Sword of Aquarius
a romantic political tragedy novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 7 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 11 - Return to Oymyakon.

      "The small world seems to be tied to the top down vertical model," I replied. "It reflects the Byzantine model, the vertical model."

      Ushi shook her head. "The vertical model is not totally invalid. It is only invalid as a platform for relationships. In the world of science it fulfills a valid function," she countered mw and then began to smile. "The real vertical model pertains to our individual self-development. It doesn't represent relationships. It represents the developmental flow by which we pull ourselves out of the rut. At the top of this vertical model is always the absolute Truth that we aim to discover and pull ourselves into line with. At the bottom is ignorance. The intermediary standing between the two, is science. Science is the key element in our spiritual, cultural, social, and technological self-development. Without science, by which cognition becomes understanding, there is no boundless self-development. Consequently and we stay in the rut like animals, when this happens. That is also the primitive Christian model. The Truth at the top level, relates to God. The intermediary is still Science, labeled the Christ that has also been defined as the spiritual idea of God; and the ignorance below relates to Christianity that struggles to overcome its ignorance as the outcome of the Christ idea in Christian history. This is a beautiful vertical model. It is the original human self-development model, as it has been perceived thousands of years ago. If this model is not recognized for what it is, in all aspects, our advanced marriage cannot function. If we don't pull ourselves out of the rut by means of a scientific understanding of reality, we will continue to live in the land of fairy tales, trained emotions, and mythological dreaming, even while our entire world falls apart into poverty and war."

      "That's almost a paradox, isn't it?" I replied. "We have to subject ourselves totally to a fully functioning vertical model in the mental domain, in order to be able to embrace the lateral model in real life. Otherwise we cannot accept our lateral marriage relationship and what it represents on the infinite scale of universal truth. We would be bound to the ignorance that draws everything down to the lowest level of small minded thinking and living."

      "The world is full of such paradoxes," said Ushi, "which are only paradoxes in the sphere of small-minded thinking. But we don't live there anymore, and haven't for a long time. Our sphere is bright with the highest understanding of Truth based on the most advanced scientific perception. That's what governs our commitment to each other and humanity, which is the commitment that we are celebrating tonight. Naturally this commitment also reflects itself in the most intimate domain in which we embrace one another as two beautiful human beings enveloped in a profound love for each other. All of that comes out of our love for our humanity, our self-love, doesn't it?"

      Ushi raised her glass of apple juice as a toast for the occasion and grinned and nodded as if she was urging me to make a speech.

      "You are wonderful genius," I said and raised my glass likewise, and began to grin too. "What more can I add? What you said makes me fee warm inside. There is a beauty in it that is sublime. Living in China has been good for you." With that said I began to laugh.

      She shook her head again. "The core idea of what I said came from Olive."

      "Olive? You really did know Olive then."

      "Steve came to know her through Nicolai, then we met," said Ushi. "We are all married to one another. It was Olive who developed that concept that one needs to acknowledge what one recognizes as the truth, no matter how controversial and improbable that may seem, and difficult to implement. Did you know that? She also said that you had started this trend."

      "When did I do that?" I replied.

      "In Sukhumi, Peter. Olive said to me that when you met in Sukhumi that day, you both felt so comfortable with each other, so close, and so connected with the whole of humanity, that she realized that you were married to one another in some very real way. She merely didn't know how to articulate it then, just as I couldn't articulate in Cozumel what Steve and I recognized as a reality concerning us. But that's all history, now."

      "This means that my symbolic triple marriage with Nicolai and Antonovna was anchored there, and wouldn't have remained a triple marriage for long," I said, surprised.

      "It would have remained so for as long as you had needed it before you allowed yourself to embrace the wider world on the same platform, and to grow beyond it, Peter. We are all married to Nicolai and Antonovna in some form, along this line, are we not? We are married even now to what they symbolize in our hearts. Don't you feel this way too?"

      I nodded and smiled. "Nicolai and Antonovna live in all of us," I said and raised my glass again. "The beauty of life never ends. That element never dies."

      Ushi simply nodded and smile. "That's what marriage is really all about, isn't it?" she said a while later.

      "This marriage thing is really taking on a life of its own," I said and kissed her. "How many other such marriages are you involved in?"

      "None that you don't already know about," Ushi answered. "And you?"

      "A bunch. I am a part of a large family in India, in New Delhi, there are nine of us, and Sylvia and Olive belong to that too. You have met two of them. But I am proud to tell you that my first marriage on that larger platform was with you, even though I was too blind to see it. Helen had opened the door that had made this possible, and Steve sensed that something was unfolding on a higher level, the scientifically honest level that she had pulled me up to. That's how it all began. That's what had made it all so magical. Olive became drawn into it. I had though it to have been the other way around. And now the magic continues."

      "Do you realize then that we are celebrating a profound happening then?" said Ushi with a kiss.

     I simply smiled. "What unfolded in those days has already shaped the world," I answered. "What happened at the Sukhumi Conference had started a whole chain of events. without us even knowing it. But what started there was a real marriage commitment. It all started when I met Olive in Russia at a time when I was in a terrible crisis."

      "That's when you couldn't figure out how to tell Sylvia about me, right?"

      I nodded. "Olive and I met when I could no longer face the depopulation madness that was drawn out into the open during the conference. I became very sensitive at this time, to the incredible loveliness of our human world. The depopulation lecture had hit me so badly that I suffered an emotional breakdown. I left the conference hall crying. Olive helped me to restore my sanity. She also helped me with much more than that. None of that would have been possible to the extent that it happened, if you hadn't been so beautifully open to the principle of universal love, back in Leipzig. Your openness took away so many barriers and boundaries. And look, that idea did change the world. Olive was fighting the same fight that I was fighting. I don't know if Nicolai told you that, but in order to help me with my struggles, Olive had arranged for a symphony orchestra to perform Brahms' Forth Symphony on the last day of the conference. She took part in the performance herself. I didn't know this at the time, but her concert and Nicolai's speech from the day before, changed my life. In a very real way Olive provided the basis for me to be able to uplift Sylvia to where she could accept what was happening. In a sense, we were married to each other even then."

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