Sword of Aquarius
a romantic political tragedy novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 7 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 10 - The End of History.

      Ross turned to Tony after I said this. "Why aren't you protesting?" he said to him. "You have always been quick to ridicule Peter in the past. Why aren't accusing him of fear mongering and conspiracy theorizing?"

      Tony just laughed. "I am a military man," he answered Ross. "I have been trained to profile my opponents; to understand their objectives; to recognize their options; to discover their weaknesses and the strengths; even their thinking. That's what Pete and Steve have done, and Indira. I can see no wild-eyed conspiracy theory in what they said. The synarchists' methods have been put on record by the synarchists themselves. How these methods have been carried out in the past is well-documented history. The large scale murdering of the intellectual elite of Europe happened; the French Revolution happened; Napoleon happened; Hitler's murdering of the Jews happened; Vietnam happened; and the building of the atomic bomb happened. All of these events happened, Ross. I see no theorizing there. The fondi said themselves loud and clear through their mouth pieces that they wanted the atomic bomb built, and that they want to have it built in order to terrorize the whole world with it, to scare the world into submission. Their 'end of history' doctrine is an old doctrine that goes all the way back to Wells and beyond. That's not theory. They said this loud and clear. That's history, too. And we stupid Americans obliged them to built the bomb, and we demonstrated its fury to the world, at the fondi's bidding, that's history also. And when Pete asked you to draw everything together that we know about the most dangerous enemy of humanity, that wasn't a request to theorize. That was a call to open your eyes. How can you fight such an enemy in order to protect yourself, if you don't open your eyes and look him in the face? Steve has done nothing more than that. All the cries about conspiracy theories are designed to keep the eyes of the small-minded people of society tightly closed and their thinking disabled. We won't survive long like that, Ross. The fondi know this. The synarchists know this. That is why they constantly cry conspiracy theory, conspiracy theory, the moment that anyone recognizes their game. That's their way to protect their weak flank. It is a desperate reaction. We should hit this flank with everything we've got, and unmask their game. Hitting the weak flank is standard military strategy. That's what I grew up with, Ross. I am surprised only, that Steve as a physicist, has such a clear understanding of the principles of military strategy; and Pete, too, as a diplomat."

      "Let me answer this," I said to Steve. "Tony, the reason for that is that we are human beings with a mind that gives us the capacity to know the truth, and to see with this mind's eye what remains hidden to the physical senses. That is how we can predict, drawing all the facts together that we know, what the synarchists next moves will likely be. The synarchists' own intentions actually don't matter. They all have to fall into line, one way or another, with the attainment of the fondi's stated primary goal, which is the end of history."

      Tony nodded and picked up a hand full of sand from the beach where we were sitting and threw it into the air. "What the fondi are up to affects us all," he said. "We have to stay their hand, the synarchists, before the actions begin that no one can stop."

      "Do you really think it is physically possible to carry out the kind of a terrorist attack against the United States that destroys our entire country with our own weapons systems, operated by own people?" Ross asked Tony. "You've been in the Air Force. Is this really possible?"

      Tony just laughed. "Twenty years ago that would not have been possible. Such a thing would have been totally unthinkable. We were treated like royalty in those days. We were educated in the academy. We were also given the most fantastic toys that anyone could think of, to play with. In those days it was every boys dream to fly. We were given a chance for these dreams to come true. We were given marvelous machines that could fly twice the speed of sound, and more. Can you imagine what it is like to see an oncoming fighter at this speed. You see a dot on the horizon, and the next thing you know he is behind you. Those are exhilarating games. Sex is nothing compared to that. Our task was to track those fast moving targets in real time, and we were given the most fantastic weapons system to do this with, that you can imagine. We had weapons systems that could track nine targets simultaneously. All we had to do was lock on, validate the target, the rest was automatic. We had all of this before anyone could even think about a personal computer. We had the best the nation could provide, and our job was to protect the best nation in the world. The Soviets would not have been able to send a fly across the border without us knowing it, and taking it out. We were even prepared to take out the Soviets if they had dared to attack our nation.

      "But that was then," Tony sighed. "Now they treat our people like shit. They work them twenty hours a day, impose pay-cuts, and send them out to drop million dollar bombs onto mud huts to kill a bunch of defenseless people. And if the guys screw up under this constant grind, they court martial them. They guys aren't even allowed to complain. Whoever criticizes the system gets a reprimand in the records, or even a dishonorable discharge without pensions. Can you imagine what this does to the morale?"

      Tony explained that if you treat people like shit, they don't give a shit anymore. "This isn't conspiracy theory," said Tony. "That's reality. You asked me if it is possible that our own people will act against us. My answer is, open your eyes. The synarchists already own the government. They are in all of the highest positions. Sure, they can't order an assault against the USA directly, but they are in a position to soften up the ground for this to happen, and they do it extremely well in their synarchist way. They do a much better job than the synarchists did during the French Revolution. During the French Revolution they killed all of the nation's patriots. Today's synarchists do something much worse. They take away their humanity and turn the patriots into potential enemies who are willing to sell their country out for a buck. On this basis they can do anything. Whatever the military can do, the synarchists can do, because they treat the entire military like shit, including the intelligence agencies. Everything is now built on lies.

      "I'm sure the Navy boys get treated the same way," added Tony in a somewhat quieter tone. "If someone wants to reprogram the targeting of a missile, I'm sure this can be done. Our boys on the front line are like naive children in the hands of the synarchists' professional psychological manipulators, especially when the ground has been softened up. And whatever technical information you need to do this, can be bought on the open market. Too many leading edge people have been laid off the by the defense contractors, and been replaced with newer and younger, and cheaper employees. The laid off experts are on the market for hire. All the synarchists have to do is destroy the economy, and they'll have thousands of those valuable resources to choose from. Quite a few of them will help the synarchists without even knowing that they are helping to destroy their own country."

      Tony turned to Ross. "Why do you think the synarchists made it their number one priority in recent years to destroy the economy of California?" he asked forcefully. "I would say the synarchists already have all the resources they need to destroy the United States with its own military might, and that they have the resources to do it from one of our submarines, so that nobody really knows who did it. In fact, it is far easier for the synarchists to get us to do this destruction ourselves, than it is to coerce the Russians or anyone else to do it for them. That's what I think. After all, if you want to destroy the country, the best way to do it, is to do it yourself, and to do it from within. The synarchists have been doing this sort of thing for along time already. It's become a tradition with them. That's how they started the Vietnam war. They tried to provoke the Vietnamese into attacking them in the Gulf of Tonkin to be able to start a war there, but the Vietnamese wouldn't comply, so they did it themselves. They cried, 'we are under attack, we are under attack,' when there was no attack. On the strength of that lie the synarchists got their war started, and after 600,000 people were killed, the lie was casually admitted, almost like a joke, that there had actually been no attack. The Vietnam War escalation that resulted, was a great success for them. It did enormous damage to the American society and to humanity as a whole. Eventually though, they didn't even bother with lying anymore. They just did what they wanted to do and covered up afterwards, and they leaned to cover up better than they had done to cover up their murder of President Kennedy."

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