Sword of Aquarius
a romantic political tragedy novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 7 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 8 - Aquarius Rising

      "The acronym HAARP stands for, High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project," Ross continued. "Passive research is when I look you in the eye to observe your reactions to the world around you. Active research begins when I take a stick and poke you in the eye to discover how you can scream. That is what HAARP does to the ionosphere that surrounds the Earth. It pokes it with a billion-watt stick to discover how it squirms in the heat of this power, and what one can do with it. HAARP uses the squirming ionosphere to reflect a follow-up power beam into the Earth to make the tectonic plates sing and  squirm, and the Earth tremble. That's 'active' research, poking the planet with a big stick to see how it reacts. It's the same kind of 'active' research that one of the British agents who controlled the Vietnam War referred to by saying, 'What interests me is what one can do with power.' To this man the war was a game for 'active' research. When in adds factors of political timing to the HAARP's active-type research, the concept of 'active' research expands even further. For example, in July 2007, the infamous month in which the empire's finical cesspool began to break open. The masters of empire were furious and scared. In order to save its pitiful existence the empire wanted to cease control of Japan's national financial system to privatize it, so that it could use it to prop up its dying junk heap that was collapsing and thereby save the empire from its own mess. Japan refused. Consequently Japan was threatened. It wasn't threatened with a gun, but with the earthquake machine. Japan still refused to yield. Three days later Japan was hit with a big earthquake right under its biggest nuclear power complex that is also the world's largest. It was hit with two separate quakes half a day apart. The message was then understood.

      "Then another deadly thing happened a year later. The military government in Myanmar published a roadmap towards elections in two years time. This was too far distant for the empire to wait for. Its house was crumbling. It was crying for war. It was agitating China. It wanted to start chaos now, and to get at China the empire wanted to get control of the famous Burma Road into China. And so a huge Category 4 Typhoon, the worst in Burma's history, was set off by the HAARP that is designed also for weather-warfare. The chaos that resulted killed 100,000 and left half a million homeless. The crisis was intended to open the door for the empire taking the country over. The empire even cried for an invasion of the crisis ravished country. This time the game was soured with the help of some courageous patriots.

      "Then less than a month later in the same year Russia, India, and China dared to form a defensive alliance against the empire's insane political strategies, war threats, and economic attacks. Guess what happened then. Two days before the formal conference for this alliance was held, China, which become a formidable economic power by then, was hit with the largest earthquake in the world's recent history, a 8.3 magnitude quake. The quake happened two days before the conference was set to start. The HAARP sang in a big way that day. Evidence has been photographed of aurora-type patterns in the sky near the quake area that could be clearly seen in broad daylight. Imagine, an aurora in daylight and far from the poles! The empire sent its message loud and clear. Nevertheless the alliance wasn't scrapped. It couldn't be scrapped. Too much was at stake for the remaining free world for this conference to be allowed not to succeed. Thus, the last remaining free nations that could stem the empire decided not to capitulate. They stood their ground and went beyond all expectations. The empire flipped out of their skin and the HAARP sang again. Two weeks after the first quake the earth shook again. Aftershocks don't happen, delayed for weeks. In China two more large earthquakes struck after two weeks of silence. All in all, 70,000 people were killed, 300,000 injured, 420,000 houses were demolished in the second set of shocks, 4 million were made homeless in total, and all of that just to make a point. Now we face the empire's escalation. This time 8 million lie dead, and we don't even know what the point was for which the horror was unleashed. In 2008 at the FAO conference in Rome the world had put the empire on notice that its burning of mankind's food for ethanol is not acceptable. The empire remained intransigent, but it was served this notice by the world that this empire game will stop. In fact the empire was served notice that it will be brought down, never to rise again. This writing was on the wall, as faintly as it was written, it marked a turning point. Maybe what happened in Siberia was the empire's response. The rulers of empire are scared. The empire's financial house of cards can no longer be propped up by any means at its disposal, short of taking over the whole world. Towards this goal the empire has long ago created itself a new triad of new forces that it is now deploying in full. One of these forces is the HAARP, the earthquake-and-weather-warfare machine. The empire's food-warfare for famine, and financial warfare for poverty and depopulation, all fall into this category of the blackmail-type weaponry. The second category of the triad is the diabolical radium weapon that kills forever, the DU-weapon that pollutes the global atmosphere with deadly alpha radiation. This category supersedes nuclear war. The third category of the triad is the empire's commitment to biological warfare. That one has long been talked about and been prepared for. It has been tested with AIDS. The potential for devastation that this weapon is capable of, is worldwide. It is perhaps even more deadly than the DU-warfare is, except its effect won't linger on for 4.5 billion years as the DU-warfare would. So, are we surprised that what has happened in Siberia has actually happened? I think it is surprising that it didn't happen sooner, because nobody cares about human life anymore in society, and the principle of universal love is deemed a villain rather than the light of mankind."

      Heather answered that she had recognized this trend, too. She also added that I have missed one important element that may be the key element that could turn the whole thing around if it itself could be turned into the right direction.

      "And that is?" I asked.

      "You tell me," she replied with a grin.

      I shrugged my shoulders.

      "It's a powerful element in the entire Spanish speaking world," she added, "but it is not exclusive to it or Mexico." She hinted that it had something to do with her marriage.

      "You mean the Catholic Church?" I asked.

      "Right, Pete, the church is the world's most powerful motivator for narrowly confined perceptions," she said and punched me gently, adding, "I wonder what our most holy priest would say when I told him I was going north to have sex with a friend for a week or two, and that Ross didn't have any objections?"

      "This would devastate him," I suggested. "He might revoke your marriage or annul it as a mistake."

      "That's just the problem, Peter, we can't do this," she replied. "We can't fight this thing by creating a war over it. Nor can we walk away from it, like we walked away from the public hearing for our nudist beach permit. We were able to walk away, then, because we no longer had any need for such a permit. This time we need the church to help the people to expand their mental horizon."

      "You have to change the church, first," I interrupted.

      "Of course we have to. We can't walk away from it, no matter how much we may wish we could. But how do you fight the church, to get it to fundamentally change itself?"

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