Sword of Aquarius
a romantic political tragedy novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 7 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 9 - Gethsemane.

      "Wasn't this also the ending story of Jesus' struggle in the garden of Gethsemane?" Olive asked. "He was facing his impending execution for his love for humanity, which the people, even his own disciples, had failed to respond to, right to the hour of his agonizing decision. Had the people responded more fully and more intelligently with an understanding of what was involved, his self-sacrifice might not have been required to tell the full story of the principle of universal love and universal sovereignty. But this was not the case. For this reason he chose the bitter path, though he had the power to avoid it, and allowed his execution to begin that would enable humanity later on to come to terms with the principles of universal love and universal sovereignty, even universal life."

      "We can take this higher than that," I replied. "According to religious doctrine, God demanded this of him. I would say that in a humanist sense, his love for humanity demanded this of him, not God. In a scientific sense, it was his privilege as a human being to love in such a manner that humanity would be uplifted for all times to come, by his consummate example with which to illustrate the still higher principle in which the unity of God and man, and the sovereignty of life itself, is defined."

      I suggested that it is the privilege of every human being to reach that high on the scale so that that whole of humanity becomes uplifted by ones effort in life, even if the outcome won't be realized within the span of one's own time frame. "Most people will shy away from this privilege," I added. "And so, they deny themselves the privilege to be truly human."

      "Maybe it was the imagined tragedy of Jesus' ending, and the subsequent triumphant ending of the story of his life, that inspired the form of the classical drama. And, maybe, we have not reached the full dimension of this form yet, in presenting the kind of sovereignty in which love become a supreme privilege for the betterment of humanity."

      I interrupted Olive. "In this case I am basically right," I said, "when I think that our hypothetical story should end with a victory. Because in Jesus' classical drama, love did win its victory. We can write our story in the same manner, ending in a kind of victory in which love itself is sovereign, as a privilege, and remains so even if a person cannot hope to see the rewards of it in his or her lifetime. If the people in our story fight on this platform, for the principles of civilization that the sage represents, then they are not fighting for the sage to become king, nor for his promise for a new world they may never see, but are fighting for the sovereignty of their own humanity and the privilege of their love for one another. This fundamental shift in focus will make a huge difference in their fight and in their readiness to support the sage who then is but an element in the process of their own fight. His fight then becomes their fight, and they will see themselves privileged to have an active part in it. If this is how they will fight for their civilization, their world will survive. Their support for the sage won't even be an open question anymore. And in the process of doing that, they will build a new world for themselves on the foundation of that richer world within that they have already established in their hearts."

      "Do you know what this means, Peter, what you just said?" asked Olive when I was finished pleading my case for a positive ending.

      I told her that I didn't.

      "This means that you have discovered the secret of my loving. You had asked me what my secret is, when we met in the Austrian Alps. But I couldn't tell you then. Remember, I said to you: me, I just love! That was all I could tell you. I think you just discovered for both of us what the real answer is."

      After she said this, she let herself slide deep into the hot bubbling water as if this were a metaphor for our ongoing commitment to envelop one another with the substance of our love.

      I followed her lead. I loved the metaphor, and the warmth that enveloped me, and the bubbles.

      Olive never suggested how the money should be spent that she had collected for me. She had merely arranged for me to have access to it out of her deep, deep love. When I commented on the vast scope of her loving, she actually blushed. Then she replied in the same manner as she had replied in the Alps. "Me, I just love," she said. "That all I can do. That all I want to do. That's what makes my life rich."

      We had begun to work in teams after 'Aquarius.' With the new money at our disposal, holding down jobs was no longer a requirement for any of us. Still, we kept the connections alive. Fred allowed us to keep our positions in an inactive manner. He called us his backup team. In a sense, we became a greater backup team than he or any of us had realized. The reason was that we finally could do what we had felt for some time needed to be done. Fred was with us on that. He had to be careful in the past not to involve us into missions that would have compromised his and our security clearance. Now that we were on our own, we were legally allowed to actually criticize the government openly and snoop into alleys that had been off limits to us before. Often, just a hint from Fred would get us moving in the right direction. We weren't out to embarrass the government, but to uplift society into becoming more seriously involved in its own self-government in order that traitors from within could not longer so easily ride rough shot over the dreams and hopes of society, dreams that had once been taken for granted as a government goal, such as the common welfare of society, but which, as we found out, many people in government now simply laughed about when we questioned them.

      The reality that we saw more and more, was that government had been manipulated to follow an imperial course, which meant that the welfare of society was no longer a concern, but rather a hindrance that the imperials were annoyed for having to work around in order to keep up the image of a concern that really wasn't there. The reality became ever clearer that the fondi had bought themselves a rich resource for their goals, both financially and militarily, with which to carry out their bidding. In other words, our government no longer existed as an institution for the greater good of society, but existed primarily as an imperial tool that was lavishly financed by society, but which fought for goals that were blatantly contrary to the deepest interests of society anywhere in the world.

      To correct this trend, became our chosen objective. Still, we had to stay within the limits of the political concerns that society had become open to, and had begun a fight for on its own. The real issues that we almost stumbled on, that were quietly brought to our attention, turned out to be too unbelievable for anyone to accept as real, much less oppose in a meaningful manner. We felt we could bridge this credibility gap by raising the sensitivity level in society high enough so that the incredible could become credible. And that is what we set out to do.

      Steve had continued his work in China after 'Aquarius' had been destroyed. He had become famous in China as the chief organizer of the by then worldwide opposition to the 'global warming' myth that he compared to the ancient Greek mythology that had kept the people under a spell of impotence for centuries. Steve loved to prove to anyone who would listen that the hyped up global warming scare had but one single goal, to destroy the economies of humanity by imposing murderous energy deficiencies, since energy is the key component of any economy. Strangely, very few people were able to recognize this obvious fact. Only occasionally, when some gasoline pumps ran dry because of artificial shortages for price gauging, did a few people wake up, momentarily, and a very few of those actually stayed awake.

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