Sword of Aquarius
a romantic political tragedy novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 7 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

Page 48
Chapter 9 - Gethsemane.

      Sylvia had joined our fight for far more concrete reasons, which reflected her conviction that anything short of a wide and open war against the fondi's goals would fail to end their ability and resolve to destroy humanity and to end civilization according to their own publicly stated goal under "the end of history" doctrine. They promoted their vision of a new world in which all prior history comes to a halt, a world ruled by a single, global, world-empire, a modern global Roman empire, a world subdued into peace by terror.

      Sylvia was convinced that the death star incidence would happen again and again in different ways, and ever bigger ways, towards this end of history if we did not overturn that 'end of history' doctrine and the destroyed human identity of the people behind it. She was convinced that as long as the fondi's goal to dramatically depopulate the planet, that was to assure the world imperial dream, remained unchallenged, the occurrence of evermore clever and larger forms of biological warfare, economic warfare, nuclear warfare, environmental warfare, or a combination of all them, would be assured, and so would be the intended consequences until the history of a human world ends.

      In this context, we were all working together. We were bound together by the conviction that no warfare against humanity could ever be effective if we could bridge the self-isolation of mankind by uplifting our common humanity in the eyes of all people as the source of our common universal good, the only source of good in the universe. Even the fight that Ross and Heather had become involved in, was seen by us as not isolated from this context. Everyone's effort towards uplifting humanity seemed vital.

       We also realized that it was urgent that we would win, since a renewed attack on humanity could be started at any time and almost at will. Steve had convinced Ross, before he returned to China after our success in bringing the death star down, that the fondi's geopolitical games were not designed to ever end, but to escalate until the end of history, as they had put it, would be reached.

      "What would hinder them from setting the world on fire tomorrow?" Steve had asked one day. He had cautioned Ross not to forget the often overlooked fact that the fondi have never denounced their long standing goal to massively depopulate the earth towards their new golden age of perpetual feudalism, and that this goal and the 'end of history' goal were intertwined.


      In a way, I envied Steve. Steve had chosen the easiest fight. He had chosen a subject that people at least talked about. As for nuclear holocaust, most people regarded it to be no longer a credible threat after the cold war had ended, or they didn't want it be a credible threat anymore. They had grown tired of, which was exactly the kind of apathy the criminals who planed for this threat, desired.

      Steve had always disagreed with me on this point. He had said that people are not disinterested in what determines their future. He had said that people are too easily induced to waste their energies and their attention in contemplating trivial and inconsequential matters, so that they become bored, burned out, or put themselves asleep.

      "That's what many UN sponsored conferences have accomplished," he added at one point. "Most of them are a total fraud," he said. "For as long as the participants are specifically selected for their commitment to the desired goals, such as to legitimize depopulation or economic devolution, the outcome is assured by the process of selecting the participants. That's fraud! And the greater fraud is that the outcome becomes then paraded around the world as the international will of society. This terrible fraud has created worldwide consequences which are now more destructive than a major war, and may become the precursor of a nuclear war."

      Steve told me that Ross and I were the lucky ones, since we didn't have those fraudulent movements to worry about who are actively engaged in vicious fighting to bring about major depopulation that the fondi have been harping about for years. "Most of them are so blind," he added, "they don't even know what they are doing, but they are committed to it. Now tell me that this is an easy situation to deal with."

      Of course Steve was right, we didn't have any of these hidden factors to worry about. On the other hand, Steve had the advantage that in his particular war, everything was out in the open, while nuclear strategies and the like, are cooked up in secret, behind closed doors, and are carried out at will without even the subtle manipulation of the masses that are commonly used as a pretext for lighting a new fire that consumes the world. It was interesting to explore these differences, even necessary in order to discover the common thread between us all.


      Sylvia also played a dual role. She was actually the real diplomat of our group. Just as Heather's bright smiles and vitality always brought a sense of optimism to our gloomy battles, so was Sylvia's love for us uplifting our hopes and making everyone's work seem more worthwhile and important. She, more than anyone else, became the family link that brought Steve, Ushi, Heather, Ross, Tony and myself into one cohesive whole. On this united platform we had a faint hope to accomplish what none of us could ever accomplish alone. Nor did it seem to matter that most of us lived thousands of miles apart from each other for this common fight.

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