Seascapes and Sand
a political romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 4A of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 9 - The Byzantine Speech

      "In response to the failure of Rome, that became a rape upon itself, the Pharisees of Rome, who called themselves Emperors, then turned their rage of rape against the truth itself. They discovered that they could rape society more deeply, in a grand orgy of ripping the truth out of their very heart and soul by simply turning the truth upside down. For this the rulers of Rome resorted to the age-old tradition of corrupting the recognition of the truth in society, by means of ideological inversion. They resorted to the original sin of Pharisaism, the subtle corruption of the universal status of man. And so, instead of fighting it, its masters began to embrace Christianity in a compromised form that was designed to destroy it, and destroy mankind inwardly in the process. The compromise demanded a fundamental modification. It turned the lateral relationship between God and man, that Jesus had exemplified as the Christ, into a vertical relationship that has put God and Truth into the infinite sky, and far out of reach for the common society, which itself, it placed in the same breath onto the lowest level of a person's self-perception, equal with the dust of the earth. And in-between it placed Jesus as an intermediary to determine for society what the truth is. Of course, since Jesus was dead, as they had killed the man, the role of the intermediary was assumed by the masters of empire. Rome thereby became the first historic citadel of elitism in a grand, and still ongoing rape that ripped the soul out of mankind and continues to do this.

      "This deep sin of Rome that ultimately destroyed Rome from within, became the religion of Rome," I continued. "It also became the religion of the Byzantine Empire, a type of branch office of Rome that had split itself off from Rome, and had maintained itself a bit longer in its royal isolation in the distant looting ground centered on the Black Sea with its wide-open access to the heart of Russia. Just as Rome was built on a grand rape, Byzantine was a child of that rape. It perpetuated it. It exemplified it. It ruled by it. And it exported it to subdue the cultures on the paths of its looting enterprises. The patent for this rape became known as the Eastern Orthodox Christianity. The Byzantine Empire survived long past the collapse of Rome, because its capital, Constantinople, is the logistical hub to the greatest looting ground that any of the old empires ever had. By its access to the great rivers that flow into the Black Sea, it had access to much of Eastern Europe, and nearly all of Russia via the Volga. Along the routes of this 'trade' the rape of Rome was exported to Russia, that thereby became a surrogate empire itself. The word surrogate appears to reflect a sense of surrender. That is how the so-called Christianization of Russia began a thousand years ago. Russia saw itself against this background as becoming the Third Rome, which it may have been promised to become, but never became, nor would have been allowed to become. Rome had developed its dominance on the axis of it being a financial power, by which it became the looting engine of the Mediterranian basin. The perverted Christianity that had put God into the sky, and mankind into the dust, and the elite in between, served the financial looting enterprise well, that became the heart that increasingly defined the nature of empire. Russia didn't fit this role, because it had a population to maintain with a certain commitment to real economics, while empire in its ideal state doesn't have to shoulder this burden. On this basis, Venice established itself as an 'ideal' empire, operating from the offshore mud flats at the edge of the Adriatic Sea. With no one but itself to support, the Venetian Empire became the Third Rome, which effectively looted almost all of Europe, Northern Africa, and Southern Asia, to as far as it could reach. Venice raped the world to the extend of its reach until its power collapsed under the weight of its looting, and under the cultural and religious warfare that it required to sustain its looting enterprises. Under the threat of the Golden Renaissance, the Venetian Empire relocated its heart to the Netherlands as the new and reformed Venice. The New Venice was ideologically founded by Palo Sarpi and was given a wider horizon than it ever had. From the Netherlands, the new Venetian Empire invaded England under the leadership of William of Orange, whereby London became the Third Rome. It wasn't that England became an empire. The new empire became a private corporation, the East India Trading Company, in the tradition of the old Venetian model, of existing as a small elite entity with nothing to maintain but itself. On this basis the corporation was free to loot the world with no responsibility to anyone, except to itself. England, its government, and even the Crown, all became subservient to the elite status of empire, the World Corporation, and they still are so today, with the entire world increasingly becoming subservient to it likewise. Ironically, the foundation for this entire worldwide looting enterprise, called empire, remains to this very day the Roman perversion of Christianity that defined society as impotent and worthless, and defined the elite as God, functionally. This is what Russia is celebrating with its upcoming Thousand-Year Anniversary of the Christianization of Russia. It is celebrating the foundation for the doom of the world and its own doom. It is celebrating the beginning of the end of civilization. It is celebrating the unfolding flood of a great sin that began unfolding in layers upon layers of immensely deep-reaching rape. In this rape, the sin of elitism remains rooted to the very day. It became the foundation for every form of empire, great and small, now and then. While Russia never allowed itself to sink so low to become a real empire, the rape of mankind the Rome engineered, that is the heart of empire, still controls Russia. It also controls America. It threatens America, because America is a threat to it as the only nation state republic on the planet, which America may not be much longer.

      "America was founded by the pioneers of the renaissance ideal, who refused to yield to the raping of Rome that rendered mankind as equal with the dust of the Earth," I continued. "America was built by rebels against Rome, or more specifically, the Third Rome that London became. The founding of America was a pioneering effort of mankind breaking away from its slavery under the thumb of empire. On this path the American pioneers launched a revolution in economics that became in due course the foundation for the founding of the USA. The revolution in economics became the world's first formal overturning of the rape of Rome. It all started in the Bay Colony of Massachusetts where the settlers there needed an iron works to support their growing agricultural base, and the economy supporting it. In order to get the iron works built, the people issued to themselves credit scrip - a type of promissory investment into themselves that became fungible as money by the productive power of the enterprise that was thereby created. On this basis, the more they built for themselves, the richer and more prosperous the society became. They staged a new platform that started a revolution in economics. They probably said to themselves, who needs to go begging to the money bags of the empire, we are human beings, we can do better, we can live without being looted by the debt machine. They built the greatest iron works in the world, at the time, as a commitment to themselves. However, in real terms, probably without even realizing this, they did far more than what meets the eye. They created for the first time in history a platform on which a society can exist independent of the rape of empire. Never before had a society developed itself the means to free itself from the moneybags of empire, the monetarism that is choking society. And the bay society had done this by simply raising itself out of the dust that Rome had put it into, and far above it, even to divine height of dignity and worth. Of course, the empire machine intervened in due course and stomped the Bay Colony's credit system into the ground. However, they couldn't stop the new Christ idea of the worth and dignity of man, and society's power for creating development credits for itself. The revolution in economics that was thereby created, in due course, powered the revolution that founded the USA as a republic committed to the universal welfare of society as a whole. The foundation of the USA is therefore in principle the complete opposite of the old empire model in which an elite oligarchy loots the world with a commitment that is limited only to itself. Naturally, the empire machine intervened again to crush the rebel that America became. It launched wars and subversions from within, to stomp the Spirit of America back into the ground, and it did succeed after 138 years of assassinations, sabotage and countless forms of rape, and with the aid of many traitors who eventually gave America's money and credit-rights back to the masters of empire on what became thereby the blackest day in modern history, on the 23rd of December in 1913, with the passing of the Federal Reserve Act. America's period of freedom and independence ended on this day. Russia never had such a period of freedom and independence. It struggled hard towards it, but it was never able to shed the millstone of the rape of Rome that was hung around its neck under the Byzantine system, which kept society at a low status subjected under elitism, rather than being raised to its native divine height of worth in its corresponding self-development. Russia was built on the worker and peasant mentality, rather than on man as a creator, and a producer with a thousand hands by means of energy intensive and largely automated technological processes. This millstone that came through Byzantine, was later increased in weight by the empire's injection of communism that Marx and Engels gave their name to. It created the Soviet Union, but by its heavy weight it threatens to collapse the Soviet Union from within. The long tentacles of elitism, that the modern empire is founded on, and has spread across the world from its hellhole in London under many different names, have poisoned the Russian landscape, just as it is increasingly poisoning the American landscape under its CIA's pet project, launched in 1950, called the Project For Cultural Freedom. Cultural freedom means, freedom from culture, since culture IS freedom. It therefore means that America has become subjected to a forced return to the original rape of Rome that forced mankind into the dust of the earth and elevated the elite to the status of God. Under this project for restoring the rape of Rome, America is on the fast rack of dying as a nation. The masters of empire, the masters of elitism, created the same conditions in Russia with the imposition of communism, that became its Trojan horse to crush Russia. Since Russia was able to survive this rape to some degree, and rescue itself under the mantle of the Soviet Union, the empire poison is now at work to destroy the Soviet Union from within, towards the ultimate subjugation of Russia. Only this time, the goal is not to create a surrogate of empire as in the days before, during the Byzantine era, but to enslave it, to loot it, and to murder its population under the depopulation mantra.

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