Sword of Aquarius
a romantic political tragedy novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 7 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 12 - Project USA.

      "Yes!" I replied, "it seems that all of this is only the beginning for something that will be much grander than anything that we have imagined. And for this, my dearly beloved, we need a different kind of music, not Brahms, something bigger, something like Vaughan Williams - I am thinking of Vaughan Williams' Sea Symphony, his Symphony Number One. That's early Vaughan Williams. That's huge Vaughan Williams. It's a symphony for massed forces; a large orchestra, chorus, and solo voices. It is a symphony of immense proportions. Sylvia, it is as big and wide as the sea. "Behold the sea itself, proclaims the opening choral passage. If you recognize the sea as a metaphor for life, then this symphony becomes our symphony," I said to Sylvia, "Behold the sea itself. On its limitless heaving breast, the ships... proclaims the mezzo-soprano later on. We are those ships, Sylvia: Oh we can wait no longer, sings the Baritone at the end. We, too, launch out on trackless seas, fearless to unknown shores on waves of ecstasy to sail."

      I suggested to Sylvia that a big music is needed to reflect what we must necessarily do; something big and profound; something that can change the world; something that won't be easy but is necessary.

      "We have come a long way," I added moments later, "and every step along the way has been revolutionary. At first there was Erica's discovery of that fundamental principle that goes totally contrary to the world's convention. Her metaphor of the flower garden opened up a whole New World, don't you agree? It totally changed the way we lived. Then Steve brought the same type of discovery into focus in his own unique way. He gave expression to it. A principle must be expressed in daily living for it to have any value. Steve further recognized that the expression of a fundamental principle must have a purpose. This purpose he discovered to be love as he recognized what was unfolding. He inspired us further with it. He always reminded us that we bring to each other the gift of our love to enrich one another's existence."

      I pointed out to Sylvia that these three aspects are all interlocked. A discovery may be profound, but one needs to give expression to it in order to experience its essence. Also, one needs to understand the purpose for it. But even those three aspects are not enough for one to fully utilize its fundamental principle. Something is missing, without which our achievement is incomplete. I explained that this missing aspect is a deep seated acknowledgement to ourselves, of what has been discovered, expressed, and understood of the principle involved.

      "I think the time has come," I said to Sylvia, "that we make this firm acknowledgement to ourselves and then extend it to the world. We must acknowledge every aspect of it; our discovery of the fundamental principle, our expression of it in our lives, and our understanding of its purpose that translates itself into a commitment to enrich one another's existence and that of the whole world. If this acknowledgement takes the form a ceremony, so be it. Perhaps it may even be a marriage ceremony, as it were, if it confirms our common commitment to this principle that we have discovered by our commitment to each other."

      I explained that the ceremony must necessarily include all of us, since we all have demonstrated this commitment to each other. "It must be a marriage ceremony that includes more than just you and I, but Steve, Ushi, Heather, Ross, Fred, Tony, and Dag and Al as well."

      "And Olive, and Indira and the whole clan," Sylvia added. "We have all made a deep commitment to each other, a commitment that goes deeper than an ordinary marriage between two people.

      "Right! This commitment too, is more profound, because it is not centered on rights, demands, and obligations, but is based on an out-flowing appreciation of one another that is modeled after the model of the sun, as Ross had pointed this out in Caracas."

      I suggested to Sylvia that our marriage reflects this commitment. It has become a sun among other suns. It reflects a totally different fundamental principle than that which a tightly confined marriage reflects where the flow is inwards oriented.

      Sylvia raised her hand to stop me. "Are you proposing that we all get married together in one gigantic ceremony?"

      She kept her eyes on the road while she spoke, but she wasn't smiling when she said this.

      "Yes, Sylvia," I replied. "This, in essence, is what I propose, because this type of a deeply honest acknowledgement is required of us in obedience to the principle that we have recognized as imperative, that has shaped all of our lives. Such a huge ceremony would bring into focus the bond of unity that our commitment to each other has helped to forge, that is reflected in our larger commitment to enrich the world with an ever expanding love and life."


      We talked along these lines until we came upon a small motel at a highway junction in the dessert. We decided to stop at the place, relax, go for a walk, have supper, and of course cancel all the other meetings that we had scheduled.


      "We've come a long way, Sylvia, have we not?" I said to her on our walk through the dessert that night. The moon was already visible above the darkening sunset. "There was a time when Steve's concept seemed so incredibly daring," I said and laughed. "His insistence seemed incredibly revolutionary when I was first confronted with his far out demand that he placed mostly on himself, that we bring to each other our love to enrich one another's existence. It seemed, oh, so utopian and impractical. Just look at us now, we've gone far beyond that. In those days we said with the poet, whoever the poet might have been, that love is joy in the beauty of another, which we had aimed to share. Now we find that love is much more than even this. It is richer. Love is joy in the beauty of life itself, as we enrich one another in its vast dimensions. Don't you agree that is why we must go China, you and me? That's why we must join Ushi and Steve. We must go to where this kind of love is already unfolding on a national scale in the form of countless civil projects. We must become married to this country and take part in its joy."

      "You are dreaming Pete, what could we possibly accomplish in China? What would you do there? You're not a civil engineer."

      "Sylvia, I can motivate people. I can help them to enrich their appreciation of the value of what they are doing. The people there are not slaving all day long to enrich some moneybags as most people do in the West. They are working to create a better and richer world for their children than the one they inherited, and they are getting paid for it, too. I wish we could say this to ourselves in America. The Chinese people don't know how fortunate they are to have given themselves this chance, the kind of chance that we have not given ourselves for a long time."

      "But running away from our mess at home isn't the answer, Pete. We should work here and help our people to give themselves the same chance."

      "No, Sylvia, we must go to China. We must experience the dynamism of life that is unfolding there. Things are too dead, here. Maybe after a while, when we return, we may be fit to light the fire that is needed here. Just look at what have we accomplished so far in America, in the last few decades. Almost nothing! The problem is, that we can only share what we have experienced. Nothing else will be sufficient to enable us to bring America back to life. Maybe Ushi and Steve will follow us back, once the fire that we will light, has cleaned out the Stasi-hunters and fascists from the Justice Department and other institutions, so that both Steve and Ushi will find America safe to return to. Don't you think there is a great need in America for people like Ushi, and people like Steve? Just imagine what they could do here with their experiences!"

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