Sword of Aquarius

  a novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche


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Book 11 (Volume 7) of the series of novels The Lodging for the Rose


Aquarius is the cup bearer for the king. He bears a bitter cup that is poured out unto the world in the form of a 'private' space-based biological warfare attack that is so hidden that responses are blocked, and so secret that no one dares, or is allowed, to even acknowledge it, and is too far distant for defences to reach to . This novel is a science-action medley of political and social fiction, though the subject is not out of the range of the possible. In the real world, when things become so unbelievably evil that no one will believe them, the worst becomes possible with ease, as happened in the novel amidst the snows of Siberia in winter. 

Historically, when love challenges greed, wealth, and the citadels of power, all too often the sword is brandished that cuts deep to snuff out the spark of love before it becomes a fire that will illumine the world. History is littered with such swords of countless types. Civilization has been blackened by the darkness they have created. Still, the spark of love remains in spite of the darkness, and so does its promise. The promise of love does remain, even in the shadow of the most horrible wars or threats of wars. Love promises to remain for as long as humanity remains. This is a foundation we can build on.


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