Seascapes and Sand

  a novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche


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Book 5 (Volume 4a) of the series of novels The Lodging for the Rose


The science-action novel is political fiction. It deals with the momentous ‘sea’ changes in the political world that we set our hopes on, intertwined with a glimpse of the world of universal love. The story unfolds in Russia in winter, during a hypothetical peace conference. In the foreground it carries a challenging love story

Too often do we find that we have built on sand in both of the great arenas. But should we not have built at all?

Honest sparks of love keep us going, often unrequited, but they remain love nevertheless. With them a gentle constancy unfolds amidst the tides of the ever-changing ‘seas.’

In time the initial sparks become a light, as we patiently labor on. And labor we must, in order to discover what is worth holding on to.

At the portal to the land of universal love no tourist information booth is erected that offers maps with shortcuts. Nothing is given for free. All must be won. This makes the journey more precious, even as we stumble and fall and pick ourselves up. Surprisingly, with the struggling, our world becomes brighter as we find a greater brightness within.

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