Sword of Aquarius
a romantic political tragedy novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 7 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 9 - Gethsemane.

      We saw swarms of sea gulls, two ravens circling overhead; an eagle could be seen slowly riding the winds above a cliff. I told Olive that there were times when I envied the birds that were so blissfully ignorant about the momentous movements of our time that had nearly destroyed the whole of humanity, which also gave us a small victory that had protected the world.

      "But has our world really changed?" she asked.

      I hugged her tight to me as we were standing at the ship's railing, looking at the islands that drifted by, as it were. She felt as warm and soft, and cuddly, as she always had. "No, our world hasn't changed," I said to her. "But the larger world has changed. Something had been set up to terribly hit a whole lot of people, but I think we spoiled their plan. A lot of things have changed. I can't deny that. The world has suddenly become flooded with a wave of fascist actions; fascist terrorist actions; fascist laws; so much so that no one is save anymore, anywhere. In a few countries one can even be arrested and put in jail, or in a concentration camp, not for what one has done, but for what one might do some time in the future, and the burden is on oneself to prove them wrong. They can even put one in jail, or in a concentration camp, for belonging to an organization that the government doesn't like. We haven't seen anything like it for over a half a century, ever since Hitler was shut down. Now it is all coming back, globally. Yes, I would say that our larger world has changed."

      Olive shook her head and told me that I was mistaken. "No change has occurred that deviates one bit from the imperial objective," said Olive. "Everything is still on track. What you have seen, and been involved in, falls into place along this line of the fondi's permanent objective. Nothing has been done to my knowledge, anywhere in the world, to tear up the fondi's agenda; to change their objective."

      I protested gently. I told her that we had made a difference. We had forestalled a terrible tragedy, we brought down the death star.

      She shook her head again. "You were set up to do what you did, and you did it heroically, as you were supposed to."

      I protested again.

      "No, Peter. Just ask yourself, why was Nicolai given access to the missile field's security data? That's way out of his jurisdiction as a naval security chief. That stuff doesn't concern him. And why did Koldunov help him? These people hate the armed services. No Peter, the Death Star was an inside job by some high level rogue elements. It was a self-provocation of some sort, by some government or world-organization, to push the nations of the world more and more into a global world government apparatus that dictates by fascist force how the people of the world are to dance. The death star was a depopulation weapon alright, but not in the way you see it. It wasn't meant to depopulate by means of a virus, but by means of a globally enforced abject poverty. A virus is too risky. Poverty is a powerful weapon for depopulation by 'decivilization.' It is far more effective in that, and more easily targetable."

      "No!" I protested again. "That can't be right."

      "Oh Peter, give yourself a week," Olive replied gently. "Step back from what you have been involved in. Try to see the whole picture. If you're in the forest, you can't see the forest for all the trees. All you see is trees."

      We checked into the Chateau Victoria at noon. We got one of the top-level suites on the twenty-second floor, just below the Parrot House Restaurant. But that's not where we ate lunch, or had dinner that night. We ate at a quaint English restaurant near the harbor. Steak and Lobster was on the menu, and a light Pinot from a local vintner located in an area called the Okanagon. The decor, of course, was all English. The waiters were 'proper,' as if they had just been imported from "jolly good England, the land where the 'proper' people love to arrange a few jolly good wars to spice up the empire."

      That's how Olive had put it. Of course, she didn't have to tell me. My experience with the fondi in Venice, during the SDI cancellation, hadn't been forgotten. I told Olive what the fondi's people had spelled out to me as their permanent objective, their most secretly cherished plan, their plan for breaking up all the major nations in the world, which they called empires, which they said have no basis to exist.

      Olive just laughed and told me that the people of the fondi hadn't revealed their secrets at all. "Their permanent objective lies elsewhere," she said. "But you can't see that yet. You've got to step back, Peter. Set your mind free."

      She paused, then smiled. "For now, let's focus on dinner," she added, "and on wine, and on love."

      For this change in focus, I didn't need a second invitation. I realized that the only thing that could have spoiled our time together, was some ugly political talk, and that was now suspended.

      After our dinner, our wine, and our dessert were all history, we drove a few blocks to Beacon Hill Park, to take in the sunset. From a park bench high above a cliff at the Strait of Juan de Fuca a sweeping view opened up before us, of the entire north shore of the Olympic peninsula.

      "Is this was you meant by stepping back, to gain a wider view?" I asked. Below us, at the shore, a pebble beach stretched out into the distance as far as one could see.

      "Are you now beginning to see the seashore?" Olive asked a while later. She interrupted the romantic mood that was developing there, at the edge of the sea, with the sunset unfolding. "This is also how you must look at the world. You have to look at it from a higher vantagepoint. From the mountaintop, as it were. And what do you see? You see H. G. Wells arguing for a global world government. You see Bertrand Russell arguing for the same world government, but one that is held together with the terrible threats of the atomic bomb. You see Hiroshima and Nagasaki, as a demonstration exercise to entice the nations of the world to give up their sovereignty to a global world government. There was no military need for the atom bombs to be dropped," she added.

      "Then came the cold war that no one was allowed to resolve. It was supposed to have caused a major catastrophe, but that didn't happen, luckily, not even on the smallest scale. The slightest nuclear hiccup would have opened the door wide to a global world government. In the background of this world government, world-population reduction would be enforced at the empire's will.

       "That's probably the real hidden reason why the fondi are crying so loud for a global world government. They want to be able to enforce their genocide without resistance. But since the cold war nuclear weapons standoff has failed, the fondi changed the game and hijacked humanity's environmental concerns. They hijacked it in order to create a different avenue to push for their coveted global world government. On this platform their goals will be pursued, of forcing the global shutdown of some of the most useful chemicals and processes invented by the genius man.

      "The global warming scare falls into this category. Just look at this scene and listen in the background. The ultimate focus of this scene is put on creating a global world government with real enforcement powers, and that means fascist powers. That's the platform on which the empires are able to exist unhindered, and carry out their looting as Rome once did.

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