Seascapes and Sand
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Volume 4A of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 13 - Winter Songs

      "Right!" said Ushi. "There are 200 to 400 billion stars in our galaxy, which are all suns, and are all powered by a single universal flow of electric power. And that's the model for our humanity that Helen saw as the reality of our being."

      I raised my hand. "Are you saying that the humanity that Helen saw in her lateral lattice, is not a sea of isolated, self-powered individuals? Are you saying that each heart is a star, that is a sun, and that as such, it is powered by something greater than itself from which it derives its light, that is love, and is thereby its strength, and that this, is what really powers the entire lateral lattice?"

      Ushi nodded. "There is no self-powered sun in the Universe, is there?" she said and smiled. "A sun is brilliant. It radiates its light freely, and with it its warmth. It is out-flowing and is extremely generous with great streams of abundance, but the abundance is not its own. The out-flowing abundance is only subsequent to its in-flowing power that it draws from. The functioning of the Sun is thereby subsequent to the all-uniting element of universal power that the galaxy in part is made of, and which the Universe in part consists of."

      "Maybe this is what John the Revelator beheld when he saw in his vision a woman clothed with the Sun, or powered like a Sun," I interjected. "Without this universally powering process, there would be no sun in the Universe, and no galaxy. Darkness would reign. In fact, the Universe would not exist. This makes the flow of universal power one of the fundamental aspects of the Principle of Intelligence that actually is the Universe. Here we find the quality of unifying perfection and power that is metaphorically termed God. We find a Universe that is the construct of Principle with an all-harmonizing and all-powering Intention. I think Steve would say something like that."

      "Sure, he would," said Ushi. "This then also means that loving isn't a personal thing at all, " added Ushi. "Loving then is nothing less than the nature of universal Love unfolding in life in the human being, sparked by the Intelligence of the Universe, that actually is the Universe, that some call God. Intelligence and the Universe is One, a single indivisible whole. Its essence motivates everything, powers everything, and so on," said Ushi."

      My reaction was "Wow!" However, I spoke the word "wow" sadly. I shook my head. Something didn't add up in what she said. "What we recognize in this universal way of thinking diminishes the human being," I said to her. "The metaphor is therefore defective. The Sun plays a passive role in this context. Power flows into it, and power flows out from it. Sure, the flow of power becomes concentrated by the process, and even fulfills a role, without which the Universe itself might not exist, but the role that a sun fulfills is functionally fixed. Its destiny is fixed. In comparison with this the human being is greater, infinitely greater. The human being is not an automaton that functions according to a formula. The human being has a free will, even though this 'will' is subject to the principles of our humanity that fundamentally reflect the Principle of the Universe. I wonder what the slave boy of our role playing would be saying to that. Surely, he would be protesting, saying to me, "why are you insulting me, Doctor Socrates? A human being is far more than just a sun or a star. We have a greater role to play. We have a free will, whereby we ourselves have the potential to be creators and have demonstrated this potential. He would insist that at the high end in the dimension of life, the factor of volition comes into play that gives us a greater role to play than we see expressed in the functionality of a sun or star."

      Ushi protested. "What you call 'free will' is a myth," she said. "There is no such thing as free sex either. Sure, you have the freedom to poke the Universe in any way you wish, but you are not free from the consequences. You can make war and you will kill yourself with it. Your freedom is limited by the principles of our common humanity, which reflect the Principle of universal Intelligence. You have freedom only in exploring the most efficient path within the framework that maximizes the quality of your living. You are free to move ahead, and move with the flow of the Universe, but not backwards and against it."

      "Sure," I said quietly. "We all have the freedom to discover universal principles that give us great potentials, to turn this planet into a paradise, even to the point that we can snub the recurring ice ages. We have this kind of freedom of self-development. And this really, is what freedom is all about, isn't it. You are right in that. This puts us into a whole new category, and onto a level that is way above the functionality of the sun that is but a star. Still, I think that Steve, the great scientist, would have something more profound to add here."

      "Like what?" said Ushi.

      "He might say, for example, that the Sun is only useful as a metaphor in terms of representing a process. A process can unfold on many different levels. The electric process that powers the Sun reflects a principle that can have many different manifestations. Sure, theoretically we have a free will with actions out-flowing from our living that are determined by this free will. However, we are also a part of the Universe and are linked to its Intention like the Sun is linked to its power. The power that flows in the stream of Intention is obviously not electric power, but is of a higher-order that may be simply termed the power of Intention as nothing else applies. The power of Intention is something we are not used to be dealing with. In its flow we find ourselves with the power to discover and to understand the Intention of the Universe, and to fulfill it in the process of our living, whereby we experience fulfillment in our being."

      "I would call the power that enables all of this the power of our existence," interjected Ushi.

      "Can't we see the power of Intention everywhere active in the Universe?" I said to her. "Why should we regard ourselves to be excluded from it? We call the Intention a principle. We call the power of that Intention the power of principle. Take gravity as an example, Ushi. An apple falls to the ground. What has motivated the process? We say gravity did it. And we are right. We can recognize the effect of the force of gravity. We can measure it. We can calculate its effect on everything on earth and in the Universe, but we don't know what gravity is, and what causes its effect. We have discovered that there is nothing we can do or built that would shield ourselves from its effect. Gravity holds the Earth in its orbit. It holds the planets together. We know all of this, but we don't know what gravity actually is. We know that there exists an interaction of mass, by which one mass has an attractive hold on another mass, extending over large distances. The force of it, we recognize as gravity, but we don't know what causes mass to exist either. Steve told me that according to the leading-edge perception in nuclear physics, there exists no such thing as basic matter that has a mass, or even basic particles that have a mass, as these themselves are understood as but moving points of energy, called quarks, which are recognized as structures of energy that should therefore have no mass in them. Energy is like a thought object that has no physical mass, but has power to cause physical manifestation. So where does the phenomenon of mass come from that acts physically? Where does anything come from for which no physical cause exists? We know that the phenomenon of mass is quite real in the physical world. If you hit your finger with a hammer, that hurts, right. The injury that causes the hurt is the experienced effect of one mass acting against another. So, where does the effect come from? Steve said that nobody in the world of nuclear physics knows the answer to that question. Steve said that a huge experiment is being built in Switzerland to smash two beams of protons together at a closing speed of double the speed of light. They are building a huge machine that is 27 kilometers long, with which they aim to discover the mysterious Higgs boson that is a theorized particle that is deemed to be responsible for the phenomenon of mass that we observe. The giant project is so exotic that it seems almost like a joke. It is basically a joke, since atomic particles of equal charge effectively repel each other. But the experiment isn't a joke. It is pursued seriously. They are building this machine at a cost of tens of billions. They are building this thing almost out of desperation."

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