Sword of Aquarius
a romantic political tragedy novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 7 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 7 - In Denial of the Truth.

      "What's so funny?" Anton inquired.

      He laughed again. "The funny thing is," he said, "that our society is totally disinterested in the reality that is right in front of its face, even it this threatens its existence, but it wants to know every little detail of what it can't see. This means that Erica was right about her flower garden story. There is no one in Russia who has the ability, or the inclination, to look at the whole thing and to look a the world as whole. Most people, with their narrowed down minds focus on something that doesn't even exist. They focus on a mirage. And our state security people, who are trained to have narrow minds, will poke at you until you show them what they want to see, even if it is a lie, or they will drill it out of you regardless whether or not they kill you in the process. Their minds are so narrow that they can't even evaluate what they are after, in comparison to a person's life. Just imagine what life would be like if we gave ourselves the chance to be an honest society!"

      "Never mind this. Tell us what you think about the virus," Anton interrupted his little speech.

      "That's what I have been doing," he said gently, with a worried expression. "This virus is deadly from what you are saying. It appears to be a part of a weapon designed for a full-scale attack on humanity. If we lived in an honest society we would have known already for two weeks what we know now. We have lost two weeks. This is a huge amount of time. This loss may make the difference between life and death for millions."

      "Do you agree that this came from space?" Anton asked.

      He nodded. "The question is, how are we going to tell the world?"

      "No, the question is, what are we going to tell the world," said Anton. "This was obviously just one capsule of many, launched from space, a kind of test device."

      "One of a thousand, more likely. The rest are still up there. We don't know many," Nicolai replied, "but there will be many of them. We have only one option; the mothership, this death star, or whatever it is, has to be destroyed in space by an atomic blast that vaporizes everything. What's up there can't be allowed to enter the atmosphere. But that won't be easy. We don't even know where it is. Whoever created this thing, created the perfect weapon. This thing is more deadly than a nuclear bomb, but it doesn't have the same stigma attached than a nuclear weapon. If those canisters were all nuclear bombs, the whole world would go berserk and do something about it. But this is only a biological weapon with an unproven effectiveness, and no concrete prove is available for its existence. So, who would even believe us? And on top of all that, we aren't allowed to talk about it under orders from the highest levels."

      "Could this have been one of those infamous weapons tests that we are conducting all the time, like for a new weapon that we, or someone else, may be developing, that simply drifted off course?" said Anton.

      Nicolai shook his head. "This thing was right on target and fulfilled its mission," Nicolai replied. "It was a test, alright, as far as I can tell. As you suspected, the object of the test was to determine whether the poison would be harmless to animals. Your problem is that you can't face up to what you already know. You are in a state of denial. You have seen the thing, and you don't believe what you saw, because you don't want it to be true. This type of denial has crippled humanity. You know what you saw is true. You saw it yourself. Let's stop pretending. Let's look the thing in its face, fearlessly, and determine where it's at. Then, it can be shot down."

      "There was someone new at the base, two weeks before us," said Anton to Nicolai, "who had been overly concerned with monitoring the health of the animals. This means, the thing is known to people in high circles. They had known about it for two weeks, and evidently they had known the danger it presents. The question is, why is it kept a secret?"

      "No, the question is, who can we trust to tell this to, to get the problem resolved before it is too late?" said Nicolai. "Let's not waste our time with speculating why. Let's get the problem resolved. Knowing why doesn't help us to do that. Most likely this was created by one of the many organizations of the Earth Liberation crowd. The earth has cancer, and that cancer is man, right? How many times did you hear that? There are people out there who have spent huge sums for decades to develop this kind of biological agent. It looks like one of them succeeded. If people throw enough money at it for a long enough period, someone is bound to succeed sooner or later. It looks like they also succeeded in paying a few people off to keep this thing under wraps. The only question is who?"

      "Maybe we should just blow it out into the open and see what happens?" I said to Nicolai.

      "...and endanger the life of everyone?" Nicolai interrupted and shook his head.

      "Our best approach may be to do this ourselves," I said to Nicolai. "Let's analyze all known orbital paths and see if we can match one of them to the site and the time when the object was tracked during entry from space by you monitoring stations. Except we will need help with this?"

      "My theory is that this wasn't launched by the royals," said Anton. "The royals maybe responsible in some way, but it wasn't carried out by them. Contrary to all their hype about the environment and wildlife, they don't give a damn about animals. But there are a lot of smaller organizations in the depopulation arena that actually do care about animals. They may have created the weapon that the royals probably paid for in a round about way. This means that the opposition in high places may be paper-thin. If we push hard enough we may break through to someone who can help."

      "And risk ending up in jail over it?" I replied. "Then no one will carry the torch until it is too late. We have to do this ourselves until we have the orbit established. Then we have evidence."

      "In this case," Nicolai interrupted me, "is there anyone we can we trust in America to help us?"

      Nicolai talked with Anton at length, exploring several options, getting their own U.S. contacts involved.

      I interrupted them with an urgent idea. "Don't trust anyone right now," I said. "This is too sensitive. Let's do the calculations ourselves. We can do it. Most likely, no one else can do this any faster. If you add red tape, it may take twice as long. All that we need is a limited access to the global launch databases. These databases appear to exist. We need to bring Steve back from China for this. Steve and Ross are well qualified to do the scientific work. It shouldn't be too difficult for them to lock down the satellite's position and orbital patterns."

      Nicolai agreed that this might work. He knew how to contact Steve.

      I telephoned Ross from a pay phone in order to get the database access arranged as soon as possible, through Fred. "Ross has the necessary clearances to access this kind of information," I said to Nicolai.

      "Then it's up to Ross and Sylvia to acquire the necessary hardware," commented Nicolai. "Will they be able to do this? The funding needs to come from private resources. I don't have anything that I can contribute, overtly."

      "Sylvia will handle this," I assured him. "Sylvia has made a lot of contacts over the years in the business world, she will do what needs to be done."

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