Sword of Aquarius
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Volume 7 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 10 - The End of History.

      Ushi calmly replied "That's how World War One was set up by the British monarchy. Everybody knows that now. Ironically, they are doing it again, and precisely for the same purpose, and just as it happened then, nobody will recognize the game until long after it's over, provided that there is anybody left to make that recognition."

      "They don't really call it war anymore," said Ross sarcastically, "they call it a policy of preemptive defense. They go in and terrorize an entire nation at will, and destroy it in the name of fighting terrorism. They even provide the provocation themselves. That's called preemptive defense. They give themselves the right to destroy any nation they choose to annihilate, on grounds of their own fears that this nation might become a threat in the future. They are right, in not calling this warfare, anymore. There is no proper word that can describe preemptive annihilation. Insanity is too soft a term."

      "Actually, all of this has happened before," added Sylvia. "It's been happening covertly on a very small scale. Now that scale is expanding as the stakes are infinitely higher for the fondi. That's why the whole process gets blown out into the open in an ever-larger context. But basically, none of that is new. We just haven't seen it on the larger scale before."

      "That's not exactly true," said Ushi. "When the Thirty Years War ended, that actually was a part of an eighty year period of war, three quarters of the population had perished in some parts of Europe. By all accounts, this war was the most destructive war in history. Projected onto the present global scale, the amount of killing that had been unleashed during that eighty-year period would be equal to almost four billion casualties in today's global context. Some cities were depopulated down to a mere five percent of their former population, and some entire areas were totally depopulated and destroyed."

      "We can do the job more efficiently today," interjected Tony sarcastically. "It won't take us more than ten minutes. We can launch a preemptive annihilation of ourselves to save us the trouble of having to fight for eighty years, or a hundred years."

      Ushi protested against this. "This kind of focus gets us nowhere," she replied sharply to Tony. "Our situation is far too serious for us to repeat what everybody already knows. We have to move forward or we cease to exist. The stakes are that high."


      I had been watching Sylvia's reaction while Ushi spoke. The forceful manner in which Ushi spoke had momentarily brought tears to her eyes. I could feel tears myself. Oh, go on and cry I would have liked to say to her, but I didn't. All of us had already suffered far too much from the fondi's already ongoing depopulation game. How much more could anyone take? Still, we had to fight on. From all that I could sense, Sylvia had loved Antonovna and Nicolai and deeply mourned their death. After all, they had been a part of our family for a time and had been taken from us.


      "So, how can we deal with this madness?" Sylvia asked a while later as we made ourselves comfortable on the sand when we felt we had walked far enough. "I think the fondi have revealed their weakest flank by so forcefully reacting to their greatest fear. Their weak flank is the principle of the universal unity of good. We can hit their vulnerable flank by exposing this principle all over the world, beginning in Russia, where Nicolai had thought that the development of it could really take off. Don't you all agree that this could work?"

      Steve lay stretched out in the shade of his favorite umbrella, looking aimlessly into the sky as if an answer could be found there, or could be brought down out of the sky in the form of a script carried by some magical bird that he couldn't yet see. "There is only one way you can exploit the fondi's weakness," he said calmly without changing his position. "It must be done the way my networks had won the war in Bosnia."

      He sat up moments later and said, "There were two factions fighting each other in Yugoslavia, both of which were also at war with the Serbs. Once we were able to convince the two feuding factions that they were purposely set up against each other, by the fondi's crowd, for their mutual annihilation, they stood back, thought about this for a while, and then decided to support each other against their real enemy. That's how the war was won. NATO didn't come into the scene until the war was essentially over."

      Steve reached for the water jug that he had brought and took a long drink. "We have to convince Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Israel, and the USA, to do the same. We must convince them that the confrontational game that they are drawn into by America's synarchists is intended to assure their mutual annihilation. Get them to think about that for a while, and I can guarantee that this will dramatically change the world."

      Steve paused for a minute to let us think about the meaning ourselves, of what he had just said. He took another sip of water. "The fondi will never relent from their objective," he continued. "They will forge ahead with their plans to dramatically depopulate the planet according to their perceived needs, America included. The only thing they cannot do, is force the nations of the world to annihilate each other to fulfill their dreams, and that includes America as well. This final step to self-destruction has to be taken by the nations voluntarily. We can prevent this final step. The nations' voluntary cooperation for their mutual annihilation can be prevented. The fondi may provoke the entire world, and they are very good at this, but they cannot force the world to comply. And this is where we come in. We can make sure that the people throughout the world understand the game that they have already been drawn into, so that they won't comply but raise themselves up as human beings to start a new game in which the fondi's history ends. Unfortunately, before this can happen, we have to rebuild humanity intellect from the grassroots level up. Humanity has been put to sleep, and its intellect has been shut down with an intense barrage of trivial pursuits as in the days of Rome."

      Tony remarked to Steve that he must be dreaming.

      Steve replied, "what I said can be done. It is totally possible. Can you think of any other way?"

      Steve turned to me and asked if I could still remember the Bible story that he had asked me to read a dozen years ago in Leipzig, the one that had been omitted from the Oxford Study edition.

      I remembered the story well. It was the story in which Christ Jesus had refused to condemn the adulterous woman that the law required to be put to death?

      "Remember, we discovered that the harsh law had been politically created to isolate the people at the grass roots level, to divide the indivisible good by force in order to artificially create deep divisions and to establish the notion for people that it the divine will for them to assume the right of ownership over another person at the grass roots level. And as we know, the people did comply, even while it destroyed their very hearts within."

      Steve asked whether I remembered what we had recognized as a probable reason for this imperial notion. He reminded me that we acknowledged that the notion, which had legitimized the ownership of another person, was foundational to the hierarchical power structure of the church and of every dynasty and empire. "That's why this notion couldn't be allowed to be eroded by somebody making a mockery of it, such as by enriching one another's life in violation to the ownership doctrine. They understood that the ownership-doctrine of human beings had to be protected at the grass roots level, if needs be with the death penalty. They had to protect this human ownership doctrine, because it represents the most powerful denial of the principle of the universal unity of good. That is why they were so deeply committed to this doctrine. By the same token, this ancient biblical story also defines our task," said Steve. "We must work to erode that doctrine that the empires fought to protect, and this erosions must occur at the grass roots level. We must fight our war at the same level where the war against humanity had begun. If we do this, we can change the world. If we fight this war with an idea of universal love and universal freedom, humanity will recognize itself as human beings. And it will recognize itself as being victimized. Then, and only then, will humanity claim its freedom and its right to love. If we do this, we will win. It won't take an army of millions of activists to spread this idea around the world. We, who are assembled at this beach are enough to accomplish the task before us, because the seeds for our success are already lodged in every human heart. We may create a movement of millions, or a million movements of human beings. I think we can do this. If we don't acknowledge this possibility and reach for it, we don't acknowledge the principle of the universal unity of good and cheat ourselves out of its rich unfolding as we have done for far too long."

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