Sword of Aquarius
a romantic political tragedy novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 7 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 8 - Aquarius Rising

      Fred gave us the requested twice-a-year Cozumel Summit, as Steve had called it, who had also recommended it, so that even those minute failures don't happen anymore either.

      I suggested to Steve that we also invite Olive to our Cozomel event, which I did. But Olive declined.

      "I don't care much for formal events," was her reply.

      Her suggestion was that we should meet privately as often as we needed to do so. She suggested that we meet in the Alps again in the summer; or in Italy in the winter; or wherever it would seem right to meet, and whenever there is a need for it. She said that we should feel free to contact one another whenever such a need arose. For the time being, she suggested, there was no need for it. "But when there is a need, by all means, let's get together, and let's do it privately as in the past. Privately, we can accomplish more," she said, "that's when our unity and love is the strongest. Marriages don't work by committee even though encompass the whole of humanity. They are private affairs. Our marriage was like that even in Sukhumi, regardless of the fact that I had an entire symphony orchestra playing our tune. Afterwards, we had our little ceremony, to confirm to one another twelve years later in the privacy of that tiny chalet in the Alps, what he had already established on the universal platform. We can do this celebrating again and again, whenever it appears to be appropriate. And why shouldn't we, life goes on, Peter, while we keep the world steady in its course?" she added and laughed.


      As it was, we kept our promise to each other. We decided meet again a few months down the road. Fred was in on the planning. With help, planning for the Cozumel conference was officially drawn into the foreground. Everyone became involved except Olive. Still, just talking to Olive had left its mark. I could see a difference in myself, just from knowing that this love that had unfolded was destined to continue and unfold evermore.

      Apart from that, everything remained rather normal on our rock by the sea, with the exception for a few small changes. Heather and Ross were married a month after our victory over the death star. This happened shortly after my first meeting with Olive under our higher commitment to life and to one another.

      The marriage of Ross and Heather happened spontaneously one day during their own tour through Mexico. They simply remained there and got married. I had hoped that something like that would happen. They were married quite early during their tour, in a small Mexican town, and in a still smaller church, by a priest who had learned to recognize and acknowledge the beauty of humanity, and the beauty of life. No one had been invited to the ceremony. Heather explained later via a post card that they regarded their marriage as a totally private commitment with a meaning that pertained only to them. It was built on all the honesty, affection, love, and respect that they had established between themselves over the years, that concerned no one else.

      They returned a week after their wedding to collect their belongings. But soon thereafter, Heather came back for a visit, alone, complaining that the place where they now lived was a beautiful spot, but dead in real terms. "There is nothing moving there," she said. She referred to it as a fate worse than being sentenced to the Admiral's garden party. This comparison had become a cliche' by then. "I want to come back, here," she said, "but Ross insists that if a country is dead, the worst thing that one can do, is walk away from it. He said it needs to be brought to life. But how? "Actually, the place is worse than dead," she added. "There are a lot of terrorist actions going on, and nobody cares. People get killed, and nobody objects as if none of that is real."

      "Welcome to the wider world," I said, and hugged her. "But you are liar," I added, "because you care, and that makes a big difference. As for the rest, how can you expect them to care? Most people don't live in the real world, especially in Mexico. They weren't allowed there.

      "Most people around the world see the world with a very narrow perception," she continued. "Their perception is as narrow as the vision of a married man who lives in a garden filled with a profusion of flowers that you told me about, but has been conditioned to ignore all of them, except a single one. How much life is there in this?"

      I didn't answer, but nodded. This saying had become a cliche by then. I suggested, however, that the story was directly applicable to the larger sphere. I suggested that terrorism exist in a political world wherever narrow perceptions reign.

      I asked her to take a good look at what has been happening on the front of terrorism over the last century. In the USA the Ku Klux Klan tarred and feathered the Negroes and burned them on the cross. In central Europe Hitler's police marched into villages, towns, and cities and rounded up the Jewish people and shot, gassed, or burned them. In North Africa, terrorist gangs frequently drove together several hundred people at a time and disemboweled them alive, on the spot. In Russia, Stalin's gang killed several million of the Soviet Union's most able farmers, by starving them to death. In Japan, at the end of the war, several hundred-thousand defenseless people were put to death by the mightiest military force in the world in an act of genocide that turned out to be nothing more than a terrorist rampage of immense proportions, designed to demonstrate the fury of a new super-weapon. In the African Congo, mercenary armies paid for by western mining companies went on a similar murdering rampage that killed well over a million people of ethnic minorities. Other terrorist rampages could be seen in the Balkans, paid for by the West, and endless terrorism in the Middle East, which is not allowed to have any peace.

      "Terrorism is not something that is unique to specific nations, or cultural backgrounds," I added. "Terrorist actions are perpetrated by people of every nationality and cultural background there is. Terrorism happens wherever a people's mental focus is narrowly confined by crafty people, with lies stacked upon lies that take away a people's humanity and put in its place narrowly focused ideals that have nothing to do with reality. The result is the kind of narrowly bound focus that supports such notions as that it is a greater evil to kill a dog than to kill a 'Nigger,' or a Jew, or a 'Jap', or an Albanian, or a Hutu, or a Palestinian."

      "Look, this started long ago," said Ross. "It started when the USA was born. Ever since America was under attack, and with it civilization, the empire tried to use slavery as an issue to break the Union, but it failed. Then they tried to break the USA by grabbing hold of its financial system. They stole it from under our nose with the Federal Reserve Act on Christmas Day in 1913. They succeeded with that after 130 years of hacking away at us. And even for that they had to hack their way in through the back door. There was strong opposition in the country to us handing our currency and credit rights over to the private empire. Among that opposition where powerful people, including some of the richest of the rich, like John Astor, the man after who the Astoria Hotel is named, and Mr. Guggenheim the famous industrialist, and also the owner of Macys's Department Store chain. They all stood in opposition. But they were too big to be simply bumped off like President McKinley was bumped off. Nevertheless the empire had its ways to deal with that. The three big men were one by one lured onto the maiden voyage of the Titanic, and then the ship was sunk in an ice field in the North Atlantic. It was sunk on the anniversary date of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln in case anybody didn't get it: Resistance if futile! The Federal Reserve Act was promptly passed. This pattern was repeated many times. When the empire was in trouble financially in 2001, it blew up the Wold Trade Center and in New York. The whole world knew that this terror act signaled once again the start of a New World Order in which the empire tolerates no resistance. Then in 2004, when Indonesia didn't get the message and kept the Strait of Malacca closed to the empire's war machine and didn't sign on with the war of terror, the empire's HAARP was made to sing. It triggered an earthquake, the largest ever recorded at 9.3 magnitude. It caused an immense tsunami in which 150,000 were killed in Indonesia, and tens of thousands in India and Sri Lanka and 1.5 million people were displaced. Indonesia got the message and complied. The HAARP sings a deadly song. It is a weapon of mass destruction. It is controlled and played by the empire. The American people only pay the bill, like in many other cases.

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