Sword of Aquarius
a romantic political tragedy novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 7 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 10 - The End of History.

      "I hope you realize that you are expecting a miracle," said Sylvia to Steve after he was finished making his speech. "You might succeed with that in China; you might even succeed with that in Russia; but in North America, you are treading on thin ice. There is nothing there that you or I can build on. People have become so deeply isolated from their humanity by years of diseducation through the schools; brutalization through entertainment; and brainwashing through the media; that they will kick us in the teeth the moment we open our mouth to tell them that their world is dangerously rotten to the core, that it is collapsing and may soon be destroyed. They will sooner listen to the synarchists than to us, even if they can sense that we are right and the synarchist are dangerous and may indeed blow America up. They still won't help us. The word, help, isn't in their vocabulary. They will do their usual dance and back away with folded arms and closed hands and tell themselves that this danger doesn't affect them. Instead of helping us, they will most likely say to the synarchists, 'if you want to blow our country up, hop to it, we won't get in your way, nothing works anymore anyway; just tell us when the fireworks start so that we can get our cameras in place and rolling. There is a fortune to be made from selling that kind of footage.' They may also add, 'please give us a week's notice before you blow the country up, so that we can shift our investments out of the dollar and buy derivatives against it, that will make us fabulously rich.'

      "I can almost guarantee you that this will be the type of reaction you will face in the USA today," Ushi added.

      Steve just smiled. "Is this something that makes you afraid? Is this something that you can't handle? Is there anything in that empty scene that you don't know the answer for, to enrich it?"

      Sylvia quietly shook her head and smiled back at him.

      "I didn't say it would be a cakewalk," Steve continued. "I merely said that we can do it. We have everything on our side that we need to succeed."

      "Except money," Sylvia replied.

      "You have enough of that to get yourself started," said Steve and waved a finger at her as if she said something naughty. "The rest will come if you do your job right. Don't even believe that you must fight this fight alone. If you think that way, you deny the Principle of the universality of good that your fight is based on, which would be self-defeating. The truth is, this is humanity's fight."

      Steve began to laugh. "You are not the only human being in the world," he said to Sylvia. "You are fighting this fight in unison with humanity. You are inviting humanity to save its skin. You offer to help, but not to do it for them. Don't deny that every human being has a self-interest in protecting the world that we all share, and our civilization in which we all live and are supported and enriched by. This fight, Sylvia, is humanity's fight. We are merely helping the people to see that. There actually is no other way possible for us to succeed. To be satisfied with anything less, such as shouldering the burden yourself, would be a denial of the Principle that our fight is based on, which alone makes it possible for us to succeed. To deny that would be like shooting ourselves in the foot before the race starts. It's hard to win that way. The principle of universal good is what you'll be running with. Good is universal. It exists wherever human beings live and love and care. It will be expressed universally, and that will carry the fight. I would even say that you should examine your attitude. If you aren't approaching this challenge with joy, rethink your commitment. The fact is, you are going to be involved with one of the brightest features of the human being, which is its generosity. If you present the challenge properly around the world, you will never have to ask another person, 'Is this all what your existence is worth? Is this all what your life is worth? Is this all what our civilization is worth to you, including our world?'"

      "Why don't we just join the leading edge organization that is already committed to this fight?" Tony asked. "Why don't we simply join the LaRouche organization and support their fight?"

      Steve just laughed. "That won't do," he said. "The LaRouche movement is not the end-all. It is the beginning. The simple fact that there are a thousand fascist movements in the world tells me that there are not enough LaRouche movements in the world, because if they were, the fascist movements would not exist. Our commitment must go beyond just joining a movement. Our commitment must be to create thousands of new LaRouche type movements, one on every corner, a million across the world. For this we must create a million new leaders, or several millions, even. For this we have to create a whole new education system on the model of the 14th Century system that created the leaders of the Renaissance. They called this system, The Brotherhood of the Common Life. That's the model. It isn't the task of an education system to stuff a people full with useless facts. It needs to be a system that guides people to discover our common humanity as human beings, to bring out to the full what we already have, to develop it, and to develop an appreciation for it, to make our humanity shine as the precious jewel that it is. We need leaders who inspire people to become human beings. LaRouche has put on the table the model for this development. He never expected humanity to join up and become tag-along followers. He expected to set the stage for an explosive development of humanist movements around the world, even small movements of one person, movements of human beings that bring light into the world. He expected to see a lateral lattice of the type that Helen hinted at a dozen years ago, a boundless lattice of countless, laterally interconnected humanist movements, all illumining the universe with light and love, and truth. That's how I see it. LaRouche never set himself up with a vertical organization that one simply joins. Everything that he created is linked laterally, heart to heart. Whenever he visits a country he leaves a seedpod behind for a new LaRouche organization to unfold. And they do unfold around him. His standard is the human being. No one is greater and no one is less, and his goal for everyone is, as far as I can tell, to become as fully a human being as the divinity of our humanity implies we are able to. Everything that he stands for, stands on that. That is what his name represents to me and many people. And his name will remain synonymous with that, forever. So I say, we have the task before us to create at least a million LaRouche type movements around the world."

      This time, I think, Steve had us stunned. Nobody said a word.

      "If any of you think that this task is too hard, then let me ask you how much you think your life is worth, or the life of your country is worth. Hiroshima was destroyed in the space of a moment. The USA can be destroyed just as quickly. Hiroshima was destroyed by the synarchists. Now the fondi have penetrated their synarchists more deeply into our government than ever before, with the evident commitment to destroy us from within. The synarchists have been brought in through the back door, mostly unelected, and have been placed into all the top-level positions of power. This is the evil that we know, that we can see. The evil that we don't know, that we can't see, is made up of all the synarchist sludge that was dragged in behind them. Even if we get rid of the evil that we know, America remains vulnerable until the sludge has been removed. You can't remove the sludge if you have a population that is mentally in the sewer, which thinks like the synarchists want them to think. You can do this only if you have a population that is deeply aware of the riches and the value of its universal humanity. To such a population that lives in the sun, the sludge will become visible like an ink spot on a white tablecloth. For this we need a society that is universally uplifted by a vast network of new Renaissance leaders. Nothing less will be sufficient. The grave insecurity of our country, as that of any other country in the world right now, isn't a problem that one can shoot at with a single shot, and then go to sleep again. It requires a constant commitment to universal good. The question of they, as related to government, then becomes a question of I: What am I doing to uplift the value of our humanity in society."

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