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Chapter 11 - In the Shadow of Ants

      It was May by the time the work actually got started. During the rainy days the rafters were built in the basement. During the first three days of assured good weather the old roof was ripped off. It took three days just to rip off the first half of the old roof and lay down the vapor barrier. Then the weather turned bad again. With the rain coming down and nothing but a giant tarp covering the 2x6 ceiling boards, it felt like we were living under a water fall.

      Eventually the weather cleared again. It took a whole week after that to place the rafters, fit the boards over them, rework the gutters. By this time it was July, and the first half was only half done. That's when the troubles started, the doubt nagged. Was I wrecking the house or repairing it? Each morning before I got out on the roof a sickening feeling set in. Did I do the right thing? I had no reason to doubt, really. The work progressed. Everything fit, with few exeptions. Even the difficult things worked out well. But why did I feel sick every morning?

      I began to work spiritually every morning during breakfast. Gradually the sick feeling faded. The inspector was called for the rough-in inspection. The work passed. "But I do want to see some of the insulation installed," said the inspector. "Call me when you got it in." But I couldn't, it kept on raining. By the time I finally got the samples installed, between showers, the inspectors had gone on strike. The entire regional municipality had gone on strike, which promised to be a long strike. Now what? More spiritual work?

      I decided that I would just go ahead and put the insulation in, the boards on, the shingles on, inspector or no inspector, and call him back when he was working again. Putting the insulation in promised to be a four day job, but this all changed after the first day. My back gave way. During the simplest part of the entire project, and the lightest in weight to be lifted, my back gave way. I could barely walk the next day. Now what? More spiritual work?

      The chiropractor made me promise: no lifting; no heavy work; no roofing work of any kind for at least four weeks, to let the damaged muscle heal. God, what a cruel sentence I faced, no work till the end of August! Well, since I couldn't work, I phoned the roofing contractors again. What a waste of time this was! Now they were booked up to the end of the year, some right through to the spring. With nothing to do, but to phone and wait and hope, more time became available for spiritual work.

      By then, all I had to keep the rain out was still nothing more than the giant tarp that was strung across the unfinished roof, kept tight around the edges by water bottles strapped to its grommets. Since I couldn't work, as the weeks went by, I worked evermore in Mary's way, I worked spiritually. That's when a fellow dropped in one day, whom somebody else had sent. He looked at the job and said, "I can do this, I can start in a week and a half and get the first part of your roof completed in two days with a team of five working at it, all finished, complete with the shingles. Well, there were additional delays, but the work was completed in the two days he had promised, and it was done in early September. It seemed that all of a sudden everything came together. He even found another contractor for me to do the second part of the house, and then together, with the two of us working at it after my back was all healed again, we finished the third part by mid October.

      It wasn't until after the work was fully completed that Ross pointed out to me after he came back from his training, that during the height of my crisis the entire world was heading towards a catastrophe that not only would have made the completion of the roof repair impossible, but would likely have cost the life of millions. Ross also pointed out that nothing short of my roof repair project, that coincided with the unfolding of this crisis, would likely have inspired me to engage myself in spiritual work as intensively as I had.

      He said and laughed, "you found yourself fighting like hell to avert an immense crisis, in the entire world, at its most critical hours, without even knowing about it."

      Ross may have been right. While doing some research at his suggestion, it became apparent that back in August of that year, in 2007, a sequence of events had begun that may have changed the flow of history. Or maybe this kind of intervention is normal and happens all the time to varying degree, but normally merely reflects the degrees of intensity in efforts of humanity asserting itself against the war of empire versus civilization. I was well aware that this kind of protective assertion is generally minuscule. Apparently it wasn't this time.

      This time the sequence began most visibly back on August 24, with a warning attributed to a leading historian, Webster G. Tarpley who proposed that a major military operation was in the wind that could unfold as a false-flag attack, by the USA, or as a false-flag terror attack against the USA on its home soil, or both of them simultaneously. Support signatures for his document of a grave warning were obtained from widely respected people. The warning was put together during a meeting in Kennebunkport, Maine. The finished and signed document was subsequently sent out to a list of recipients all across the USA. The e-mails and web posting went out around midnight on Sunday, August 26. Since the document originated in Kennebunkport, it became widely known within a week, as the Kennebunkport Warning.

      Two days later, August 28, 2007

      President Bush signaled an escalation of tensions with Iran in a raving speech before the American Legion convention in Kansas where he warned that the Middle East now lay in the shadow of a "nuclear holocaust" because of the Iranian nuclear program. The threat against Iran came in spite of the fact that international inspections unearthed nothing that could be construed as an atomic bomb-making capability, or the development of that capability. What the President signaled in his speech was evidently not a fact, but his intention to cause the very holocaust that he prophesied, because on the next day, his so openly announced intention began to take shape in concrete form.

      On the next day, August 29, 2007

      It was a Wednesday, a number of U.S. Air Force personnel mounted twelve state of the art cruise missiles, type AGM-129, under the wings of a B-52 intercontinental strategic bomber at Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota. It has been reported that the loading process took 8 hours as evidently nobody had experience in attaching the heavy stealth cruise missiles onto the wing mounts of a B-52, especially with six of the missiles being fully armed with a W80-1 nuclear warhead that delivers an adjustable yield of between 5 and 150 kilotons of TNT. That is the equivalent yield-force of 5,000 to 150,000 tons of dynamite being exploded at once. The Hiroshima bomb had a yield of only slightly over 10 kilotons of explosive force.

      One day later, August 30, 2007

      The B-52 with its cargo of six deadly nuclear cruise missiles, took off at Minot Air Force Base for a 3.5 hour flight across the USA. The flight ended at Barksdale  Air Force Base  in Louisiana, the number two U.S. headquarters for nuclear war-fighting, second only to Offutt  Air Force Base  in Nebraska. The Barksdale Base was the traditional jumping-off base for B-52 bombing runs into the Middle East, a role which Barksdale played in the Shock and Awe campaign against Iraq in the spring of 2003. It appeared that the Kennebunkport Warning, and the Rogue B-52, merged into a confirmation with a vengeance. By the time the rogue B-52 reached Barksdale  Air Force Base , cataclysmic events were near on the horizon. But then the clock somehow stopped. Between the late afternoon on August 30 when the rogue B-52 and its cargo came to a halt in Barksdale, and the time when the official public announcement was made of the incident on the afternoon of September 5, six days had passed, a kind of "gray period" in which apparently great battles were fought behind the scene for which the details will likely never be known. The six day struggle behind the great wall of silence was evidently a revolt and push-back, by Air Force personnel with the support from elements of the intelligence community and countless patriots, who were determined to block a wider Middle East firestorm from being set off by a nuclear sneak attack. Most likely a fairly large number of patriots acted during those five days to defend civilization and mankind, and this in spite of the danger of potentially grave personal consequences arising from their blocking the rogue B-52 from proceeding towards its intended appointment with Armageddon in Iran or elsewhere in that region.

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