Sword of Aquarius
a romantic political tragedy novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 7 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

Page 19
Chapter 4 - Where Time Stands Still.

      Nevertheless, Anton and I also understood that the tables could be turned. In as much as the fondi's prince desired to become a deadly virus in order to decimate humanity, by his own words, we realized that we could become a virus likewise, of a different sort, a virus of truth to decimate the fondi. We had talked about these things when we were out in the open, in Novosibirsk, walking back to the airport from our lunch and dance. We certainly couldn't dare talk about any of that in our VIP hut that was most likely wired.

      Of course, none of that was important, just then. Our wedding night was reserved for our being as close to one another as we could possibly be, and for as long as we could. We talked about our love instead, and the bright times of the past, the days of our unfolding love for one another in the warmth of the tropical sunshine.

      "Do you remember Caracas?" I asked her. "Do you remember our first dinner with dancing there, the night when you wore your golden belt and suggested that we should turn the entire evening into a most intimate sexual experience, even right there and then, in the restaurant?"

      I told her that our being together that evening became for me a more intense and intimate sexual experience than even the wonderful time we had in bed afterwards. I suggested to Anton that we had illustrated to ourselves a rarely recognized principle, namely that our intimacy, even our sexual intimacy, isn't exclusively a physical thing, but has a higher dimension.

      "When I think back to our first meeting in Moscow," I said to her, "to the night when we met at the tower restaurant, that time there, too, had been filled with an intense sexual experience, though we never touched each other physically. This lovely sexual experience remained with me in my thoughts and in my heart, and so did you. It remained with me as a light throughout those dark years that followed. I can still remember it even now."

      "What are you getting at?" Anton asked. "Are you suggesting that we raise the bar still higher to explore that non-physical sphere more fully? Are you saying that we could have the same intense sexual experience with one another without the slightest physical contact?"

      I answered with a nod. "That's what I am saying, Anton. Why should the sharing of our love and our joy have to wait for special conditions to exist. After all, our lateral loving unfolds out of the riches of our own heart, our own self-love, out of our being in love with the humanity that we all share, even that part of our humanity that defines us as sexual beings. Love isn't a physical thing, is it? Even our sexuality isn't really a physical thing. This means we can be miles apart in a dessert and still be intimately in love with each other in a very real sexual dimension. We have already proven that principle to ourselves. Why then should it not be possible to embrace this higher level sexual intimacy more fully, right here in Siberia, on our mission? Our entire journey to this place has been an intense sexual experience. It was wonderful. Don't you agree?"

      Anton's face lit up. "What you're suggesting has never been done before," said Anton, "but that is no reason why it shouldn't be possible. At this level we would never become separated again, not by distance, not even by death." Anton laughed, "We become immortal by it."

      "As we already are," I added. "If we live in each other's heart and mind, as we cherish one another as a part of the humanity that we all embody; that we enrich with our lives; then not even death can part us," I agreed.

      "Then, we can feel no grief in parting, either, as there won't be any loss," said Anton.

      I nodded and said in reply, "We can do even more than that, Anton. Whatever we did during our dinner/dance nights in Caracas with our eyes, with a touch, and with our imagination, we should also be able to do entirely with our mind."

      "You know, Pete, only you could come up with an idea like that. I just hope that you know this time what you are saying," said Anton and began to grin.

      I shrugged my shoulders. "How can I know that, Anton? We just stepped into a newly discovered country. God only knows what we will yet find?"

      "Then we may have to modify the meaning of the CSB symbol many more times," she suggested.

      "To mean what, Anton?"

      "Well for starters, we can let it stand for coffee, sex, and biscuits once again, but without a physical component of it."

      "And without the component of time," I added.

      "Yes, let's forget the existence of time, tonight, for starters" she replied, "We can concentrate on the other dimensions tomorrow."

      Indeed, as we spend the night together, time did seem to stand still while the magical world between us unfolded in the manner of the nutcracker suite and the magic of its music.

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