Sword of Aquarius
a romantic political tragedy novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 7 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 10 - The End of History.

      "You are crazy," said Ross. "No wonder they call people like you conspiracy theorists."

      Steve just laughed. "If you believe that," he said to Ross, "then tell me for what reason the very first target city that was hit by the death star. Which was the only city in the world were Nicolai would likely be found during an emergency? Why didn't they target the East coast of the American continents, from Canada all the way down to Argentina, they could have hit big cities like Montreal, Boston, New York, Miami, Sao Paulo, Rio, Buenos Aires. They would have netted a few hundred million casualties in a single sweep. But they didn't do that. Instead, they hit a tiny little place like Murmansk. And even then, they stopped their operation half way through the sweep. Why didn't they go for the full sweep all the way down to Istanbul? So did they stop with Leningrad? The obvious reason was that the mission was accomplished at this point. Leningrad was included in the list of cities to be hit just to make it look good. If they had left Leningrad off the list, someone might have asked why. That's the face of geopolitics, Ross. Those games have been played for hundreds of years, though usually on a smaller scale."

      "Maybe they were after Russia's nuclear submarines, which are based in Murmansk," suggested Ross.

      Steve shook his head. "No Ross, they knew that Nicolai would get the Navy out of port at the slightest sign of danger. That's his job, to protect the Navy. They also knew that Nicolai would not leave his post until it would be too late for him to get away. They profile their targets. They know exactly how their targets behave, and tailor their plans accordingly. That's how things are done in the real world. That's how they sprung the trap on Iraq to open the door for Dessert Storm that has made the entire Middle East a tinderbox. That's the kind of enemy that humanity is facing, Ross. They even used us, cleverly, in their game. They gave us all the necessary information that we needed to track the thing and shoot it down. They made it almost too easy for us. The drop pod in Mexico was put there for our benefit, don't you see. They also gave us plenty of time to locate the pod in Siberia. Everything was made too easy for us. They gave us everything we needed to bring this thing down. It just took a while for me to realize that.

      "Our job now, is to make humanity understand this new enemy, and to understand the kind of games that are being played against it, and to make them realize how difficult this fight is. The fight is incredibly difficult," added Steve with a sigh.

      "That is why even you guys, the most alert people that I know, have enormous difficulties in recognizing the complexities involved," Steve continued. "As for the eight million people who got killed in the process of Nicolai's assassination, the fondi have a word for them. They call them collateral casualties. It really makes no difference to them whether there are a million or a hundred million collateral casualties involved. Why should these little details worry them when their ultimate goal is to eliminate four to five billion people? So, what's a few million? That's nothing. They have said it often enough, openly, that 'really high minded' people don't care about human life and happiness, 'especially that of other people.' That's their attitude. They have been complaining for a long time already that wars don't kill enough people, even big wars. One of the fondi's clan suggested some time ago that a new Black Death plaque should sweep the earth once in every generation. That is why they are restructuring the earth, especially Africa, to create the condition under which this can happen. Do you really think they give a hoot about eight million people? Their goal is to create a planet wide new Dark Age in which their feudal empire will never be challenged again by the Renaissance spirit of humanity. That is what they mean by the end of history. At the depth of that kind of dark age, the very idea of a human renaissance, or human value, becomes irrelevant for all times to come, just as it had been for the thousand years of the fondi-empire's golden period of the dark ages."

      "You are too kind to the fondi," I said to Steve. "They are much worse than that."

      I turned to Ross. "I think Steve is right, your problem is," I said to him, "and you have this problem in common with much of mankind, that you try to understand the fondi from the standpoint of a normal human being. You can never understand the fondi that way. You have to put yourself into their shoes and look at the world with their eyes. The fondi have faced a continuous existential challenge from the Renaissance period on. The greatest threat to their existence as a looting empire is a highly developed sense of humanity in the world. It has always been that. That is what they are fighting against. The Venetians understood this clearly, ever since the Renaissance had nearly wiped them out."

      Steve agreed. "The fondi's response was the development of synarchism, a kind of engineered synchronized anarchism. The Venetian's face of this synarchism was to establish two opposing factions and to set them against each other in a similar fashion as the East/West, or right/left, factional divisions have been created to destroy society today. But the Venetian synarchists failed with that approach. After the Thirty Years War was halted by a paradigm shift that linked the European society back to the Renaissance, a great humanist revival began in many parts of the world that culminated in the American Revolution. This revival of the humanist focus became the greatest threat that the fondi-empire had ever faced. In order to meet this new threat, a new phase of synarchism was developed by them that directly targeted the humanist and scientific elite of society that had brought about the revival of the human spirit. That new synarchist approach was more brutal. In order to squash the revolutionary spirit of society a wave of social chaos was artificially created, which subsequently opened the gate to the most far reaching fascist police state measures ever imposed. The budding revolution that had been unfolding in France at this time, which had been focused on creating a constitutional state, became completely hijacked by the fondi. In fact it was the fondi who created that brutal wave of violence that became the French Revolution that had been quickly turned into a mass hysteria by the fondi, which subsequently opened the gates to the dehumanizing blood-bath in which the nation's leading edge humanist thinkers were publicly eliminated. The dehumanization of the French society under Jacobin terror, which the French Revolution became infamous for, set up the stage for the establishment of brutal dictatorial power that soon thereafter spread its fascism through all of Europe."

       Steve pointed out that this second stage strategy of synarchism, which had been created at this time, is still actively utilized in today's world as a weapon to destroy the republican spirit in society in countless different, and often well-concealed ways. "It is especially heavily utilized against the nation of the USA," said Steve, "but it is also focused against Europe, Russia, the Middle East, India, and China."

      Steve also suggested that this second strategy had failed to achieve the fondi's objective. "It had failed to bring the USA down," said Steve. "Even when the fondi worked overtime to setup a synarchist slavocracy empire in Central America, as a lever to split up the Union and then to take it over by military force, they failed in a humiliating defeat. Russia's commitment to prevent the British Empire from entering the American Civil War on the side of the fondi, enabled the Civil War to be won by America, and so the USA was enabled to endure by the Tsar of Russia."

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