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The Uncircumcised Land


China is one of the few major countries in the world whose people have remained largely pristine, uncircumcised, which is a critical foundation for a richly developing society. The economic collapse of the USA coincides directly with the dramatic rise of the circumcision from almost nothing to the near saturation point. The causative coincidence of these two factors may have been recognized already more than 4,000 years ago in Egypt, which may have changed the course of history in a manner that still affects us today, and this more so than society dares to acknowledge.

With the society remaining unhealed of the circumcision, humanity may not be able to develop the power to meet and master the Ice Age Challenge before it. This means that humanity will likely collapse with the collapse of the present agriculture when the Next Ice Age begins in roughly 30 years. The far-reaching consequences that are historically linked with the circumcision, renders this presently inconsequential-seeming factor, potentially one of the most critically devastating factors of all times.

The dialog is situated in time near the collapse of the Soviet system. The dialog comprises a chapter of the novel, The Flat Earth Society, by Rolf Witzsche.


      Steve conceded that this statement that China has the potential to become the light of hope for mankind, can't be easily explained as it requires that a whole lot of other things be explained first, which are not easily explained either.

      "Try to explain them," I said to him. "For starters, why do you think the Chinese are more advanced, and more open to progress than the USA is? Sure, they have a 5000-year cultural history, while the European cultural history that defines the American culture only goes back a few hundred years. In this sense we are a new country. But have we not been the world-leaders in science and technology for a long time already, which the Chinese have yet to build themselves up to? We were 'the light on the hill' for a century. We have inspired the world. When we stood on the mountain top China was in chaos. China was almost colonized by the British at the time. It was nearly destroyed as a nation by the British Opium slavery, while we put slavery on the plate to be eradicated. It is only now, after China kicked the empire out, that China is beginning to recover itself as a nation. So, with all that considered China isn't a model of virtue and economic miracles. Why then do you see in it a new beacon of hope?"

      "You know very well what my reasoning is," said Steve quietly. "It isn't that China is the shining light. The reason is that the light has gone out in the world everywhere else. And that takes us back to what the ancient Egyptians started."

      "You mean the circumcision," I commented.

      Steve nodded. "Civilization is a fragile thing," he said in a hushed voice as if this was a secret. "America is fast loosing its civilization. At the beginning of the century we had on average only one out of six people circumcised in the USA, now we have only one out of six remaining whole. That's more than a five-fold increase in less than a century. We are now 70% to 80% circumcised, even more so in some areas. Of course America has had a short history of this. In many areas of the world the circumcision rate is 100% with a history going back millennia. This is a problem that has never been healed. It has festered like an unhealed disease and has gotten worse. It is now affecting much of the world. So tell me, where should I go as a scientist to find a secure place? Where can I work to develop a cure for this 'disease' that threatens civilization and causes the insanity of war, before it kills us all? The West is not a safe place anymore. The empire is built on the circumcision and promotes it, and has disabled America with it. It breeds the disease. The masters of empire promote the circumcision as a means for creating a zoo of 'better' slaves. It has victimized so much of mankind already that one hardly sees any hope for it. Africa is thick with it too. That is why Africa is in a mess. The Muslim world is similarily victimized by it and has become a tragic figure by its debilitations. Russia too, is heavily infiltrated by it. The Jewish culture has lived with the circumcision with near 100% compliance, going back to ancient times, and has been tragically persecuted for it. Tragedies and the circumcision seemed to be married to each other, and the world is suffering. The world needs to be healed. Just look around you Peter, the most unstable cultures on the planet are all circumcised cultures. That's the one thread that ties them all together. Even the attacks of piracy on the world's shipping lanes follows this pattern. The piracy is concentrated along the world's major circumcision belt stretching from the Philippines and Indonesia all the way to Nigeria and Ghana, with Somalia and the Gulf of Aden being the central hub. And this is just an indication of the kind of things that happen in the background of the circumcision. One really has to look far and wide to find an unaffected culture. As a scientist I need to have a stable environment to develop solutions for the needed healing of mankind. This isn't an issue of any specific culture of religion. It is a universal issue that is affecting the entire planet. Cultures that are not mutilated are hard to find."

      "Yes, this narrows the field," I agreed.

      "It leaves China as a default option," said Steve. "That's a sad state of affairs, isn't it. We are going to China not for the country's merits, but for its lack of demerits, which makes it the most desirable country in the world to live in, in a passive kind of sense. And that is really the primary reason for us going there. I thought I would never find myself in a position like that.

      Ushi agreed that the world is drifting into a sad situation. "East Germany is a 'clean' zone in a similar sense."

      "I noticed that there was something special about this place when I first came here with Ushi," said Steve. "It took me years to figure out why this was so. Now the sanctuary that we had will likely collapse. China will become our new sanctuary. Since we last met a lot of things have come to the surface that makes our moving to China imperative. Some Russian friends in Novosibirsk, working with me on this in private discussion groups, suggest that there exists a link between our modern messed up world and ancient Egypt. One of the groups suggests that the sexual mutilation of the circumcision debilitates not only the normal sense of intimacy and community in the affected people, but also has a debilitating affect on the victim's cognitive mental powers as well as their sense of humanity. The effect of the circumcision seems to take the victim down to a lower mental strata. Another group suggested that their revolutionary discovery puts a new light on the question of how the great exodus from Egypt may have come about in ancient times. It is suggested by them that Moses wasn't a Hebrew at all, but had more likely been a member of the Egyptian scientific elite that became increasingly afraid that the circumcision might become a danger to the scientific elite itself and a danger to Egypt and its advanced culture. Some of the observing elite might have noticed a marked reduction in the cognitive powers of the slaves, consequently, in order to prevent the 'disease' from spreading, they might have instigated a simple quarantine procedure. We are told that Moses led the slaves into the wilderness and kept them there until all those that came out of Egypt were dead. The Scriptures speak of a journey of thirty years in length to accomplish the purge. In real terms this might have been a journey of just thirty days. Few people survive that long without food in a desert, and less so without water that probably wasn't easy to come by in the desert even then.

      "My friends suggest that the exodus was likely the first politically motivated holocaust in history," Steve continued. They were trying to make sense of Stalin's holocaust in the Ukraine that wiped out the Christians at the hands of the circumcised, and then Hitler's holocaust that may have been a counter-holocaust. In this context my friends were wondering if the real exodus story might not have occurred totally different in ever respect, since it probably happened long before a written language was in general use. So my friends pulled together what they could find in medical research, regarding the effects of the circumcision on people. And they said to me, 'wow!'"

      "I think you had talked about some of those research findings when I was here last," I interjected.

      Steve nodded.

      "Circumcision is an act of torture," said Ushi. "Child circumcision is an act of child torture. It leaves a lifelong trail of post-dramatic stress in its wake. It also creates a tragic isolation of the offspring from its parents. What worse thing could anyone impose onto a baby in the very first week of its life then imposing the immense pain that is associated with the circumcision? Babies are often deemed to be too young for anesthesia, consequently they are operated on without it. It is deemed that babies are too young to feel pain. The opposite is true. They feel pain more intensely. The reason why they don't scream in pain is simple. They go into a shock, into a coma, but this has lifelong consequences. In addition it demolishes the deep sense of intimacy the baby would normally feel towards its mother and later towards society. Instead of the natural closeness and comfort, it now feels torture and the reliving of torture. And why shouldn't it feel the torture of this invasive process that is so severe that even expertly carried out surgical procedures of the circumcision has in some cases caused death? Also, in the few cases when anesthesia is used for the circumcision, the torture is still felt severely by an infant, because the anesthesia doesn't cover the weeks-long healing process."

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From the political and religious science and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

The Flat Earth Society

Volume 4B of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

Page 39
Chapter 4 - The Uncircumcised Land

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