Electrically Interconnected Stars and Galaxies, by Rolf Witzsche 

We live in an electrically charged
plasma universe


ARP 87 - Hubble Heritage Image

where everything is electrically interconnected 
and the galactic structures are defined, not by gravity,
but by the laws of the electric force


The concept of stars orbiting around the galactic center is an invalid concept. It is invalid for many reasons. For one, the force of gravity only has a limited 'local' reach, as its force is diminishing with the square of the distance. Its effective reach is thereby limited to the scale of  solar system. The effect of the gravity of our sun barely extends past the edge of the solar heliosphere to about 15 billion kilometers, including the Kuiper belt and not much else. Beyond that, the effect of its gravity is inconsequential.


The force of gravity, because it diminishes with the square of the distance, does not have a galactic reach. It does not reach to the galactic edge 50,000 light years distant. But if this is so, what causes the unique spiral shape of our galaxy, which is the shape of almost all galaxies? The answer is that the shape of the galaxy is determined by the nature of the operating electric force that physically shapes it and determines the movements of the stars with the structure of the galaxy


Seeing Circuits -  Thunderbolt archives

With a galaxy being an electric engine it needs to understood in terms of its internally operating electric circuits. The main current movement is through the spiral arms in the form of Birkeland currents that naturally pinch by magnetic confinement at their node points. The node point becomes the center of the galaxy. From the node point a jet of plasma electricity is 'exploding' perpendicular to the galactic ecliptic which flows back into the spiral arms. Since a flowing electric current is creating a circular magnetic field perpendicular to the current flow, the rotating magnetic field will likely cause the apparent motion of stars within the galactic arms, which are falsely recognized as "orbiting" around the galactic center. The galactic arms themselves are kept isolated from each other by the magnetic forces, which when flowing in opposite directions in the adjacent arms, repel each other by a phenomenon that is called the Lorentz Force.

Note,  the opposite directional currents are not easily evident in the above illustration that consider only the 'local' electric circuits rather than the intergalactic currents that flow in and out through the galactic arms. Only on rare occasions do the intergalactic extensions become visible as in the case below.


That above model of an electrically operating galaxy is not the mere phantasm of a deranged mind is evident in the recently created composite of two short-wavelength jet images that were detected beyond the visible spectrum and were technologically 'photographed' by NASA and ESA as shown below, which conform precisely to the above model which until recently was only known to exist as a theory of plasma physics.

milky way gamma ray bublles by NASA Goddard Space Center

The above shown jets extend 25,000 light years above the galactic ecliptic, both above and below, which do confirm the electric model of the galaxy.

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