Sword of Aquarius
a romantic political tragedy novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 7 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

Page 39
Chapter 8 - Aquarius Rising

      I raised my hand to interrupt her. "You won't need to fight the church if you begin by explaining the principle involved and its imperative for enriching human existence. You might even add that the unfolding of this principle would also enrich the image of the church. Whatever enriches mankind will also enrich the church. Your priest might understand what is involved, and respect you for your commitment to a fundamental principle that presents great challenges but also great blessings."

      "Pete, this is what Ross is trying to do," answered Heather, "though it appears to me that he may be declaring nuclear war. This deep reaching challenging of the church might put Ross into danger."

      "Do you think Ross can't handle this, under these circumstances?"

      Heather nodded. "Still, Ross thinks he can do it."

      "If he thinks he can do it, then he must be thinking about the platform of our first line principle: to enrich all mankind, and to injure none. Nothing will be achieved on any other platform. Surely, Ross knows that. That is why he is committed."

      "Do you think it is really possible, Pete, to convince the priesthood of the world that a wider perspective enriches the church and everyone associated with it?"

      "Actually, I don't think so," I said. "But you must try. Maybe you will find a half a dozen people with a wide enough vision that are willing to help enrich the church. This may be enough to get the ball rolling."

      "So, you really think that this battle can be won?"

      "Of course it can be won," I replied. "The principle for it has been laid out in Scriptures. I recall a story in which Abraham argued with the Lord over how many righteous people would need to be found in Sodom and Gomorrah for the cities to be save from destruction. The Lord suggested fifty would suffice, but Abraham suggested lower numbers, maybe forty, maybe twenty, maybe ten. The Lord agreed that the cities would be save if ten righteous people could be found in them. Maybe ten is all that it will take to save the Church?" I said to Heather.

      "So, you think it can be done?" said Heather astonished.

      "Of course it can be done. Do you need my help down there?" I asked.

      She just laughed in reply. "I've come up here to help you. Tomorrow we will both go together to Washington and to New York, and after that to the Vatican, itself, didn't you know that? Didn't Fred tell you? Who would be more qualified to drive this project forward, than you. Who understands the underlying principle better than you do, and you are a trained diplomat at the same time? I'll come along to help you!"

      Well, what could I say? I asked Tony to arrange a ride for us with Puff the Magic Dragon, to Washington, New York, and the Holy Sea. Tony just shook his head, but answered that the Dragon would comply as Heather had requested. So off we went, by car to Washington, since Puff was too busy, and from there to New York, and from New York, by the grace of Puff, to Italy, to meet with representatives of the Pope.

      I expected a stone cold rejection, even a hostile response. After all, we were proposing that the church must overturn its sacred marriage boundary mythology that makes a person blind to all the flowers in the garden, except one, and isolates it from the rest. I was fully aware that this narrow focus in all things is required to safeguard doctrinal religion. I knew that the church was aware of this too, and had to protect its foundation at all cost, since it invented it in the first place many thousands of years ago. I countered the church's position with every argument that Steve had brought up in Leipzig, when Steve felt that this narrow minded perception needed to be addressed to enable him to enrich my life.

      As it was, we received a remarkably warm response for the circumstances. Some of the people in charge recognized that we were making a proposal that would greatly enrich the church and revitalize it. Some, even understood that the church's cooperation with this project is a vital factor in protecting civilization. They agreed with everything we said until it came to the need for implementing our proposal. They shrugged away and said that if this proposal were to be implemented, it would instantly unravel centuries of preaching. It would put the very authority of the church into question.

      "So you say: To hell with humanity," Heather replied whenever this argument came up. She always spoke gently, though. "Are you telling me that the welfare of humanity is not important when progress requires that the church becomes honest with itself?" She never got angry.

      She told me that this question created a paradox for them that the church officials would have to deal with, one way or another. She told me that she didn't mind a bit that our meetings were always terminated at this final point before a breakthrough could be reached. She didn't see this as a defeat. She predicted that our success was inevitable, because the paradox that we created had been implanted into their mind which "will gnaw on their soul until it is resolved," she said.

      We went to many churches in Mexico after we returned from Italy, with Ross joining our team. A short time later, Ross and Heather carried on the work by themselves.

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