Sword of Aquarius
a romantic political tragedy novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 7 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 9 - Gethsemane.

      Steve called the people who carried out the 'global warming,' projects, the Warming Earth Society, utilizing Nicolai's term for describing all those who promote the global warming myth. He said that the Warming Earth Society was demanding the use of useless alternate energy resources. They fought against nuclear power, the only large-scale alternative to fossil fuels that exists, and promoted windmills and solar cells. Steve was demanding that the fondi that financed them, tell the truth.

      From his scientific background he was able to prove that the entire alternate energy drive was a fraud. The truth was that if one were to cover the entire Sahara dessert with solar cells, the energy output of such a gigantic array would be just barely enough to supply a single city of the size of London. In other words, the entire solar cell energy fantasy is an unrealizable dream. The solar cell energy flux density is minuscule, while the costs are gigantic and the land requirements are prohibitive. In addition, with a simple calculation, Steve was able to prove to his opponents that solar cells are net energy consumers, instead of producers. Meaning, that a vastly greater energy input is required to produce the solar cells, than they ever give back during their life span. And about wind mills, Steve's calculations showed that one would have to cover the entire surface of the earth with windmills, and the output would still fall far short of what is presently required to power a modern economy.

      What angered him, was the simple fact that this monstrous hidden war against humanity was not only tolerated by society, but was supported, and this even in the light of the close call of that near global catastrophe that was clearly just another part of that same war against humanity.

      Steve laughed one day on the telephone, saying that the Warming Earth Society is actually his best ally in justifying China's building of the Three Gorges Dam. It doesn't use fossil fuels to generate energy, or atomic fuels. He laughs and calls it environmentally friendly. In fact, he called the dam project a project for the expanding of life, both with rich energy and with boundless water resources for the development of new agriculture in an area the size of all of Germany. In contrast to that, he called the Warming Earth Society's project that demands a 80-90% cutback in fossil fuel energy use, a project for the forced expansion of death.

      Steve sometimes called the Global Warming Society also a collection of murderers by intend, since their actions are designed to murder billions of people who will no longer be able to support themselves in their deviously imposed energy lean world that their imperial objectives demand. He said, that if the Warming Earth Society were really serious about alternatives to fossil fuel energy, it would promote nuclear power development and the development of nuclear fusion technologies.

      "But its doesn't do that," said Steve on the phone. "Instead, the Warming Earth Society fights the nuclear option even more tenaciously than it fights the use of fossil fuels. It even fights China's great dam project. And so it must," said Steve, "because the fondi are not interested in human life. The imperial oligarchy is interested in creating death by depriving humanity of the only energy resource that society presently has, on which people's living depends until nuclear power replaces fossil fuels as the next natural step forward to a still richer energy abundant world."

      Steve laughed again. "The Warming Earth Society people are fools," he said, "if they believe it to be possible to power trains, trucks, and industries with windmill produced energies, or if they believe that humanity can live without the vast transportation system that transports its food and its daily necessities, and can live without the industries that produce their food and all the necessities for life, all of which require large amounts of energy to operate."

      Steve said proudly that his pet project is to promote the development of nuclear fusion power to assure the continuity of human life. He saw it as a requirement for the Eurasian Land-Bridge development project that is designed to enrich everyone's existence throughout the entire Eurasian continent, and to assure the rescuing of Africa and thereby the rescuing of the whole world.

      Ushi, likewise, had continued her work in China, promoting economic development. She told us that she was finally utilizing her talents as a journalist, "for a great good," especially in connection with the Eurasian Land-Bridge development project that was fast gaining international support. Russia had come on board to support the project, Japan too, even India, and many other Asian nations as well. Ushi told us that she had traveled extensively throughout the whole land-bridge area, including Russia. She had traveled as the unofficial representative of the project, more as a visionary and keenly alert person, than a representative of any specific government project. She told us that she had inspired countless people though her writing, with the substance of their humanity that stands behind all the great projects that were beginning to enrich their life. She called this substance the substance of their love for one another.


      Sylvia and I had committed us to a different fight at home, the fight against biological weapons, chemical weapons, and atomic bombs. We called them no longer indefensible weapons. We called the incompatible weapons, because there is nothing in them that is even remotely compatible with our humanity. Nor are the imperial powers that require them, themselves remotely compatible with a human world and a human society.

      Since there were numerous groups, financial, political, aristocratic, oligarchic, etc., too numerous to count them all, clamoring to use these mass terror weapons for imperial purposes, with all groups ultimately having financial objectives, we called them summarily the fondi. The term was suggested by the fondi themselves as they had used it in Venice. We simply continued to use it. Some of the 'fondi' were the fondi of old, the rich infamous families of financiers, while others belonged to the worlds old and new 'royalty' or would be royalty, each of which had their own goals, but all of which shared a common objective, which was to keep the world's looting empires alive towards their hoped for goal to ultimately rule the world under one single universal crown or world-empire. What a utopian dream that was! Ironically it was being implemented.

      That's what we fought against. No nation, empire, or world-organization was exempted by us from our fight for the universal good that humanity as a whole stood for and represented, especially not the nations who in the past had isolated themselves from the rest of the world by claiming a certain 'legitimacy' for owning nuclear weapons. And the list of those ownership nations was getting longer. We were determined to break the hope of all empires that were aiming to establish themselves as the only ones justified in the world to rule over society, and that included especially everyone who wielded these weapons of terror for the sole purpose of dominating the world. We knew that in order to win our fight we had to overturn the thinking of the entire world on that issue.

      Perhaps my commitment to achieve an honest and intelligent peace reflected in part my commitment to honor Nicolai and Antonovna for their determination to protect humanity and its civilization by fighting for the restoration of Africa that had been looted close to death. We determined that it must never be said that these two heroic people have died in vain.

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