right and of its own reality that unfolds in the context of each discovered element of Truth. Truth, thus, lies in the hypothesis of the higher hypothesis, without end. It was this near absolute Truth that Prometheus knew. And with it the poet gave humanity a taste of its own infinite nature. Ultimately humanity must discover by itself what Prometheus knew, which he had kept sacred, in which was anchored his love for humanity. Humanity must also rediscover out of the depth of that one universal Truth that the titans, the oligarchs, the fondi, the Zeus of every age or time, are self-condemned to disintegrate by the consequences of their own contempt of humanity, which is really a contempt of Truth. This is what the ancient Greeks once understood. It needs to be rediscovered, painstakingly perhaps, and daringly with courageous steps. But it needs to be discovered and put on the agenda again, just as Aeschylus had put it on the agenda in 500 BC."

      "Isn't that what you had discovered in part in Leipzig with your own courageous steps?" Sylvia interrupted with a grin.

      "Indeed, but it has to be far more daring than this," I replied, "and it has to unfold without interruption. We stopped doing it. Compared to the way we started, we had done nothing for more than a dozen years until just recently, just like the ancient Greeks had done nothing with their vast and keen knowledge to prevent the rise of the Roman Empire, the monster Zeus. That lapse by the Greek in upholding their culture was the reason for their demise. It started with the Sophistry that created the Peloponnesian War. Zeus wears the tongue of sophistry. When the Roman Empire collapsed centuries later, as every Zeus does, Greece, which had swallowed the sophistry that it once pioneered, had been depopulated by the Roman Empire so brutally that it became reduced to less than twenty percent of its original population level. Humanity as a whole would not survive such a dramatic fate. Nevertheless a worse fate is prepared for it. If we don't have the sublimity within us that Prometheus symbolizes, then we may not prevent that impending fate, and humanity, the pearl of the universe, becomes lost. In this case the brightest and most beautiful of all the love that we celebrate, has no more meaning than but an empty shell. But we can prevent going there, can we? The modern Zeus and its sophistry can be defeated. That is the task of truth and love, a task that we have appointed for us in accord with the spirit of Prometheus the economist, when we took hold of the Principle of Universal Love."

      In the joy of celebration that day, as we communicated these lofty ideas, I felt as if the rising renaissance pervaded the very air. I felt the same all day long. This was our new wedding celebration indeed, and I could sense that it was also a Promethean celebration since the universal focus had been our focus on love beginning at the day of our first sunrise together. "Humanity is beautiful," I said to Sylvia. "Humanity is the greatest force for good that exists in the universe. Humanity should be proud of itself, as Prometheus was proud in his recognition of this truth, in spite of his circumstances. Our task must be," I said to Sylvia, "to encourage humanity to play the role of Prometheus the economist evermore fully. Prometheus symbolizes love, but he also symbolizes economics that unfolds from it. In this sense economics is greater than love as it is the very manifest of it. Humanity is not the scum of the universe as the fondi oligarchy proclaims it to be with disdain. Humanity is the star of the universe! We only need to give ourselves the chance to prove this. For this goal we journey to the farthest corners of the world, to find a starting point where the sophistry of the oligarchy has been the least deadly. That brings us to China. Europe has been swallowed up by the fondi and been made a dead scene with the cultural warfare of sophistry, and so has America. The fascism of Zeus has become the cultural night in all of these places. Maybe we have start in China where there is still life left with a human touch. Then we have to use this sanctuary as a base to start a rallying of all the nations to Truth's standard. Perhaps we may begin the rallying in places where people are still living, but are inwardly dead like much of the U.S.A. is, and much of Europe. It might be possible in this way that all people, wherever they may be, become inspired by this unfolding global fire of the passion of living like a human being to rejoin humanity and become alive again and active for the good of the whole of humanity."

      I asked Sylvia whether she agreed that this might be possible.

      She simply turned to me and grinned again.

      "Why shouldn't it be possible?" she replied a while later. "Have we not already proven enough of this in our own life? Have not proven that this is possible? It isn't just possible Pete. It sounds exciting. I see it as a privilege to live in such times as our time, where the seemingly impossible is beginning to be realized. It seems to me that we are living at the very leading edge of the world. It makes one indeed feel so alive."

      "Maybe it was this acknowledgement that made Prometheus truly immortal," I said jokingly. "Maybe he wasn't a god at all. Maybe there are no gods. Maybe Prometheus was actually a human being living at the leading edge, facing the absolute Truth of universal love."

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