Sword of Aquarius
a romantic political tragedy novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 7 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

Page 53
Chapter 10 - The End of History.

      "Let me explain this," I said to Ross. "Let me explain this with a question. If you stood in the fondi's shoes today, knowing their objectives, understanding their synarchist policies, how would you deliver the final death-blow to America?"

      "America ARE the fondi," Ross interjected.

      Indira just laughed. "Don't you know anything? The fondi have no nationality, no permanent allies, and no real allegiance to anybody. They only have their objective, their unvarying permanent objective, which is global imperial domination. Whatever resources they require to attain their goal will be taken as a matter of convenience and in whatever form they present themselves. Hitler was chosen by the fondi because he offered to utilize the Jewish people as a sacrificial resource for furthering the fondi's goals. Later they used the Vietnamese people as a sacrificial resource for a similar goal. As I said, they have no national identity. They use whosoever comes conveniently along their way, or can be forced that way, to reach their objective. Evidently, that objective involves the destruction of America. America has always been a sore spot in their eyes as a potential liability."

      "Indira is right, America's possible humanist revival is still the greatest threat the fondi face," said Steve to Ross. "The destruction of America would solve this nagging problem for them, and that could be done easily in today's world, and in a manner that would bring the fondi closer to their final goal, all in one single step. That makes the destruction of America a tragically real possibility to happen, Ross. Keep this in mind!"

      "So, Ross, if you were the fondi, how would you destroy America?" I repeated my question.

      Ross just shook his head. I saw a tear forming.

      "That is serious," said Steve to Ross. "If you understand their game plan, you can prevent it. This means that understanding their best options is extremely important. So let me answer this for you. How would I do it, if I were the fondi, I mean from the standpoint of simple physical science? I really mean simple, Ross, on a level that every schoolchild should be able to understand? Well, the answer is easy. Destroying things is easy. A single missile could easily destroy the entire USA as a nation, which would invariably lead to the destruction of much of the rest of the world. The missile for destroying America wouldn't even have to be a big ICBM. A submarine-launchable missile would do the job; a medium sized one with eight or nine medium sized warheads, perhaps with five to ten megaton yield, each. Nothing big would be required. If the fondi were to target the U.S. Pacific Northwest with that, the USA would cease to exist as a nation."

      "You don't make any sense at all," Ross protested. "I could see some logic in them targeting New York, or Washington, or Miami, or LA, but not the Pacific Northwest. There is nothing there that is of any vital value to the nation."

      "Ross, put yourself into the shoes of the fondi, then you will understand," I interjected. "Their synarchist objective is the 'end of history.' They don't care about physical value at this point. They care about reaching their objective, which they could reach by hitting the Pacific Northwest. If they were to choose that option, which may be the only option they have to reach their goal, they would hit the entire area from Seattle to Tacoma, including the Bangor nuclear submarine base and the nuclear power facility in Montesano. They might even hit Portland the Hanford Works in Pasco. That's our chief nuclear research center and spent nuclear fuel storage depot. Can you imagine what this would mean?"

      Steve stood up. "The entire mess of the evaporated radioactive material, mixed with the evaporated material of all the cities and forests, would be carried eastward by high altitude winds." He gestured the flow of this deadly cloud with arms. "That fallout cloud would be carried across the country in the same manner as the volcanic ashes from the Mt. St.Helens eruption, that was carried eastward, which had blanked the entire eastern seaboard. Only this time the fallout that rained down from it would be deadly."

      "That would make the biggest industrial region of the country, with the highest population density, uninhabitable for a long period," answered Ross in a soft tone of voice as if he couldn't bring himself to say the words that corresponded to his sudden realization.

      "No, it would be worse than that," I replied. "Can you imagine the exploding hysteria that this catastrophe would unleash in the population, even before the fallout gets there? It would unleash a senseless rage and violence that would make any rescue operation impossible. The Jacobin terror of the French Revolution would appear like a child's play in comparison, and Hitler's rampage against the Jewish people would appear like an innocent scuffle. But more than this, the exploding hysteria would open the flood gates to the nuclear destruction of all of the fondi's priority targets, especially Russia and China, and possibly also India and Japan."

      "That would never happen," Ross protested. "No country in the world is that stupid that it would attack the USA. That would be suicide! That's the deterrent why it has never happened."

      "You still can't see the fondi's objective with the eyes of fondi," I said to Ross. "You are making the same mistake that everyone else does. That is why their games are unbelievable to you and to anyone else, even after they played themselves out. Just open your eyes, Ross. As Indira said, the fondi have no nationality. There is no such thing as national objectives in the fondi's world. There are only global objectives. They will use whatever resources they can lay their hands on. They've created numerous terrorist networks and covert operatives that are all offering their services for a few shackles of gold, or for free under religious indoctrination. Without any national allegiance the fondi can choose their terrorists from across the world, as well as the arsenals they want to use. They may well choose to utilize America's own nuclear arsenal to destroy America with. These home grown operations tend to be more easily arranged, and their deeds tend to be more easily covered up. When there is no external aggression involved, the damage control is much more easily accomplished. No foreign country will spill the beans. In fact, if America were to be destroyed by a homegrown operation, nobody in world would suspect this as a cause. People wouldn't believe that this could actually happen. That credibility gap would leave the door wide open for the fondi's synarchists in America, who already are in positions of power, to leash out against every nation on the planet with America's dying breath, possibly even without drawing any retaliatory responses, at least not at first."

      "That must never, ever, happen," Ross interrupted me.

      I reached my hand out to him. "Welcome Ross, to the real world," I said to him. "I think you are finally beginning to recognize what we are up against, what we are fighting to prevent. We are not fighting against terrorism itself, Ross. We are fighting against the fondi and their synarchism that employ terrorism on an unbelievably horrendous scale in the pursuit of their objectives. If we don't win this fight against the fondi, we are as good as dead; and if we don't understand the fondi and their synarchism, we have already lost. Their 'end of history' doctrine implies the end of the United States, and that end is near, especially for the northern parts of it. The American spirit has always been their mortal enemy. Today, they tolerate us as useful fools, tomorrow they'll sacrifice us to further their goal, like the Jewish people were sacrificed, and the Vietnamese later on."

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