Sword of Aquarius
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Chapter 10 - The End of History.

Chapter 10 - The End of History.

      After Ross and Heather had moved to Mexico, our immediate circle had become noticeably smaller. Tony, Dag, and Al had taken over Ross' monitoring station. Fred became a more frequent visitor after that. He would arrive on his beloved motor cycle that he bought after our return from Caracas. He became rather exited about our plan that we had secretly worked out, to stage a private conference that would bring us all together for a week, to share notes, solve problems, support one another and to explore new avenues for dealing with the growing dangers in the world. We told him that the grand event would be held on Cozumel, Mexico. We told him that we felt that the meeting was needed, since it had become evidently too dangerous to talk openly about the fondi's "End of History" project that was rumbling in the background with ever greater intensity, but wasn't yet promoted openly. Perhaps the reason why one could hear those rumbling actually openly, was that this incredible imperial project had become too unbelievable for people to take serious.

      The death star event, that killed eight million people, had started this official trend of utilizing the credibility gap as a means for covering up atrocities that what would normally cause a public outrage. They called the death star a terrorist act and started a global persecution rampage in its wake, in total contrast to their deafening silence to our pleas for help in bringing the death star down.

      Steve's assessment from China was, that the fondi and their agents worldwide, had taken off their own terrorist mantle and put it on everyone else, while they themselves remained to be the true terrorists, and this so openly that nobody actually believed that they themselves, as civilized people, could be the actual terrorists behind those atrocities. Steve called this new trend their most clever ploy yet, and warned us that this new trend would set the stage for much bigger things to come down the line. He also warned us to be alert of some coming world-shaking events in the political arena that would be staged not for what they seemed to be, but as a diversion. He hinted that he could not say anything more on the phone. He suggested that he might have said too much already.

      Little did we realize that our meeting in Cozumel would turn out to be quite different than any of us had imagined. Indeed, none of us had taken Steve seriously until Ross briefed us a few days before the conference was to begin, about a renewed nuclear encroachment by the West against Russia and China, that had totally altered the strategic landscape of the world almost over night.

      "This is worse," said Ross, "far worse than when Latvia, Lithuania, and the Ukraine were 'accepted' into NATO. Is this what Steve had forecast would happen?"

      We became painfully aware that the new encroachment brought NATO's nuclear forces to within just a few hundred miles of the Russian heartland. A fast airplane could cover this distance in a few minutes, and a missile in a fraction of that.


      Our Cozumel conference, however, became focused quite differently. It certainly started out differently. Without anyone's intent, it became focused on exploring the reasons behind the death star threat, and what could be done to counter the driving force behind that. Unfortunately, Nina had not able to attend. The Iron Curtain had descended once again after the death star incidence, just days before our conference was scheduled to begin. Indira, however, had come, all the way from India. She had come on Fred's invitation by my own bidding.

      It should have been a joyous reunion, with so many of us coming together, but strangely, we didn't feel safe anymore to be seen together, without even knowing why, not even at the beach in Cozumel. There was a great fear in the air. Many governments had become frightened of a threat they couldn't see. Too many civil laws and civil rights had become set aside in this atmosphere of fear that grew like wildfire in the wake of the death star, even though nothing further had yet happened to justify this fear. Rumors had it that people were being arrested in some countries for almost no reason at all, often even outside of their country. The growing strategic fears in the world were suddenly reflected in the form of a growing repression. This meant that we had to conduct our meetings in secret, outside on the beach, far from anyone, where no one could hear us. We pretended as much as we could, to be tourists and nothing more.

      As it was, we didn't have to walk far along the beach to be totally alone. Cozumel was great for that. We chose the same beach that Ushi and I had enjoyed many years earlier. Except this time it would be quite a different type of meeting, less joyous, more overloaded with problems that seemed increasingly insurmountable.

      While walking along the edge of the surf Ross vented his frustration over the utter blindness of much of humanity by kicking plumes of sand into the air wherever the sand was dry enough to do so. Ross lamented mankind's "stupid inability" as he put it, to recognize the contradiction between the fondi's world wide agitation for a nuclear confrontation, and the phony environmental concerns that they put forward at the same time, behind which they hide their depopulation plans. "Nothing is more environmentally destructive than a big nuclear war that will likely end all forms of live on the planet," he said. "A nuclear war does not save the natural environment, but destroys it. The fondi are crazy," he shouted into the wind, "when they believe that a nuclear war can be managed and be contained as a small event. There has ever been a man who could stop an ejaculation half way through the process. That's how it will be with nuclear war. Sanity has to prevail prior to the eruption. But haven't we done everything we could to prevent an eruption? No we haven't. Nothing has changed. Eight million people have just died, and the game goes on. The tens of thousands of nuclear weapons that have been built, are still in place. They stand ready to unleash an ejaculation of death at a moments notice, which becomes unstoppable once it begins. And what is it all for? Who will benefit when humanity dies in this holocaust that it has prepared for itself? Nobody benefits. Not even the crazy fondi will benefit from it, which have created this mess. They only reap their own annihilation, even though they believe they have the resources stashed away to be able to survive. The whole damn world is gone crazy!" said Ross as he kicked up plume after plume of sand. "Damn, this paradox should get people to think," he added, "but it doesn't. It should wake them up, but it makes them sleepier. People should be screaming for their life, instead they sit quiet as a mouse." He took the stick he had found and hurled it far out into the sea with all the might he could muster. "What will it take to break this damn apathy? What must we do, and how?"

      Ross kicked some more sand into the air again. "And why did we let Nicolai and Anton die?" he said to Steve finally. "I feel we didn't do enough to help them."

      "So, that's what his anger was all about?" I thought to myself.

      "What more could we have done," said Heather, who was nearby.

      "Nicolai didn't just die," Steve intervened. "Nicolai was assassinated, and you Ross, are too small-minded to see this. That's the only possible explanation that makes sense. I had spoken with Nicolai many times about this issue when we were working together. He was fully aware of the dangers he had put himself in at the moment he involved himself with the redevelopment of Africa. Africa was slated for depopulation in order that the continent's natural resources could be preserved for the future use of the fondi's emporium. This was the official, although secret, policy of the USA since 1975. Nicolai knew this. He also knew that humanity, as a whole couldn't survive the human devastation that was, and still is, being unleashed in Africa. So, he took up the fight to save us all. He was fully aware that his life might be in danger, because of that. That's why he went on that grand tour, together with some of you, to cover as much of the world in one single sweep as possible, including China and Japan. Nicolai felt that he might not have another chance after that. But he did it gladly, even knowing what dangers are involved. He explained to me that once one finds oneself in this larger arena, ones own life suddenly becomes unimportant."

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