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The Lodging for the Rose

a series of 12 novels by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

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Universal Love 
(participating in the divine process) 
versus Sexual and Political Isolation

The series explores the Principle of Universal Love (a most challenging proposition) in a world where it is shunned, where mankind is torn by divisions, darkened by isolation, threatened by war, even nuclear war that puts into question our very survival. Against this background the glow of universal love creates a new paradigm socially, but also on the political scene with the challenge to upgrade our civilization for the return of the Ice Age that some say might be upon us in a hundred years time. (More about the series)

The case for Universal Love 



  Episode 1 - Discovering Love

How does a gardener love a rose?
Isn't its beauty rooted in his heart?
A rose means nothing to a rat.
What do we discover then in our love, 
But ourselves? 

  Episode 2A - The Ice Age Challenge 

When the 'fire' of love goes out in the world,
A new 'Ice Age' begins.
The challenge is to re-light the fire, and in record time,
Before the real Ice Age returns and overtakes us. 

  Episode 2B - Roses at Dawn in an Ice Age World

How can one grow roses in a frozen land?
Does one 'melt' the world to do it?
Or is the task greater?
Like melting the ice in the heart? 

  Episode 3 - Winning Without Victory

When the fire of war seems like peace,
How can we reach for the fire of love?
And have real peace? 



Episode 4a Seascapes and Sand

Amidst the snows of Moscow,
A single flower promises a new spring,
It uplifts the 'seascape' with the power of a daring love.
A love so rare that it is impossible to trust. 



Episode 4b The Flat Earth Society

A club of dreamers,
Flowers growing in a rut,
Flowers of the badlands where flowers cannot grow,
But there are butterflies - aimless guides with their colored wings,
That guide us to their sweeter lands. 



Episode 5a Glass Barriers

When the gentle rain falls in a parched land,
Windows are flung open,
We shatter the barriers, transparent and fragile,
 Like glass, breaking, that has strength against love? 



Episode 5b Coffee Sex and Biscuits

We rarely live by water and bread, alone, 
We live with joy, sometimes with daring to be true to ourselves,
Thus we become a movement set in motion with an imperative of its own,
To pull up the world behind us, with love into life. 



Episode 6a Endless Horizons

When the meadow becomes too 'small' for flowers to flourish,
Do we need to set it ablaze, burn everything down, and start anew?
Or do we make it a richer place?
It can be an endless place if the principle is universal love. 




Episode 6b Angels of Sex in Queensland

What we need in times of a great drought that consumes the world,
Is rain - that's what we need today.
We need the gentle rain of universal love to rescue our parched lands,
But can we develop the science for it, for enriching the weather? 



Episode 7 Sword of Aquarius

Forest fires are natural,
But human fires are not - fires in ice!
Can we prevent them, and if not, can we end them when they start?
Only one power defeats the sword, the unlikely power,
The power that remained hidden, of the Principle of Universal Love? 



Episode 8 Lu Mountain

When 'paradise' becomes the place to flee from,
Where do we go?
There is a mountain in China, called Lodging,
a historic place for healing. 

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