Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 14 - Drilling Holes into Sophistry

      "And how do we do this?" I interjected.

      Ushi shrugged her shoulders. "Maybe we need to develop mutual support networks that are focused on meeting both the sexual and intellectual needs of one-another, to uplift society. Science is our open door to discovering the truth. Sex is an aspect of truth, isn't it? It shouldn't be excluded as something of no value. Maybe we need to pioneer the kind of honesty and openness that enables us to break through the iron curtain that divides and isolates society more deeply than evidently the political iron curtain does. And so if we look honestly at the man in Erica's case, we see a man who was driven to a desperate act that should never have happened. This means that the real rapist in Erica's case was not the man, but Erica. The man had apologized and said that he didn't know what had come over him in his desperation. Erica, in comparison, didn't have this excuse. She had closed the door in his face as if he wasn't a human being with some deep human needs. Her response was a fascist response. Fascism is a gross form of rape, possibly the grossest form of it there is. The man's attempted rape, in comparison, which wasn't actually carried out, was a much softer case that had caused no real injury, while Erica caused a deep injury. And so, with his complaint in pointing to the closed doors all around him, the man was actually charging society as a whole with inflicting a kind of rape on him. Thus, society stands condemned by him, by its deeds, just as it now stands condemned as murderers by intention in the shadow of the biofuels hoax that exists for no other purpose than to kill people on a massive scale, inflicting the ultimate injury on countless millions, whose faces and agonies will never even be seen by the rapists."

      Wow! I was stunned by what she said. Still, I remembered Erica saying something like that herself. I also remembered that she found no solution to the puzzle.

      "Isn't that what Palmerston said to me?" I interjected. "He told me into my face that we are absolutely helpless against the fondi's power. He said that we were amateurs, little people that aren't anywhere near his league. He said that nothing in the world can stop his empire, the great Fondi Empire, especially us. He said that the fondi are simply invincible."

     "That's a trained sophist speaking," said Steve. "He's a slick liar out of Aristotle's school. The reality is that human beings have the capacity to move with the truth. It may well be that Palmerston doesn't understand this. He doesn't understand what Plato understood, that a republic isn't a democracy, basically. What he said is correct for a society ruled by democracy, or as I would call it, the mediocrity of a pantheon of opinions that are not rooted in anything. Empire operates that way, because it has no principle to support its existence. It is a democracy of empty heads exploding into insanity. There is no truth in any facet of it. A republic, in comparison is built on principles. Its society is guided by the leadership of the great discoverers of universal principles, who inspire society to rally itself around the leadership of the discovery. This process takes one as far away from mediocrity as one can get. All the great achievements in civilization have been wrought on this platform. On this platform society consents to be governed by universal principles, which it may not have discovered itself, but which it is able to understand and is willing to acknowledge. Thus, a republic is governed by the consent of society in recognition of advanced concepts of truth. Here the leadership has three elements. Number one is the discovery of demonstrable truth and its principle. Number two is a process of inspiring the public with recognition of the rightness of the idea and its universal principle, which develops the consent. And number three is the support of society of the leadership of a profound idea. Mediocrity won't be found in any one of these.

      "However, when a society aims to stand without these three legs to stand on, it operates as a democracy, a pantheon of mere opinion that leaves it vulnerable to sophistry and subsequent dictatorship," Steve continued. "The USA is designed to operate as a republic. Unfortunately, it gave this up and became a democracy. Its government by political parties id proof that it betrayed its fundamental design, and with it the hopes and the blood of its founders, and has most of all betrayed itself. That is what the fondi are seeing and what Palmerston referred to. The secret of the fondi's seeming invincibility is their craft in making you look small in your sight. Palmerston succeeded because you don't see yourself as a part of a republic where principle confers power. Palmerston represents Aristotle, the champion of the smallness in human thinking, the narrow horizon, the democratic platform of conflicting emotions. Aristotle resurrected the debased image of man that stood behind the Peloponnesian War and its focus on property, money, and slavery. Rome became Aristotle's product as it were. Rome advanced it. Rome created an image of the human being that is hopelessly limited - that is as helpless as a worm in the light of its arbitrary force. That ugly smallness in thinking that came out of this dungeon of fascist force created thirteen centuries of dark ages in Europe that were broken only by the power of the Renaissance. The darkness of impotence that flowed from fascist force crept into everything. It pervaded even the sciences. Aristotle said in essence, what you see is what you get - don't talk about seeing with the mind's eye and discovering universal principles that contradict the senses and their narrow world. What you see is what you get. There is nothing else. There is no complex domain of universal principles that can be proven,  thus to contradict the simple world of the small. Out of the smallness of Aristotelian thinking emerged the dark ages of sophistry, and they really haven't ended."

      Steve paused. "Sophistry is really an ancient game," he said. "On the basis of tearing down what is real, and putting lies on the pedestal that make people small and impotent, people become drawn to accept the crafted opinions of their dictators as the truth, including the lies that are served up. The lies may not be called sophistry anymore in modern times, but the game still goes on. The imperials have coined many names for it over the centuries. In the process of their ever-wider game that expands the sophistry into countless areas and philosophies, even public opinion, people accept the most hellish image of humanity as the truth. Thus sophistry destroys your humanity evermore deeply. Hitler reduced the Jewish people to creatures of lesser value than even a dog, as did America with the Negro people. Next society added the communists to the list, the Hispanics, the Moslems, the Chinese, the Koreans, the poor, the sick, the aged, etc., and soon there won't be anybody left that is regarded as a valuable human being. That's how we loose our humanity.  Every facet of fascism is built on this process of sophistry that breeds irrationalism. Sophistry creates 'empty' people, devoid of humanity, fascist people. One of America's most admired teachers of fascism is telling his students that the only truth is, that there is no truth. He is telling them that the universe cares nothing about humanity and human beings, and that therefore neither should we. He said that we can go on killing and plundering to our heart's contend, and rape, slander, lie, burn, and destroy, and the sun will come up just the same the next morning. This highly honored American teacher of fascism has his roots anchored in the very core group of the Nazi fascism that made the Hitler era infamous. And he is proud of it. That's what is taught in university courses now. Teaching has become sophistry. The fascist even gloats that society loves him for his fascism as it empowers everyone to be 'free' of his or her humanity. Consequently society rapes and kills, steals and destroys, by all means possible. The end result is that in the shadow of this artificially created 'emptiness,' a cultural insanity prevails in which the worst atrocities not only become possible, but are being carried out on an ever-widening scale, including slavery, torture, terrorism, and genocide. This is how society has destroyed its civilization, with sophistry. Sophistry has become the New World Order, proudly represented by America as the leader of the New Age riding the fast train to hell. Of course this train of destruction is nothing new, Peter. The train has left the station eons ago. It left the station in ancient times when the Greek destroyed their classical civilization, the heritage of Homer, Pythagoras, Solon, and so on. They did such an efficient job that decades of war resulted from it. In this war, the Peloponnesian War, Athens, the cultural pearl of the Old World was utterly defeated. We still suffer the effect of this defeat," added Steve.

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