Resurrecting Carmen

by Rolf Witzsche

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Does Bizet's Carmen foreshadow the fate of humanity? She dies at the hand of her lover who failed to privatize her love into his hand. The USA became privatized on the day before Christmas in 1913. She is presently dying. The challenge before us is to reverse history, and resurrect 'Carmen.'

On the day before Christmas in 1913, the USA became a defeated nation when it gave its currency away with the Federal Reserve Act. After 138 years of war against the nation the masters of empire had won. America had suffered its greatest defeat. It had lost the war by empire gainst humanity for the entire world. World War I and II were but after-shocks. But can this history be reversed? Can America be resurrected? Can its resurrection free the world? 



      Later that evening, since this was the last evening of Steve and Ushi being with us, we all decided that a cultural celebration was needed. Steve chose the opera, Carmen, by George Bizet. He had noticed that Ross had a video recording of it on his shelf. So it was, that in the glow of the sunset Ross' television set was dragged out onto the balcony, external speakers and all.

      Steve stood up and made a speech before we put the opera on. He leaned against the balcony railing and raised his hand to get people's attention. Low clouds over the sea behind him reflected some of the remaining glow of the sunset. Some of it still illumined the sky far to the right.

      Steve told us that he thought it was quite a miracle that we got through what had happened almost without a scratch. He said it was a miracle, because everything that had been done, apart from a few exceptions, had been done dishonestly and untruthfully. "The miracle is that we survived," he said.

      "That's no way to start a celebration!" Tony interrupted him.

      "Hey, what do you mean to tell us, Steve?" I added to Tony's remark. "What did we do wrong? We detected the cruise missile, we got it shot down, we succeeded in Venice to the point that the fondi got all tied into knots. Also we had not a single nuclear attack or threat from the Soviets of any kind since we canceled the SDI. We also did well in the desert and again at the hearing. How can you say we did everything wrong? We succeeded at the hearing beyond what I had hoped for. Instead of us doing everything wrong, the opposite happened. The evidence seems to suggest that we did everything right."

      Steve shook his head. "Hey, Pete, you of all people should know what I am talking about," said Steve. "Perhaps you don't even recognize your own untruthfulness. You have not been honest with yourself about the truth that you know, which you ignored in your blind zeal of wanting to rescue humanity all by yourself. Thus, the project started out wrong. The goal that you had in mind with your beach project was a noble one, but the path you had chosen to get there was a dishonest one. You denied the very foundation of the goal that you were striving for and did so almost to the end. The scene was salvaged by other people, mostly by Fred, and you didn't even recognize that it happened."

      "Me?" I said astonished.

      "Yes you, Peter. Hadn't I told you right from the beginning that your beach project wouldn't work? I knew that it wouldn't work, because it couldn't possibly work on the platform on which you had started the project. You sold all you had and poured every penny of it into this project. You said to yourself that's the only way to get things done, by doing it yourself. It didn't work out that way, because you denied a fundamental truth about our humanity, that we all reflect one universal, infinite Soul that manifests itself in a community of principle across the whole of humanity. Did you really believe that you were the only person in the world with the desire and the determination to uplift humanity to a higher level of unity where its safety ultimately rests? Evidently you believed that you were the only one with that desire. You were living a lie. You lived with that lie. That is why you pushed yourself to the limit to do this thing alone. And that is why it didn't work out until a lot of other people changed your platform for you, starting with Fred, and later Ushi in the desert. You had denied the very basis on which the project needed to be established, which is the universality of our humanity. You should have invited everyone to participate at the beginning, in this vital project that is in everyone's interest. If you had done this, your motives would have been in accord with the truth that all people are human beings with the capacity to acknowledge universal principles. You should have made your project, everyone's project. But you didn't do that. Instead you denied everyone's humanity. Indeed, you denied your own humanity, because truthfulness is one of the great attributes of our humanity, especially in regard to the principles that we behold with the mind, which the eyes cannot see, but which we recognize, because we are human. We can't deny these principles. To do that is like denying the universe itself.

      "As Fred pointed out," Steve continued, "every human being is capable of the recognition of universal principles, without exception. All too often we close our mind to that capability, especially in times of blind zeal. Anyway, that is why your project didn't work out as planned, because of your untruthfulness with yourself in respect to the principles that you knew or should have known. In your case, I believe, the consequences were minute, nor was there any intentional dishonesty involved. Indeed, the problem became resolved rather quickly. A lot of people contributed to the solution without your specific invitation and the whole world has benefited. But there was a great deal more dishonesty involved in the way the SDI issue was set up to be handled, which wasn't your fault. We all fell into the trap on this one. The entire cancellation process turned out to be one continuous charade of deception," said Steve. "The honest thing to do, would have been for the President to hop on his airplane and meet the Russian President face to face. He should have said to him, what do you want? What does it take for us to treat each other as human beings? If the SDI scares the hell out of you, I'll call it off, unless you reconsider our earlier offer and agree to develop the thing jointly for the protection for the whole of humanity. This would have been the honest thing to do for dealing with that issue. Instead, we staged this huge charade that the Russian President probably didn't know what to make of. Luckily, he came to the right conclusion; possibly for reasons other than the one that we had been trying to impose. And so, that project didn't work out either as it should have. Sure another nuclear tragedy in the immediate timeframe may have been averted by changing the background a bit, but the cause for the danger has not been eliminated, though it could have been.

      "We don't know yet what the consequences for this failure will be in the future," Steve continued. "Let us hope that the little bit of what we did right, perhaps a word that was spoken or a phrase, or a gesture, lit a spark in the Soviet camp in some way. Obviously it did, and thanks to that, we are still alive," said Steve. "The rest of what we did was dishonest, because we didn't believe that the Soviets are human beings with the capacity to react like human beings, if they are honored that way. We didn't believe that they would be able to deal with us on the level of a community of principle. We treated them like a dog that we train with food rewards. And that, my friends, is how we addressed a life and death issue that effects the whole of humanity. We weren't honest with ourselves about this issue, because if we had been, we would have realized that this entire approach was total lunacy. No universal principle supports deception or coercion. If we had chosen to uplift the US/Soviet relations to a higher level where we do recognize universal principles, all of that deception and coercion nonsense that we put on the table would have not happened. It would have been swept into the trash bin of history before it saw the light of day."

      Steve paused and sighed. "I also couldn't help notice a deeply seated dishonesty among ourselves, personally, in Venice." He looked at me when he said this. "Yes, Pete, once again you were at the center of it. I realize of course that Venice was a poor choice as a location for the conference, since Venice had become famous, historically, as the world headquarters for dishonest diplomacy. Venice had held this title for a long time until the British Empire assumed it and brought it to London and held it there ever since. Obviously, imperialism is totally built on dishonesty. It has to be that way. How else can the imperial oligarchy loot the whole world and get away with it? Except, that's not the dishonesty that I found disturbing among us in Venice. The dishonesty, which I am talking about, was of a different nature.

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from Chapter 17 of my novel: Winning Without Victory
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