Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 3 - Unity.

      By the time we had reached cruising altitude, when the seat belt signs were turned off, a kind old gentleman sitting in the seat beside me asked if my tears were for someone special whom I had left behind.

      I nodded. "She should have been here with me, or I should have been back there with her, waiting in the hospital," I said quietly.

      "Physical space does not separate people," the man replied. "Only people can do this. They do it in their mind."

      I told him that this didn't seem logical to me, though I sensed it was true.

      "It is provable," he replied.


      "All right, tell me in which century did Solon of Athens, the great reformer grow up in? And in what century did the great Confucius begin his renowned reform-teaching in China?"

      I couldn't answer him.

      "They both lived in the sixth and fifth Century BC, respectively," said the man. "This means that the kind of thinking that brought about the Greek cultural revolution, which eventually set the stage for the development of Christianity, was echoed in all essential aspects in far away China in the form of the famous Confucian ideology. There also exists a close similarity between the Confucian and the Christian perception of the worth of the individual human being, so much so that one would suspect collaboration. But this couldn't have happened. The two regions of the world had been essentially isolated from one-another at the time."

      He asked, "Was that a coincidence?"

      I shrugged my shoulders.

      "No, my friend that was not a coincidence," he said, "it couldn't have been, because the same sort of thing happened again many centuries later during the next major cultural development period, the period of the Golden Renaissance. At the exact identical timeframe that the Golden Renaissance began in Europe, the greatest cultural development period began half way around the world in the Andes of South America, with the development of the Inca culture. Many of the aspects of civilization that came with the development of the Renaissance, were found reflected in the development of the Inca culture, regardless of their vast geographical separation. The similarities are such, that one would again suspect collaboration between the two cultural developments, had the areas in which they occurred not existed in total isolation from one-another."

      He pointed out that this happened prior to Columbus discovering America. "The undeniable coincidence of great cultural developments occurring simultaneously in geographically isolated regions of the world, and for this to happen repeatedly, points to the existence of a universal unity that binds all humanity into one. This unity is barely recognized to exist. Much less is it understood. It appears to be a dimension of our universe that we are but faintly aware of, the spiritual dimension. There have been experiences of spiritual healing reported throughout the ages, amazing experiences that should not have been possible. They totally defy what we understand about biological processes and probabilities, but they happened. Apparently they happened in all cultures, spanning a vast range of time from the ancient shamans to the modern Christian Scientists. We found them happening in the hidden jungles of the world, and on the streets of America."

      I agreed with the man that we have barely begun to discover the human dimension.

      The man suggested that these occurrences were sufficient proof for one to recognize that separation and isolation are indeed invalid concepts.

      "Are you saying that we, as human beings, are living in a spiritual universe where distance and isolation in space and time do not apply?" I asked.

      He shook his head. "I look for something higher than that," he said. "I see us grander than that. In my perception, we are completely spiritual beings coming to light at the present stage in a material form, unfolding in a material universe, but endowed with a humanity that is totally spiritual. This humanity is our Soul, the divine Soul. It is also our love, the divine Love. We are bound to our humanity with the heart of our love, with which we uplift ourselves and thereby one-another, and bring light to the world. Spiritual Law powers all of this. Some call it divine Principle. Ultimately, we are subject only to that which is the reality of our being, and the higher evidence of that is found in the spiritual dimension. In that higher dimension of reality, we can never be separated or isolated. In this reality, God and man are One in being, and that reality defines us all as One, which we are in Truth. This leaves not a single person out. In this truth, there is but one I, or Us. There is no separation possible where all is One in being. This oneness is not just a unity in spirit, but is a practical unity, a concrete unity that reflects the unity of our humanity. Therefore, the infinite intelligence that we call God, that we all embody in countless ways, is also reflected in the wisdom and the alertness of the doctors that will treat your friend," said the man. "So, there is no need to fear," he added. "This truth is then also reflected in your thoughts as you see your friend endowed with strength and in the care of intelligence. What you know and understand of this reality, and acknowledge to yourself, will be reflected in the peace of this hour in which no separation has actually taken place in truth. If your thoughts are focused on that reality, which I told you about, then your friend's critical hour will be filled with peace for both of you. It will be an hour filled with joy, and power."

      "This is an interesting concept," I almost whispered, as I pondered his words. "You said that there is but one I, or Us. In a sense, I think, I have known this for all of my life. I have always been embracing people in thought, especially women."

      "I know you have," the man answered. "And then again, you haven't. You had an inkling of the idea. You speak of being especially attracted to women. This may be from an invalid standpoint. Most people seek to create unity, even intimacy, without knowing that the unity they seek does already exist. It exists as a fundamental principle that pertains to us all, which unites us into a unity in which we are one in being, which unfolds individually in individual expression. Unfortunately, most people do not allow themselves to see this, and feel this."

      I could sense that the man was right. I thought of Ushi. I thought of the unity I had felt with her, and still did. It had existed fully and completely from the first moment on that we met. I hadn't created it. Nor had she caused it. It had existed like the air that surrounds us. We had merely discovered it, and had allowed it to unfold, and then had developed the discovery further and further. It had been the same with Sylvia right from the start, and it had been the same again with Heather. That unity still existed in thought, even with Heather, who had walked out of my life, and was probably still felt by her, wherever she might be. Whatever had stopped the unfolding of that unity, had nothing to do with anything that is fundamentally true. The unity that we had discovered had not ceased to exist.

      "But you are also a liar," the man said, cautiously at one point. "You said that you are especially attracted to women. You may have had deep reaching intimacies with them, but is this special attraction true? My experience tells me that this cannot be true, if there is but one I or Us. This principle is paramount. You cannot escape from it."

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