Sword of Aquarius
a romantic political tragedy novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 7 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 2 - Sunshine in an Icy Land.

      "Do you want me to tell you about my marriage in India?" I asked. "Something sublime unfolded there."

      She put a finger over my lips. "No, not now. That's not important right now. What is import right now is acknowledge our union, to celebrate the fact that we are one, even though we all are."

      "Of course we are one," I replied.

      She nodded in agreement. "The unity that we have discovered and that binds us must find expression, Peter," said Anton. "Nicolai told me that you of all people should understand the meaning of community of principle, but where is the proof if it isn't expressed in celebration?"

      "The proof of the pudding lies in the eating, it lies in celebration," I said quietly. "That's what proof is, isn't it? The expanding movement, this stepping forward towards the sublime, should become a model for the whole world. wouldn't this change the world and make it a brighter place? Is that what Nicolai is hoping for?" I said in awe. "Is that that the core of his proposal?"

      Anton simply smiled.

      I moved the jam pot and the sugar out of the way, and reached out my hands to her, just to touch her face. I closed my eyes and opened them again. "This isn't a dream," I said, "Is it?"

      She just kept on smiling.

      "Oh my God, Anton," I added as the realization began to unfold as to what a profound thing was really happening here. That was all that I could manage to get out before the first tears came, "I am so deeply honored by your proposal that I really don't know what to say," I stammered suddenly. This wasn't theoretical anymore.

      "It's Nicolai's proposal and mine," she replied, "but why should you be astonished by it? What we are proposing is nothing new to you."

      "No Anton. When it come to a new unfolding of love, that's always something new. It is as new as if it happened for the first time in an eternity. And the ceremony that Nicolai wants, that's something new likewise that has never been seen on this planet in its entire history, on the platform on which it is proposed, designed to uplift society for all ages to come. And you will be a part of it for all the days to come. If that is not enough to bring tears to one's eyes, what would be?"

      While we talked, a waiter refilled our coffee cups, and later came back with a small potted plant with blossoms similar to a violet. He placed it on our table that was flooded with sunshine. He smiled, but didn't say anything.

      "He should have said, happy honeymoon," Anton suggested. "He probably sensed that something wonderful was in the air. As a human being, he would have been touched by this, too."

      "On the other hand he might have heard us talking, and may have realized that something was happening here that has never happened before, that may have historic implications like a new step for mankind."

      "This sounds to me you are comparing our triple celebration proposal to man's landing on the moon," I commented. "A small step for a man, a giant step for mankind."

      "Yes," she agreed. "That's a perfect analogy. When you come to the point that all those lower aspects that create boundaries, dishonesty, isolation, domination, and so forth, are invalidated, then the number of people involved in a union of hearts has no real significance. It could be a celebration of three, seven, or even ten. The qualitative improvements are then the real factor. Think about that."

      "The number is seven," I interjected.

      "Seven what?" she asked.

      "My marriage in India; we are seven altogether," I replied.

      "That's wonderful, Peter. Maybe we will be seven one day soon, too. That's a challenging prospect, isn't it? But for starters, let's begin small. A triple marriage celebration would be a good starting point for building. That gets us to take the first giant step of acknowledging the universality of the principle of love. It breaks the barrier so to speak. Anything after that is no longer revolutionary. Nicolai thinks of this as a perfect starting point for transforming the axioms of society which determine the way people relate to one another. He equates three with infinity."

      "In other words, you want us three to become truly the leaders for a brave new world?" I asked. "Wow, what an invitation! How can I refuse? I am honored. You want me to be a part of this leading edge dynamic movement. And Anton, what a beautiful initiative it is with you playing a central role in it." I stood up and embraced her.

      She responded with a kiss.

      "Except, what about property rights?" I asked, jokingly.

      Anton laughed. "I never thought I would hear you bring up that questions, you can't be serious. I know you hate the very idea of property rights. We wouldn't be sitting here together if you didn't. From the moment on that one thinks about property, and property related rights and obligations, one doesn't think about love. Those who get trapped into this spend their entire life fighting, and not just in the courts. Love has to be more than a commitment to enrich one another's existence. Commitments can be broken. Love has to be something greater, and it is. It is something sublime, as you say, that we are born with, that we have to learn to run with."

      Here I had to laugh, too. "Of course you are right, Anton. Please, forgive me for bringing this up, but I had to hear your answer, not to test you, but to test the structure of unity that you are proposing."

      Anton grinned and nodded. "I am talking about a celebration of a recognition of an aspect of our humanity, an aspect of the reality of our being, that exists far above all of that."

      "You are right," I agreed. "What we mean to each other is not something that is here today, and gone tomorrow. It will remain for as long as we will live, I am certain of it, but I had to hear you say it. Now that you have said it, I feel like celebrating already, right now!"

      "Celebrating is good," she replied, "let's start today, right now." She began to grin, suddenly. "Actually, did you know that we have been celebrating already, ever since we came here. Maybe this truly is our honeymoon. It could be, if we wanted it to be. A honeymoon in Siberia, doesn't this sound romantic?"

      "Yes, why not? Lets keep on celebrating for the whole duration of the mission, and beyond, I suggested. "But let's devote the rest of the time we have here, to dancing."

      Anton agreed that this was a wonderful idea. When we talked about dancing, Erica's story came to mind about the freedom to move on the Autobahn in Germany. The original design was that a person had the freedom to drive on the autobahn at any speed desired, except this required a responsible obedience to the underlying principle for safe conduct. When this requirement was not fulfilled, artificial limits needed to be imposed. Erica had hinted that a tremendous commitment to an underlying principle must be achieved in order to support a larger bond that is reflected in expanded freedoms, which can only exist in an atmosphere of expanded integrity and honor. "This freedom," Erica had said to me, "demands so much more in terms of love than is normally committed to towards one another."

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