Sword of Aquarius
a romantic political tragedy novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 7 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 2 - Sunshine in an Icy Land.

      We paid for the hotel room on the way out and asked at the desk about a place for dancing.

      "Go two blocks to the right from traffic sign. You can't miss it," we here told.

      On the way I remembered how Steve and Ushi had treated me right from the beginning. I told her what had happened on the first day we met.

      "Ursula and Steve are beautiful people," she replied and smiled. "You were fortunate to have met them."

      "This means, I have a new problem, now," I replied. "How do I explain to Heather why I have remained so stupid for a dozen years against the background of that rich experience in Leipzig that really started everything?"

      "My advice is," Anton smiled back, "that you don't worry about this. Don't look back at what might have been, and lost opportunities. Look forward. It is far more important that you extend the invitation to her that opens up a whole new world, and that you do it with the kind of love that is rich with your commitment to respect her sovereignty. Then, don't be surprised if this ends with a triple wedding, styled after our own, which would become a liberation from isolation for both Heather, you, and Ross. If this liberation had happened earlier, the three of you would have had a wonderful family by now with oodles of little bambinos in the wings."


      It turned out that all this grand contemplation had a very tangible and immediate effect on us. We both felt evermore like dancing now. Thanks to the influence of tourism, the city was able to oblige us, even at ten in the morning. We both felt that dancing was a great way of celebrating the deeper commitment to each other that had just become cemented. This day had become a bright day for us, in this land of sunshine and brilliant white snow, and this far beyond the physical sense.

      The people at the hotel were right, the place they told us about wasn't hard to find. It was a big indoor market that had a dance floor in the middle to attract customers to the shops, especially the tourists. And as we were told, there was continuous dancing.

      Anton loved the fast Russian dances. I even got her to try them disco style where no rules applied. Oh, she was a fast learner in the art of dancing without rules, and quick when the music got wild. Indeed, there were times when one would swear that her feet never touched the floor.

      All too soon, we had to leave again. The departure time for the flight to Bratsk was three PM.

      It turned out that our memories of this bright day in Novosibirsk had to last us for quite some distance. But why shouldn't it. It was after all, our own, special, private honeymoon. And why should it be limited to just one day? I suggested to her that our celebration was just beginning.

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