Sword of Aquarius
a romantic political tragedy novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 7 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 10 - The End of History.

      Steve pointed out that in the background of this historic failure still another, more horrible synarchist strategy was developed decades later by the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, which may be called the beast-man strategy, a strategy of gore and bestial brutality, to be utilized as a weapon to destroy the human spirit on a vastly larger scale than ever before.

      Steve explained that Hitler's persecution of the Jews was not actually directed against the Jewish people themselves. "The real target of Hitler's persecution was the spirit of humanity that always exists in a human society, which stands in the way of imperial goals. The destruction of the human spirit has always been a priority goal for every empire builder," said Steve. "This is still the goal today, globally, and it was absolutely the goal in Hitler's Germany," Steve added forcefully.

      Steve explained that the Jewish people had merely been utilized by Hitler as a convenient sacrificial target with which to achieve the brutalization of the German society in order that Hitler's big war could be staged, and to some degree humiliate humanity as a whole. Steve explained that this same strategy was later re-applied by the synarchists against the American society by 'utilizing' the destruction of the Vietnamese people for the humanist destruction of America from within, which succeeded.

      "The revolutionary spirit of the Kennedy era simply had to be destroyed, as far as the fondi were concerned," said Steve. "The fondi succeeded with that plan, absolutely. With the Vietnam War the destruction of America was finally beginning to unfold. Vietnam, as a nation already in turmoil, simply became used as a convenient target for the fondi's objective. In this psychological war against America, 600,000 Vietnamese people were used up for this purpose. They were brutally butchered to death in the most dehumanizing manner, as was done again later by America for the humanist destruction of America from within. The fondi's goal then, was essentially the same as when the Christians were ripped apart alive by the lions in the Roman's arenas as a public spectacle. The dehumanization is essential to open the gate to the fondi's larger objective, which was at this time the destruction of Africa, and through Africa, humanity as a whole, on a very large scale. In this context, the half a million Vietnamese deaths set the stage to fifty million AIDS deaths, and there is no end in sight yet. That is how the fondi play their games, Ross."

      Steve pointed out that this third synarchist policy of the fondi is like all the other policies, still being applied. "It remains to be a powerful policy for the imperialization of the world," said Steve. "Nuclear weapons will likely be utilized some day soon in order to complete the dehumanization of society through terror, gore, and mass-hysteria that has already been far advanced. Once the human spirit has been reduced to a sufficiently low level at which the application of nuclear weapons will be tolerated by society without a revolt, then the nuclear weapons will be utilized in a big way to open the next escalation of terror with greatest mass-hysteria ever, and the most brutal fascist domination of the entire world."

      Steve turned to me. "You are right, Pete. I have been too kind to the fondi. The death star incidence was merely a minor reaction in the overall objective of the fondi. I should have pointed this out. It may also have had a wider focus than just protecting the fondi's Africa project. It may be a hint for yet another policy shift to come. We may be getting close to the threshold at which the fondi will feel comfortable to begin the utilization of nuclear weapons. In fact, they have already published their list globally, of the initially targeted nations, beginning with all the big nations that don't have nuclear weapons, who are weak, who can't fight back."

      "Let's not forget that the wholesale depopulation of our planet is still on the fondi's agenda," I interjected.

      Steve agreed. "That's what my friend tells me from within the fondi," said Steve. "They don't know yet to what extent they want to do this. My friend thinks that they will carry the depopulation project to whatever extent is required for them to achieve total and unchallengeable world domination, for all times to come. That's their primary goal. The call this among themselves their 'end of history' project. They mean by this, that the development of the human spirit that has been carried forward through all of history, will be brought to an end forever when their goal is reached. The 'end of history' policy is the fourth synarchist policy that has been developed by the fondi. They don't say much about this policy anymore; neither do they talk about the depopulation project anymore, openly. This doesn't mean that these policies are no longer on the agenda. It only means that there is some opposition unfolding against the method of carrying out their primary policies. There is a growing opposition developing against the timing and the extent of the depopulation policy, even within the fondi. Of course, the 'end of history' policy is still firmly entrenched in their little minds. They dream of an empire that humanity can never recover itself from. That dream still governs their day to day objectives. It is reflected in everything they do. As they see it, history ends when the notion of good ends, as an element of humanity. It is their determination to bring that about. As they told Pete in Venice a long time ago, there exists no power in the world that can stop them. They made sure that such a power could never be developed."

     "So far, their prediction has been correct," I interjected. "We have not been able to even hinder their game one tiny bit. In fact, they are winning against us, big time. Of course, we can declare an end to this history of their winning, by turning the game against them. We have to do this, if we want to survive. Their next target may be the destruction of the United States of America, their old arch enemy from the day the USA was perceived even as an idea. And they will do it most likely with our own help, just as we have always played their game in the past. But why shouldn't we be able to prevent this final assault on us? We may have failed in the past, but the principles of the universe are on our side. The fondi's entire fight has been to nullify these principles in the human mind. We can shift the fight the other way, by refocusing society's attention on its humanity. Our humanity reflects the all-embracing unity of good, the only intentionally created good. There is no good, apart from that which unfolds from our humanity. That good is universal. It unfolds from the divinity of the human being which a universal quality. All civilization is built on the universal Principle that reflects itself as the only source of good in the universe. And that unfolds right here, in us. That is why we will win."

      Ross just laughed. "I can't believe what I am hearing," he interrupted me. "Sure, I have been out of touch with you for a while, but this is truly unbelievable. How can you even imagine that we would act against ourselves to destroy ourselves? That's utterly unbelievable. No one would dream of such a thing."

      "It is intended to be unbelievable," I said quietly.

      "You still don't get it," Indira said to Ross. She had been quiet until then. "If you look at what the fondi are doing from the standpoint of a normal human being, you will never get it. Pete is right. That makes it unbelievable. I had made the same mistake in India. You've got to look at the fondi's game with the eyes of the fondi. You've got to understand their game by understanding their mind-set, because they have no human objective. If you don't do this, everything that they put in your way will be unbelievable."

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