The Supreme Being

by Rolf Witzsche

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When the border blurs between dreaming and


Is God the Supreme Being? Or is it God's reflection in mankind? 

Is the cross of God a cross of terror and genocide? Or is the Supreme Cross, the Cross of Love? 

Do we bow in pain? Or do we stand tall above all, as the builders of our worlds?





      The day of the hearing came all too soon, and with it the end was near of Steve and Ushi's visit. As Steve had already warned us, it wasn't set up as a hearing in the ordinary sense. It was set up as a war. The deck was stacked against us. However, we also came with a card of our own to play, for which the fondi had no counter-card in their deck.

     The fondi didn't know, or couldn't have known, and I was just beginning to realize this myself, that the beach project wasn't important to us anymore. Ushi and I had spotted something greater on the horizon in the desert in Arizona. We had spotted an opening for the Royal Dance. Every one of us agreed that this was greater than the beach project had been envisioned to be. Steve said that we should have proceeded with the Royal Dance from the start. However, hindsight is cheap. So there we were, having to defend our nudist beach project.

      The key speaker at the hearing, the key-man speaking against our nudist beach project, had been 'imported' from outside the local area. He even came from outside the state. He came in full dress-uniform, a Man of The Cloth of the old tradition, a truly outstanding speaker who laid his conviction powerfully on the line with total firmness to everything that he stood for. There was no compromise, no wavering, no timidity, or compassion.

      "WE! have determined," he said, no longer speaking as an individual as he scanned the people's faces with a cherubic smile, "that this, this... this sort of thing cannot be allowed to take root here."

      He hesitated. His hands were trembling as though he couldn't even speak the word 'nudist' aloud. Then he launched into a long dissertation on fornication and the "imperative need" to protect young people from the scum of society that was poised to "descend upon this God-fearing community and drive the living faith out of people's hearts!"

      After his introduction to the theme he branched out to the story of Adam and Eve, as an example of all the "fallen of mankind" that were forever banished from the Garden of Eden because they allowed themselves to be beguiled by a "lying, filth-wallowing snake." He paused for a moment and then stared at the people. "Should this, this terrible tragedy become the fate of your community as the result of what these people plan?"

      Next, he branched into politics. His sermon became a lecture, lashing out against the evil forces of communist infiltration in the schools and the nation's universities, even its houses of government, where "God has been dishonored and the hearts of the people are being poisoned with materialistic idols and philosophies of greed and aspirations for ruling the world." The church itself, "the pillar of society," is under attack, he warned, "and the church is crumbling!"

      Of course, we were labeled as a specimen of that strange culture that he said "is pulling the holiest into the dust."

      Eventually he ended his triad. He closed with a solemn, dignified appeal of an honorable church man, calling for moral sanity to prevail, adding; "If you believe in God at all, as I know you do, you must make it your sacred duty to stop those who aim to destroy this great nation of ours. You must stop them before they take root in your community! Do not let them pass!"

      One could have heard a pin drop, after he sat down.

      "I thought those people died out with the dinosaurs," was Steve's comment.

      "Mostly they have," answered Ross, "but there are a few of the old guard left."

      "I hear they keep training new ones," said Ushi.

      "The new ones are probably just like him," added Ross.

      "How can they do such a thing to a person and reduce a human being to something like what we see before us?" I said.

      Steve nodded and smiled. "It takes years of university type training to accomplish that. It is called divinity education, or something like that. It's fully supported by the fondi and funded by society."

      Everyone was terror-stricken by the man's speech. We were the devil, no doubt about that! Any religious person must have been pained to even look at us after his speech. One person evidently did.

      A well-dressed man stood up and thanked the "great representative of the religion of God," as he put it. He didn't look at us at all. He spoke to the Man of The Cloth. He told him that he could fully agree that we need to be stopped. He explained to him that in fact far more was needed, because we were but a symptom of a trend that was destroying America.

      "Take Valentine's Day for example," he said to the Man of The Cloth. "Valentine's Day has polluted society. The ritual has no Christian roots. It sprang from a shameless pagan rite of promiscuity. Even school children throughout our land are now infected with it, as young as six years old. They are now enticed to send sexually predatory solicitations to each other, like, "Be Mine!" or "Be my sweetheart!" and give each other chocolate hearts, hearts wrapped in red foil, all fat and round like the rectum of baboons in heat. Grown men and women go into ecstasy with their hearts on fire for any stranger that this satanic enterprise of perversion, called a holiday of sweet persuasion, has dragged into their thoughts with a fornicating frenzy by which they have turned their human hearts away from the one person that matters - Jesus! Our Lord Jesus!"

      He paused for a moment and took a deep breath. "We are starting a new holy-day campaign under the motto 'Devote your Heart to Jesus.' We have committed ourselves to teach children the importance of thinking sin-free thoughts. Our program is destined to replace the disgusting holiday called 'Valentine's Day,' which historically celebrates the beheading of a priest named Valentine who disobeyed the Roman Emperor, Claudius II, the Goth. The Roman Emperor had outlawed marriage and had demanded from his men total loyalty to him alone, rather than to their would-be wives. The priest Valentine, the traitor against his lord and a scoundrel, had disobeyed. He had kept on marrying people, a crime for which he was beheaded on February the 14th in the year 269 AD. As it were in celebration of his disobedience, his name became attached to the festival of Lubercus in which young women and shepherds were matched for a year by drawing lots. This perversion to madness forces us to fight to clean up the focus that Valentine's Day places on sex rather than on our moral duty to be loyal to our Lord Jesus. So I say we have to stop the fornication wherever it is found, be it at home, or near our homes. While the liberal scoundrels of the nudist beach would allow their children to 'slobber' all over each other in celebration of 'Valentine's Day,' we will say that Christians are aloof to that, because we're just simply better people. We have our heart set on Jesus alone. We are bound to our Lord Jesus and say NO to sexual ecstasies. We have accepted Him as our Savior and our life. We are devoted to none other. He demands unconditional devotion, and so do we from everyone. With this in our thoughts, how can we not fight and stop the roots of fornication as our Lord demands throughout the world? So, my friends, I can report proudly today that we are making excellent progress. We have replaced those pagan hearts of the Valentine-rite, that look like the rear end of baboons, with decent heart-shaped Christian ones adorned with a cross. Our cross-adorned hearts boldly bear the message, 'My Heart is for Jesus Alone!' This message of purity will soon cover the Earth under the direction of our ministry, and usher in a new and year-round celebration in praise for God through Jesus."

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from Chapter 16 of my novel:  Winning Without Victory
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