Sword of Aquarius
a romantic political tragedy novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 7 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 10 - The End of History.

      "I am convinced that we can win," Steve came back. "We must win. The alternative is unthinkable. And only then, when we have won, can we even begin to think about rebuilding Africa and the global economy. If we don't win, all of these other aspects, as necessary and urgent as they are, will become irrelevant."

      "Can you be effective towards this goal, being hidden away in China?" Sylvia asked Ushi.

      Ushi nodded. "Sure, I can. China is a part of the world, you know. The Chinese people are a part of humanity. As Pete has said, the unity of good is indivisible. It is universal. Still, China isn't the key factor in this context, not yet. Sure, China is threatened like everybody else is threatened. In fact, China is the ultimate target of the fondi. All of its goals are directed against China, because of China's enormous economic development potential that has already been proven is the fondi's real target. But they are not going for it yet. They don't have the means to do this yet. They have to clear the road first. They have to totally capture the U.S.A. first, like Hitler had captured Germany, or wipe it out, which is more likely, as we all know. If America should ever become destroyed, the Arab countries will have no status at all anymore. The fondi will simply steal their oil and divide and destroy whatever still stands against them in the Middle East, in Western Europe, in Russia, and in India as well. Only then, when the road is cleared, will they risk going after China, unless they eliminate China together with the USA in one fell swoop, which they may see to be their best chance. They may also try to draw China into a nuclear war confrontation at the moment the USA is dying on its knees. That, too, is highly likely. It may happen for no apparent reason at all. The fondi have a long history to simply invent whatever reason the gullible public will buy, if indeed they will bother with public opinion when the going gets hot. That is why the fight is so difficult to understand, because the games that are being set up right now in the synarchists' heads are so unbelievable, and probably intentionally so. From a rational standpoint there exists absolutely no valid reason for the U.S.A. to threaten China. But their slandering of China, which has become loud and large, indicates that China is on their target list to be served a death blow in their 'end of history' game."

      Ushi sighed. "China has never been a threat to any of its neighbors. Threatening other nations is not a part of its culture. It hasn't invaded a single country in its entire history. To the contrary, it has been helping many of its neighbors to develop their potential. Neither did China use force to get Hong Kong back. It sat back patiently and negotiated with the British, and waited. Nor did China ever take an aggressive position against the U.S.A.. Until the U.S. synarchists had turned up the heat something fierce against China, China had no more than twenty nuclear missiles as a deterrent, in contrast to the seven hundred China faced on the American side, and those twenty missiles that China had were strategically obsolete. Now with NATO camping virtually at it door steps in Taiwan, China is tragically forced into the nuclear arms race in a big way, contrary to its own cultural heritage. Obviously, the synarchists' provocative confrontation has no other purpose than to precipitously draw China, Russia, and the U.S.A. into a trap that assures their mutual annihilation as functioning nations. When this happens, the whole world will look ten times worse than Africa looks today, if anyone survives at all."

      "Does the Chinese leadership know this?" I asked.

      Ushi nodded. "A few people know this. Steve has been working overtime to alert them. I would say that those few understand the global situation better than the rest of the world does, but those are just a few, and they are strongly opposed by all the saboteurs that have been hired by the fondi to destabilize and disable China from within."

      "This means that we must help those few who are fighting with us," I said to Ushi. "We must help them by getting the nation of China to open its eyes. We must focus on the synarchists' universal war against humanity in all the places where it is not yet understood. We must expose their game. It is only unbelievable to the na´ve. We have to expose what is being played out everywhere in the world. We must make it plain for everyone to see who has eyes to see. If we focus on anything else, I think we miss the fundamental issue and achieve nothing."

      "I agree, this is bigger than Africa," said Tony at one point, who rarely speaks up. "This is global. Unless this gets resolved, the Africa problem won't even make it onto the agenda to be considered, much less become the key focal point. Pete and I have been in Africa. We have seen the disdain in which the West holds the Africans. The fondi are treating the Africans like shit, just as they treat all of South America."

      "I agree, the game that the fondi play is not just a game," said Ross. "It appears to be something much bigger, something like a desperate fight for their survival. It appears that they see themselves cornered on all sides, even while they have the entire world down on its knees. If they are that scared, we must realize that they are also extremely vulnerable, and perhaps much more so than we may think. That means, we shouldn't be scared ourselves at this critical juncture when the opportunity for winning is actually greater than ever before, which their extreme fear indicates. We should be celebrating and martial our resources."

      "Sure, it is never just a game for the great nations to be set up for their mutual annihilation," said Heather. "They may play it as a game, but they are scared of the outcome themselves. To call that a game is an understatement. Nevertheless, the process that they set up seems go ahead. It unfolds with the cold precision of a well-thought-out game. No matter how desperate the fondi are, and no matter how unbelievably diabolical their goal has become, so that they become afraid of it themselves, the process goes ahead as if the plan itself was in control, and the fondi and the synarchists are but bystanders in the wings. They are playing a game they cannot win, even if they destroy the entire earth. All good in the world is rooted in humanity itself. If they destroy that, they end up with nothing. That's what the Romans had experienced after they killed the one man who could have saved the Roman society with the Christ idea of the universal good of humanity."

      "The fondi are actually fighting against themselves," I interjected, "like the Romans did when they killed the only person who could have saved their society from its madness that eventually destroyed it. That man, Christ Jesus, understood the principles that could have saved Rome and uplifted it into becoming the greatest civilization ever. But in their blind fear for their own puny little existence, they killed the man, and with it they sealed their own doom."

      "The fondi are no different than the Roman were," said Ross, still kicking up sand. "That's what makes the whole thing scary. They are crazy and scared. That makes them dangerous."

      "Just think of what must happen the moment that North Korea is hit with nuclear bombs," added Tony. "We Americans boldly tell the North Koreans that they must do as they are told or they will cease to exist. What do you think China's reaction will be when this 'or else' happens right at its border? Will the Chinese stand idly by? Or how do you think Russia will reacts when this happens just a few miles off its border? The Russian people are scared, too, and many of the people who hold the key to power in Russia are irrational as well. Then, when the shit hits the fan and the Middle East explodes from behind, and when Israel the USA and Britain, hit everybody in sight, including Russia's allies in that entire area, nobody can estimate what is going to happen, except that a huge chaos will erupt. And that is what the fondi want. They hope that they can utilize this chaos to re-stage the world to their advantage, like they had always done in the past, though on a much smaller scale."

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