Sword of Aquarius
a romantic political tragedy novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 7 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 12 - Project USA.

      "So, you really want us to go to China. Is this what you are saying?"

      "Of course, Sylvia, as soon as possible, provided you would like to come, as I hope you will. Still, I don't own your life; I merely want to be a part of it. So, it's up to you. Would you consider such a move?"

      "Of course I'll be coming, silly you," she said and punched me. "Fred and I will meet you in Beijing right after our visit to Paris. We will meet you there if you and Heather don't get stuck in South America. I hear the fondi's people are more fascist down in South America than the Romans had ever been."

      "Ah, but they won't be like that when we leave there, Sylvia, if I can help it. We will see you in Beijing, that's a promise. London's terrorist gangs won't harm me in South America. We'll be gone before they know we were there. We'll be with the little people where the life of the country is rooted. With some help from us, these people can become a big power in the world, because they still have within them what it takes to build a nation. This power is native to the human mind that we all share, unless it becomes drilled out of one. All that these people need to do is move with what they have, and I think they can be inspired to do that. I don't think they are quite as dead yet as the people in the U.S.A. have become. The North American society has destroyed itself with its fascination with violence, fascism, and with stealing from one another and from the world."

      "I think Nicolai had intended to reawaken the world to its humanity, with his planned triple marriage celebration in a big and splashy manner," said Sylvia. "It would have laid the groundwork for a wider recognition of the universal marriage of humanity that is the reality of our being, built on a recognition of us all as human beings sharing a common humanity. It would have shaken society. The ripples would likely have been incredibly wide. That wedding march would have been the overture of the requiem for the fondi. It would have been their death march. I think the fondi recognized this, perhaps better than we did. I think that this may have been the real reason why they killed Nicolai, and why they did it in such an obvious manner, with such a powerful deterrent attached. They were telling us that they are prepared to go to any extreme to prevent this from happening again. The Hebrews imposed the death penalty in ancient times for the same reason. The fondi are prepared to this again, and they are prepared to be as radical in doing that as the danger is great to their continued existence if they fail."

      I nodded. I agreed. Yes, that probably was the real reason why Nicolai was killed and eight million people with him. I also determined that they would never have a chance to do this again. That was their most desperate measure, with which they exposed their greatest vulnerability, their weakest flank. That meant that we could wipe them out, through that weak flank.


      "It took us twelve years to learn the meaning of what we must now acknowledge universally, beyond anything that Nicolai had dreamed of," I said to Sylvia a while later, as we were having supper that evening. "As you know, life in this period leading up to where we are today, has been quite rich at times. Every facet of it became enriched. It even involved sexual intimacies right across the board when it was appropriate, and this in probably a richer measure than is commonly found everywhere else. All this occurred because we simply acknowledged our human needs as sexual beings, which didn't necessarily mean that we were drawn into intercourse. This makes an ever-larger union very much a possibility, and an exciting one to consider. This kind of commitment also caused us to respond to each other's larger needs as well, like organizing the food aid for Russia that Nicolai had urged some time ago, or getting Ushi's help in canceling the SDI project, which turned out to be a mistake. We have even saved the world from a real nuclear war that could have unfolded from the cruise missile attack. Somehow, we prevented that by responding to the larger needs of one another. Except, we can't stop there. We can't say we have done our share. We can't say this until the world is safe again. We have to go further with this. We have to inspire the whole of humanity into a similar commitment than the one we share among us, in order that humanity becomes committed to protect its civilization in this nuclear age. This goal in not won until the last vestige of fascism has been erased. Towards this goal a vastly expanded marriage acknowledgement will help tremendously. In fact it may be totally necessary for us to do this. Obviously, we too, don't survive, if the world does not survive."

      As I said this, Sylvia began to grin and then laughed, "you have missed a couple of things," she said. "You have missed to point out the fundamental difference between the traditional wedding ceremonies and the ever expanding ceremony that you propose for us. You have failed to point out to me that in a traditional wedding the bond of a union is created by the consent of a priest or some higher authority, which is either the church or the state. You should have pointed out that the universally expanding wedding that you propose has no other purpose than to acknowledge what is already fully established as the reality of our being, long before any ceremony takes place. So, it becomes nothing else, than a celebration thereof."

      "Of course, Sylvia," I replied excitedly. "All of that goes without saying. That's understood, isn't it? But why are you asking this? You must have talked to Ushi, haven't you? You just wanted to see how much of it I would acknowledge. Well, I acknowledge all of it."

      Sylvia nodded and grinned even more now. "You further forgot," she said with a smile, "to tell me that your proposed universal marriage acknowledgement would be the functional equivalent to those development hubs that LaRouche had proposed should be build all along the Eurasian Land-Bridge development corridors. You forgot to mention that these physical development centers are intended to support the development of all the regions round about them, by which the whole country becomes developed. You forgot to mention that this is what we must also do in a spiritual context, in the context of uplifting ourselves and humanity in the manner, by the same kind of process."

      Sylvia grinned again. "And as for asking Ushi, you're wrong Pete, I have talked to Steve about it. We also talked about something else. Steve had actually made the very same proposal before you did. The only thing that's not fair about what is happening here, is that it took you so long to commit yourself to the idea of drawing our entire world-wide group into one single family on the highest platform of marriage imaginable."

      "All-right! And here, I thought I had to sell you," I said in reply and began to grin, too. "But that's history. The important thing is the future. It is important that we go forward with this as rapidly as we can. Didn't I say something like this when we talked about music? I think the point is brought out loud and clear in Ray Vaughan William's Sea Symphony. It really is a beautiful, powerful, joyous symphony. It best describes what our life will yet be. It's a huge symphony, in every respect: in tone, in majesty, in length, and in its beauty and power. It embraces the whole world. You've got to hear it some day, Sylvia, especially its ending. There is a movement in it that never stops: Oh my brave soul, farther, farther, farther sail, sings the Baritone near the end. The symphony also has a beautiful, quiet, ending that trails out into the music of the spheres as if it were embracing the universe. You will get a feeling when you hear the ending, that the symphony goes on and on. Perhaps Vaughan William's Sea Symphony should be our combined wedding march."

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