Coffee Sex and Biscuits

2009 Edition

a novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Episode 5B of the series The Lodging for the Rose


Chapter Index


Chapter 1 - A Road to Connect

Chapter 2 - From the New Worlds

Chapter 3 - Starting the Bus Again

Chapter 4 - Ice Ages.

Chapter 5 - Ray's at the River

Chapter 6 - Soul, Truth, and Love

Chapter 7 - High Mountain Trails

Chapter 8 - Deep Valleys

Chapter 9 - I Was There

Chapter 10 - No Mass for Me!

Chapter 11 - The Time Machine

Chapter 12 - Healing History

Chapter 13 - Healing the Heart

Chapter 14 - Healing the Future

Chapter 15 - Meeting at the Reflecting Pool

Chapter 16 - Sunshine to Wake Up To

Chapter 17 - A Sex Dream Fantasy

Chapter 18 - The Ross/Fisher Station.

Chapter 19 - Crossroads in Time

Chapter 20 - Festival of the Sublime

Chapter 21 - Expanding Circles.

Chapter 22 - Mission Africa.

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This novel is an episode of the series The Lodging for the Rose by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
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