Sword of Aquarius
a romantic political tragedy novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 7 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

Page 73
Chapter 11 - Return to Oymyakon.

      The three other passengers who traveled with us on the plane were already seated when we stepped on board. "What kept you?" said one of them.

      "I didn't want to interrupt your dancing," said a member of the crew to us with a warm gentle smile as she closed the plane's passenger hatch behind us. She also said that she had a surprise for us. She grinned as she said this.

      The surprise came after takeoff in the form of music being played over the intercom, some lighthearted music for a different kind of dancing. The music was from the-mid sixties, a parade of the Beach Boys famous hits, including such classics as, Surfing USA, or, Getting Around. They also played some another famous tunes from the same period. One of them was the famous South American tune, The Girl From Iponima. It was all music made for dancing.

      While there wasn't any room for dancing on the plane, no such restriction applied to dancing in the mind. To judge by the smiles of the crew, they knew they hit the right chord with this music.

      The tape must have been from one of the crew's private collection. It was a collection of summertime music about surfing and beach parties, music from the USA and other countries, composed during the world's brightest recent era.

      Indeed, the music created a lighthearted, summertime mood that utterly defied the fact that it was still winter outside in spite of the sunshine that we had seen, that had now faded into a faint dark orange hue on the horizon. A deep blanket of snow covered the Siberian landscape below us, dimly illumined by the colorless light reflected from the moon.

      The final song that was played over the intercom was a beautiful Jazz version of the old classic from the musicals, "It's Summertime and the living is easy..." With this tune still echoing in my mind after the music ended, the captain announced our impending arrival. As the plane taxied to the parking area, Ushi predicted that we would have a much bigger ceremony soon. "Why should we limit ourselves to just a single ceremony?" she said. "And why should we limit ourselves to something as small as a triple wedding?" She said that the next logical step would be to arrange a marriage ceremony for ten, that includes Steve and Sylvia, Heather, Ross, Fred, and Tony, Dag and Al, and us.

      Ushi predicted that this larger acknowledgement would have the potential to act like leaven in the making of bread, leavening the whole of the human society, causing profound changes. She said that the principles involved are so fundamental that all people can relate them to their own lives, individually, and that they will likely do this with a great joy. She explained that the resulting commitment of society to enrich one another's existence would certainly have profound economic effects with an enriching impact on everyone's life. "Society will start building again; new infrastructures, new hospitals, concert halls, airports, trains, waters supply systems, energy networks, new approaches to farming, new housing, whole new cities, and more. She said she has seen this already unfolding in China. While China has still a long way to go to pull itself out of poverty, the people are building for one another a brighter future than they ever had before. Even though they face enormous problems, and mistakes are made along the way, there is a spark of love in their hearts for one another that is powerful enough to power that giant economic machine that has been created in China on the basis of their commitment to one another. She said that this love was already inspiring all of the surrounding nations that have committed themselves to spread this development throughout Eurasia and the world. Thus, the flow of love, literally will change the world. Only another major war by the fondi can prevent this flow of love from bearing fruit.

      Here she became quiet and spoke in a more serious tone. "World War I was arranged by the British to prevent the economic development of Eurasia, that had already been committed to at this time. Today's drive for the economic destruction of entire nations, is driven under the guise of preventing any nation from developing 'weapons of mass destruction.' The entire campaign to combat 'weapons of mass destruction' isn't directed at weapons at all, but is designed to destroy a nation's economic potential in order to eliminate any possible resistance to the empire's goals.

      "World War II was arranged in a similar manner, and for the same purpose; to destroy the development potential of Europe, again. The danger is very great indeed, that another war, and a still bigger war, will be launched to prevent this development once more from taking off, and from being realized. But it may be different this time. Maybe a marriage ceremony will unfold instead, that outshines the royal fondi's hatred for humanity."

      Ushi became very serious after this. She said that our discovery of the underlying principles, and our commitment to them, might be comparable to the Eurasian Land-Bridge development project that China is committed to and is drawing other nations into. She said that the underlying principles are the same. She explained that the Eurasian Land-Bridge Development Project is centered on the idea of a railway link across the entire Eurasian continent that would stretch from China to Spain. At strategic points along the way, economic development centers would be created, complete with the appropriate types of industrial infrastructures. These centers would then serve as hubs for the development activities that reach deep into the interior. By the same principle, trunk lines could extend away from the main link, so that huge areas can be developed simultaneously, complete with the building of brand new cities that are immediately tied together by the continental Transportation Bridge. Ushi pointed out that our own development towards a larger scale marriage commitment could function exactly like those development hubs that are designed to uplift entire regions. She told us that by this realization our private little marriage ceremony came to light as a world-significant event. Ushi even predicted that if we were to establish this kind of a foundation throughout the world, the entire world could be totally changed in less than a year, just like the Land Bridge idea is already changing the world. She predicted that for the Land Bridge, many large-scale construction projects would be launched in parallel. One of these would be the building of the much-needed southern link of the Eurasian Land Bridge across India and Pakistan. She said that this, too, would likely happen soon, since nothing more is required to make the project a reality, than the larger commitment to enrich one another. "The same holds true for our larger marriage union," she said.

      She also predicted that for the Land-Bridge project, a tunnel would be build underneath the Bering Strait, in parallel with all the other projects, in order to link Asia with North and South America. She predicted further that a new and fundamentally different world-financial system would be created to facilitate these projects. It would be one that isn't designed to facilitate the stealing from society through speculation and financial looting that the present system is designed to facilitate, but that it would be a system that is designed to enrich society by creating credits for every type of infrastructure development and industrialization that is needed.

      Ushi also predicted that in this new environment of up-welling optimism, or realism, that would then be created, the entrepreneurs would no longer loot society with labor exploitation, but would derive their riches, like everyone else, from the expanding physical economic processes, and the cultural processes, that enrich the whole of society.

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