Winning Without Victory

  a novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche


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Book 4 (Volume 3) of the series of novels The Lodging for the Rose


This novel is science-action fiction, focusing on universal love as a force for universal good.

Except, who cares about the universal good in a world of darkness, greed, poverty, and terror of war? Isn’t love something we put on a rose leaf, reserved for special occasions, or with a smile that we parade with a purpose, or an emotion that we must hide when it is not convenient or is not allowed?

We sooner build empires by force than love universally, but we always cry like frightened children when other empires threaten to send us a nuclear bomb, as it nearly happens in the novel. Past this point it becomes too late to love? The novel presents a kaleidoscope of critical circumstances and actions, some socially, sexually, politically, and also scientifically.

Can we love while we close our eyes, like the tyrants do that are too blind to see, to love? The Principle of Universal Love is one of the great principles of the universe that enables the realization of dreams, even those that we might not yet have dared to dream except in sex and erotica where we let the eyelids droop nevertheless. Can we really win in this world a great good without leaving a trail of vanquished behind us? It seems we can with the Principle of Universal Love.



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