Sword of Aquarius
a romantic political tragedy novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 7 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 10 - The End of History.

      Steve nodded and turned to me and to Ross. "We have no choice in this matter," said Steve with a stern expression. "We have to exploit that great potential that still exists in our humanity throughout the world, and develop it fully, and turn it against the fondi and against the synarchists now, even yesterday if we could, and against everything that denies our humanity. And we have to do this as fast as possible, before the synarchists take whatever final steps they need to consolidate their power as Hitler once did in Germany. Unfortunately, we are in a Catch 22 situation in America. If we make the synarchists vulnerable there, without bringing the world population behind us to destroy them decisively, the synarchists will bring the house down before they give up their power. They will do this. The synarchists are terrorists; the only terrorists; the original terrorists. It has been the fondi's plan from the beginning to utilized terrorism as a platform to build their world-empire on, just as the Romans had done. That is why they lobbied so hard for the development of the atomic bomb and the demonstration of it over Hiroshima. They lobbied for the atomic bomb as a terror weapon, before the atomic bomb even became a technical possibility. I can guarantee you with absolute certainty that the synarchists will use the bomb as they have done in the past, and they will use it against America if we don't stop that entire history of terrorism right now. The synarchists have been bred to be obedient dogs. They have been bred to be obedient to the fondi, even if this goes against their own plans. The fondi will make sure that the synarchists will do as they are told, one way or another. That is why we have to get the synarchists out now, all of them together, from their positions of power, and hit the fondi at the same time, globally. And we can do this. We have the Principle of the universe to build on, which they utterly mock. That will be their undoing."

      "This means that we will have to turn the whole of humanity into real human beings, just as the fondi fear, while we still can," said Tony astonished, "and this with a tight deadline, like yesterday. Maybe, it is already too late for that."

      "Pray that it isn't," said Ross.

       "I am serious," said Ross to Steve moments later. "I am beginning to realize what we are up against, you, me, and all of us together, even the whole of humanity, because they are already doing it on the same huge scale that is equal to the destruction of the whole of America. The synarchists have been doing this for years already, especially economically. They've destroyed Argentina already. They've destroyed Brazil. People are starved to death economically in those countries, as in many other countries, including the whole of Africa. When you have a dying child say to her mother, expiring in her mother's arms, 'Mama, is there food in heaven?' than I must see this death as an act of deliberate murder when this happens in a country like Argentina. Argentina has a population of thirty-odd million. It produces enough food to feed three-hundred million, yet its people are starving to death. As we all know, that sort of thing is happening big time around the world. Still, the synarchists are crying for more austerity, more blood, more genocide. They will never stop crying, and looting, and murdering."

      "You are too kind," said Indira. "You are talking about small consequences. No one will ever know how many hundreds of millions of people have already been killed worldwide as a consequence of the synarchist originated ban of the DDT pesticide," said Indira. "DDT had nearly eradicated malaria throughout the world. Now, after the ban, malaria is back to the tune of hundreds of millions of cases. And all this is done deliberately to kill human beings. Even one of the synarchists' own scientists, one of the people who helped banned DDT, said that the 'only danger' that he saw in DDT, was that it enabled too many people to live. Yes, that is what he said. This ban has killed hundreds of millions of people already, as surely as if the synarchists had bombed them to death. Compared to this single deliberate attack on humanity, which is but one of many on the same scale, the destruction of America would be a relatively small event by comparison. So, Ross, we can't say; will they do it? They are doing worse things already, especially in Africa."

      Indira stopped and began to cry, evidently remembering from personal experience the horrid dimension of what she was talking about.

      "That is also the reason why Africa must remain to be one of our primary focal points," I said to her, and to everyone. "Rescuing Africa is the Strategic Defense Initiative in today's age. We must never loose sight of this necessity, even now while we have much more urgent problems to think about. Our passion for human life, universally, is our strength. The fondi killed Nicolai for it in a most horrible way. By doing this atrocious thing, they revealed a severe weakness in their flanks. Nicolai had already hit them on this, and it had hurt them. We must remake Nicolai's strategic example into our own platform for a global humanist SDI. Nicolai's Africa project must remain a part of it. That's a project that must succeed anyway, for the defense of humanity. So, let's give it a dual meaning."

      Steve reminded us that LaRouche had developed the original SDI concept not merely for the defense of the USA alone, but for the common defense of humanity. "Yes, the fondi and their minions had put LaRouche in jail," he said, "in order to prevent the idea of a real strategic defense from succeeding and spreading around the world. Well, they succeeded in stopping it. We even helped them. I hate to admit this. Society had lost that round. That is why we still have nuclear weapons today and the fondi are still king!"

      "I say that our loosing trend has to stop," I interrupted Steve. "Naturally, they will want to shut our own, new SDI project down, probably in the same manner. They want to shut it down, because our goal is the same. So, let's not allow them to do this. Our goal is the real strategic defense of humanity. If focusing on the rescue of Africa will get the ball rolling big time. Let's do this big time. LaRouche's SDI goal had been intended to be a big time project, to set in motion the joint the development of the global economy, by which nuclear weapons would have been obsolete. Let's take this approach and take it one step further and not stop until the fondi themselves become obsolete. That approach was the key element of LaRouche's SDI proposal, wasn't it? We must be rallying around the same principle and hit the fondi with it, and make our Africa SDI effort a success. I think we can shut the fondi down and save the world at the same time. All that we need to do, is get a movement going in that direction in a really big way. Even the physical means that we require are the same as those that LaRouche had proposed for his SDI. He had proposed the development of new physical principles. His proposal is just as valid for our larger SDI project, especially in regard to Africa; such as the development of nuclear fusion energy systems; high speed transportation systems; continent wide water distribution networks; sub-oceanic fresh water storage facilities that are fed by all of Africa's great rivers. Yes, they had put LaRouche in jail, and they did kill Nicolai, but the SDI concept must never be allowed to vanish from humanity's sight. If we let this slip out of our hands this time, we will not survive long. This is guaranteed. Our first slip-up has cost humanity dearly. If we would let this slip out of our hands a second time, we would have earned the fate that follows. But that won't happen."

      Everyone agreed with that assessment except Heather. "We are not looking at the whole picture yet," she said. "There is more to it. I think Nicolai had hit the empire at a much deeper level than is apparent on the surface. I think he hit them with an 'atomic bomb' that could endanger the existence of the entire global oligarchy, and with it every empire on the planet."

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