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The modern equivalent of Tolkien's tale "The Lord of the Rings" is still unfolding. Tolkien appears to have been writing for our time, projecting forward what he saw in WW I and II, and the beginning of the Cold War. He saw it all, and he gave us a taste of what he saw lest we forget and repeat the offences that he saw perpetrated against God, humanity, and the Universe. He gave us an insider view of the world of empire, and also a view of the world of power that is vested in humanity, in each one of us. He gave us a platform thereby, to judge our world with and to enable us to get it right this time around. 

His trilogy sold more copies - well over a hundred million - than any other novel ever printed. But do we have a brighter world because of this effort, with greater peace, security, and prosperity? This question can never be answered, because we simply don't know what the world would have been like without Tolkien's tale. However we should wonder that the world might be like in the future as the result of the footsteps towards a richer world that we may fail to take in the present, and what it could be like if we do take those footsteps.




      We went by bus to Rome. From Rome an Air Force 747 troop carrier took us to Paris, and from there to Miami. The flight going home, away from the sudden 'darkness' of Venice, brought on a feeling as though we were flying first class, even without the fancy meals, music, and champagne. Being in this airplane represented the bright side of our humanity. Also, it seemed ideal to me that we were not in a public place anymore, considering what I had to reveal from the night before.

      I handed the tape recorder to Steve without comment. He listened to it for a while, smiled at times, nodded at times, and shook his head now and then. Eventually he gave it back to me.

      "This contains nothing more," he said, "than what someone else from the Fondi Empire had already told me some years earlier at the depopulation conference in Bucharest. I had been warned there by a group of the empire's people, a group similar to what these fondi are, who made it plain that their empire was determined to break up all the other empires in the world, whereby they would achieve total control, and with it, an effective population reduction in order to maintain this control. What they really meant to say to me then, was that they wanted to isolate and separate people from one-another as a means for gaining control over them and over the whole world. Breaking up empires, meant breaking up the big nation-states, thereby stripping the people of the power to determine their own destiny. This meant destroying all opposing states by whatever means possible."

      "That's like saying, if you're not with us you're against us and we'll get you for it," I said to Steve. "That's essentially what Palmerston said, without actually saying it."

      Steve held his hand out to congratulate me, "Your fellow," said Steve, "was more honest about the empire's intentions than the people I had talked to. He had dropped all the excuses and gave it to you straight. Their goal is still the same: to isolate, to divide, and to rule the world. Nothing has changed and nothing will. This will go on for as long as humanity remains as stupid as it is, and for as long as it allows this to go on. Eventually, there will be nobody left with any real power except them; no state, no country, no civilization. Then they will own the whole world, so they think. In order to achieve this they need big wars all over the world, and they will have them unless we can cure humanity of its complacent mentality, which is really fascism under a new name. Still, it is incredible that the man allowed you to tape the entire interview."

      "He provided the tape recorder himself, Steve," I interjected.

      Steve's face went blank. I think Steve understood something, suddenly. He remained silent for a while, while he listened. He listened to parts of both tapes. Eventually he responded, saying that he had thought the empire's group had revealed their goals to him in Bucharest, because nobody listens to mathematicians and scientists anyway. "But now we have this! This means they really want us to sit up and pay attention. They call themselves 'The Empire' now. That's new. They are also getting more arrogant and sure of themselves. Letting you record this session, even providing the recorder for it, is gross arrogance. They are suggesting that they already own the world so that this tape can never be used to oppose them with."

      I gave the tape player to Ross after that.

      Ross shook his head now and then. "They allowed you to record this, because nobody will ever believe what's on this tape," said Ross after he had listened to some of it. "They seem to have assumed that. Maybe that's why the man was so bold. This Palmerston is playing a game with us. They all are."

      Steve just laughed. "Of course they are, and they are playing it well. Just take this tape to your President," he said to me, "and he will laugh at you. Or better yet, take it to the CIA and they will put you in jail for planting a forgery. Nobody in any government on Earth will believe that the old British Empire, which formally no longer exists, has any interest in destroying Russia as a nation, or China, India, and much less so, their own so-called ally, the United States of America. They will laugh you to scorn if you tell them what the man said to you last night. Your own mother wouldn't believe you, even if you brought this tape recorder as proof. Things can be faked. This tape proves nothing."

      Here, Steve suddenly paused. "Something doesn't add up, though," he said. "The man was too forthcoming. That's not the pattern that I have seen on previous occasions. Something is up. The man might not have been what he pretended to be. He might have been a dissident within the fondi's organization. He might have been soliciting our help to fight the fondi from within. Every organization has dissidents. The great Empire, too, has dissidents. He may have been trying to recruit you for his dissident organization, by giving you a rundown of the challenges that we all face. He is certainly correct that we haven't a hope in hell to get the critically necessary Ice Age Renaissance off the ground unless we first cleanse the scourge of empire from the landscape of mankind. We have put the Ice Age Challenge on the agenda at the conference. Palmerston told us what hurtles we must clear out of the way, before we can even get started. And the most remarkable aspect of that, Peter, was his referring to you as a murderer by intention and a supporter of terrorism every day that you start your car. A real recruiter would never say this. He is correct of course. However, a real recruiter would hide this aspect, because it is his very empire that is forcing every person of society to become a murderer by intention through its action and inaction."

      "He was correct about this aspect then," I said quietly. "I had a hunch that he was honest about this. He appeared to be disgusted about it, too. Also, he didn't bring this subject up until after Antonio and his men had left."

      "What he told you was on the level," said Steve. "It was brutally presented to drive the point home that we are all indeed murderers by intention, and guilty as charged by our own action and inaction. If anything, he spoke too gently of the scale of the crime that we commit every day. The current ethanol content in gasoline, mandated by law, isn't a big thing yet, but will be in 20 years. He is correct in saying that the goal of empire is to raise the mandated ethanol concentration worldwide to 15%. He is incorrect, however, in saying that the amount the agricultural land that will thereby be diverted from food production to producing the feedstock for the distillers, presently feeds 100 million people, which will then no longer be available. The real figure is expected to be greater. The figures that I saw presented by knowledgeable people in Russia, is in the range of 150 million, based on a 15% ethanol content in gasoline throughout the West. The land area that is required to produce the feedstock for the distillation of this vast flood of ethanol alcohol, would have the productive capacity to feed 150 million people. This is how many people the ethanol hoax is slated to kill every year in the 2010 timeframe, when the 15% ratio becomes law. The real figure will likely be higher than that, because the distillation process consumes vast amounts of water. For every gallon of ethanol that is being produced, nearly 100 gallons of water are required, because the yeast that converts food into alcohol will die when the alcohol concentration exceeds typically 5%. This means that 95% of the fermentation mix has to be water. Since water is already scarce in most agricultural areas, the needed water resources are drawn away from food oriented agricultural uses, reducing the food production still further. In addition vast areas of agricultural land will also be devoted to producing diesel fuel from oil seeds. However, long before we get to this point, the world is expected to have more than a billion people living in chronic starvation, because of the accelerating practice of food burning on a vast scale.  At the 15% ethanol stage, upwards to one and a half billion people will become subjected to chronic starvation, of which 10% typically die every year of the numerous starvation-related causes.

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